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Translated by: Taffy

Chapter 367 – Controlling Luck Pt.2

But Suo Jia was not disappointed at all. Rather, he began to tremble from excitement. Based on the pattern he'd previously observed, Suo Jia would never fail six times in succession. His lucky number was six, as he had never failed on the sixth time since he first started recording his progress. For the sake of this number, he'd already enhanced hundreds of equipment.

Of course, that didn't mean failing five times in a row happened often. In actuality, out of all the equipment Suo Jia had enhanced, he'd only failed five times in a row twice. Although only twice, he had records of failing after one, two, three, and four attempts. However, he had yet to experience a failure after the fifth time.

Suo Jia took off the Atlantis' Wisdom on his head. Based on Suo Jia's experiments, the sixth attempt would definitely succeed, so he wouldn't waste this chance on someone else. This rare opportunity that only appeared once every hundred times had to be used for himself. This was Suo Jia's true objective.

The only reason Suo Jia was acting so generously while suffering a million in losses per enhancement of others' equipment was firstly to gather data and secondly to confirm whether or not this pattern was really true!

Suo Jia anxiously placed a rank seven gem worth a hundred million into the extraction box, and placed the rank six Atlantis' Wisdom into the enhancement room. He then shut his eyes, and abruptly pulled down the lever to start the process.

"Ding!" Suo Jia's heart couldn't help but race when he heard the sound indicating the beginning of the extraction. If it succeeded, Suo Jia would obviously be wild with joy. If it failed, he'd experience a shocking loss that, when factoring in the fact that the rank seven gem cost a hundred million by itself, would end up surpa.s.sing seven hundred million!

As he heard the sound of air leaving the outlet, Suo Jia's heart sped even faster. He knew that the result was now set, and he didn't really have the courage to open his eyes and look at what it was!

This wasn't a simple matter just because it was only one equipment. It determined whether or not the enhancement pattern he'd found was right or not. If it was true, Suo Jia would be able to minimize his losses and enhance all his equipment to peak grade. If it was wrong, Suo Jia would obviously be disappointed.

He finally gathered the courage to open his eyes and look over at the Atlantis' Wisdom inside. The crown now looked as if it had been made from some kind of blue mineral, radiating a brilliant glow in all directions.

"Wow!" Suo Jia excitedly exclaimed at the sight. It had succeeded! It had really succeeded! The rule that stated a success must occur by the sixth attempt had once again been confirmed. This was really too amazing!

After learning of this encouraging news, Suo Jia was so ecstatic that his movements quickened as he continued to conduct enhancements. Although Suo Jia was losing a million for each equipment he boosted, there was no way Suo Jia minded this kind of monetary loss at this point!

After enhancing another hundred or so, Suo Jia's breath became rushed again. Heavens…another one had just failed five times in a row. As Suo Jia looked at the many failed magic equipment lying within the enhancement room, he began to hesitate [regarding his next course of action].

Suo Jia was now confident in his 'six' theory, but…should he enhance all his equipment to rank seven first, or continue enhancing Atlantis' Wisdom to rank ten first?

After mulling this problem over for a long time, Suo Jia gritted his teeth and placed Atlantis' Wisdom in the enhancement room again. He then went outside his workroom to spend five hundred million on a rank eight gem.

He excitedly placed the gem into the extraction box, and his breath quickened once more. After hesitating again for a long time, Suo Jia finally hardened his resolve and pulled the lever down.

His reasoning was simple: of all the equipment in this set, Atlantis' Wisdom was the most important. It allowed Suo Jia to remain in the meditative state all the time. Because of this, Suo Jia's meditation time far surpa.s.sed any other person's, and the effects were obvious.

If he enhanced it to rank ten now, it would build on the current ability of maintaining the meditative state 24/7 by boosting its effects by 100%. That meant Suo Jia's cultivation speed would be four times faster than anyone else's which was extremely important to Suo Jia, who greatly valued strength.

"Hiss…" From the sound, Suo Jia could tell that the equipment was done. For some unknown reason, he had a feeling of dread. He could clearly sense that the enhancement had failed!

His eyes flew open and he looked over at the enhancement room and the Atlantis' Wisdom within. The light inside was so bright that he didn't quite dare to look at it directly!

Although still the same shape, the current Atlantis' Wisdom was now emitting a blinding blue glow. As if it had turned into a bright lightbulb, it had turned iridescent, sparkling, and translucent. Even though it didn't reflect any light rays, it naturally emitted a beautiful glow!

Suo Jia stared at it in disbelief. Although he had already believed in his 'six' theory, he still found it hard to believe his eyes when he saw the successfully enhanced product.

This was crazy. Completely crazy. Suo Jia's mind no longer consisted of anything except 'enhance more gems until the next "six" chance'!

Another hour pa.s.sed, and Suo Jia did indeed see another case where five attempts in succession failed. With extreme antic.i.p.ation, Suo Jia left the workroom and walked over to the innermost display case.

There were beautifully sparkling Illusion Gems placed in these luxurious displays, all of them rank nine gems. A single one was worth a billion! After debating for a long while, Suo Jia couldn't resist the temptation and pulled out his card to purchase a rank nine Illusion Gem.

By the time he'd returned to his workroom, he'd strangely calmed down. This time, Suo Jia was extremely confident that he'd succeed. However, seeing as his feeling had been wrong the previous time, he wasn't sure whether these premonitions were accurate or not.

With a deep breath, Suo Jia placed the gem in the extraction box and then placed the Atlantis' Wisdom in the enhancement room once more, and pulled the lever. Soon after…he heard the sound of the extraction taking place and saw the gorgeous rainbow light shoot out towards the Atlantis' Wisdom.

Suo Jia was calm, extremely calm, as he watched the light slowly surround the crown. But when it suddenly exploded with a brilliance as great as the sunlight, he couldn't help but unconsciously shut his eyes. It wasn't that he did it purposely, but that the brightness was just too intense, comparable to the sun itself!

This time, Suo Jia strangely wasn't excited. Just like it was a normal occurrence, he indifferently took the Atlantis' Wisdom out and continued to enhance other equipment until another chance of five failures in a row occurred. He nonchalantly spent 2 billion to purchase a rank ten gem and then after placing both items in their appropriate places, pulled the lever once more.

Suo Jia, who was now calmly watching the gem go through the extraction process, knew that the success or failure this time would be in one fell swoop. If this failed, his previous slaving away would all be in vain. By now, Suo Jia had already spent 4 billion, and he only had some millions left. Failing meant that Suo Jia would suffer from an unimaginable loss!

The rainbow colored light finally poured out of the outlet and the Atlantis' Wisdom flashed a bright, piercing blue glow. Just as Suo Jia thought it was another success, the light suddenly retracted, and the Atlantis' Wisdom sitting there returned to its former state, drab and dark.

"It failed…" Suo Jia closed his eyes in agony, his mind blank…

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