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Chapter 70: Empire’s Turmoil Arc 16 Pursuers

Di di di……

Suddenly hearing a ring from the headset, I quickly took it out and put it on.

“What happened?”

“Big brother, We and grandpa Dunst have destroyed the invading enemies.”

Oyado’s voice came from the headset. It seems the new invaders have been dealt with.

“And then Prince Sillan decided that we should continue traveling tonight. It’s too dangerous to stay here after all.”

“I understand. We are already at the front door of the hotel.”

At the same time we finished, we pushed open the door to the hotel. What appeared was a hallway full of corpses.

Also, in addition to the mercenaries, there were corpses of guards wearing the royal seal.

Oyado and Aliya were standing next to them, talking with the old butler Dunst.

“Oh, you are back. It seems you know who instigated these events?”

“Un. It’s the Kjell family. The reward should still be in the black market.”

“So that’s it. It turned out to be a struggle between them. Speaking of which, the struggle for magic crystal mining rights should have already started…… Prince Sillan, are you ready to depart?”

Dunst suddenly turned towards the stairs. I turned and saw Prince Sillan slowly waking down the stairs.

“Yes, let’s go. Mabel and Leon, you will be riding in a carriage with Fir. We will leave Nightsteel City as quickly as possible.

“Yes, thank you very much……”

The two from the Marshall family thanked Prince Sillan.

Maa. It’s already very hard to come by a prince. The Royal Family don’t favor either side in battles between n.o.bility. It would be bad for their position.

Open support would only make the battle more complicated.

Is that why the Prince decided to take a separate ride?

Seriously, I’m obviously not very good at protecting people……

“Understood. Ms. Mabel and Leon, you will be with me in another carriage. All you have to do is keep quiet.”

“Keep quiet?”

Their faces were full of doubt.

“That’s right, just keep quiet.”

I gave a mysterious smile and then looked to Dale.

“Ah, you want to use that……okay.”

Dale helplessly shrugged and typed something to me.

“Remember to find someone to pay for it.”

“Yes yes.”

The guy’s been completely led astray by Launa’s love of money.

————————Loading Vehicle————————

Inside the carriage a green and white ball of light slowly rotated.

Green and white motes spread out with this, covering the interior of the carriage in a thin membrane. If you weren’t within a meter you wouldn’t be able to see under the membrane.

That’s right, this is optical camouflage developed from wind and light magics. Although it doesn’t have a large area it is almost close to perfect.

If there was a defect……

It runs out very quickly. A high capacity magic crystal will only last about an hour. As efficient as this is we will burn through about 500 gold worth of magical crystals before we reach the next town.

And that’s the conservative estimate. If something unexpected happens then it might be even more.

“Are they pursuing?”

The young lady in the carriage, Mabel, timidly asked.

After seeing the dead bodies in the hotel their their faces lost all of their blood. It seems that this is the first time for them.

Well, it’s better to for aristocrats to get adapted to this sort of thing earlier.

On the side, Tai Shixi, Bai Yueguang, Hei Luoli and Aliyah are playing cards.

Falan and Ms. Mari? They were discussing the camouflage device with Dale. It seems that Falan is very interested in this, so Ms. Mari and Dale were discussing it with her.

I get the feeling that she wants to use the device to develop even stranger stuff, but I don’t care.

It was because of this device that, as we traveled along the side of the road after we left Nightsteel City, we encountered no pursuers except for two groups of mercenaries.

They went straight past us of course. We were parked on the side of the road, so we went undiscovered.

They took the chance to look over the Prince’s carriage, but there was nothing to find.

Generally the Prince would refuse such a search. It is insulting, after all.

But the Prince cooperated with us and consented to the search.

Anyways, that action was very good for us.

That’s to say, we won’t be found for the time being. But that is where the problem is.

We left from the main entrance of Nightsteel City, and it is absolutely impossible for us to completely vanish.

Therefore, the search teams have increased. We are moving at a slower pace since we stop whenever someone comes near us, otherwise they might see through our camouflage.

Only my minimap doesn’t show the whole area. Right now the only reason we can hide is because of the silently circling airship behind us.

I hope everything goes well.

“Stop, something strange is approaching!”

Dale suddenly shouted from the front.

The carriage immediately stopped. After a short time, a strange engine noise pa.s.sed us.

This sound…… I looked at Dale and he nodded back.

“Wait a minute. I’d like to get out now. Otherwise, we will be discovered soon.”


“That’s right……”

I looked at the people on the side and gave a forced laugh.

“They have already started using airships.”

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