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After sending this message, Lin Qi felt that he was too obscene.

But it was not all Lin Qi’s fault, it was only because Jiang Ruoqing was too tempting for men.

Usually Jiang Ruoqing was wearing an icy expression, being incomparably haughty, which made everybody retreat about thirty miles at the sight of her. But now Lin Qi unexpectedly unveiled her cold mask and discovered her most spicy self.

“No, not that kind of pictures. Besides, I can’t send such a picture at the moment.”

Jiang’s reply made Lin Qi feel a bit disappointed. But she certainly was not able to because she must be working in the office right now.

Lin Qi was just about to send back a reply when the roaring of a motor was heard at the hospital gate and a Bentley pulled up with a slam of car brake.

A middle-aged man in a suit hurried out of the car, opened the back door and carefully picked up a pale girl.

The girl was weak all over, as if out of breath. Lin Qi gave her a stare, and he opened his divine pupil to glance at her, only found the girl was in completely normal condition with no signs of illness. At best, she was only a little weak.

Since receiving the inheritance, he had learned that the change of his eyes was due to the awakening of the divine pupil of millennium rareness in Lin’s blood. The divine pupil could not only penetrate everything, but also get to know whether someone was sick or not with just one glance.

The suit-and-tie man walked into the security room. Upon seeing Lin Qi, he said hastily, “Guard, quickly get a stretcher to take my miss to a doctor. She’s dying.”

“She’s not sick.” Lin Qi shook his head.

“How can it be? My miss has been in a coma for the whole three days and nights. How can you say she’s not sick?” The middle-aged man shouted, “You are not a doctor, call a doctor over at once.”

“I’m one hundred percent sure that she’s not sick but malingering.” Lin Qi said earnestly.

Hardly he had stopped speaking, a disdainful voice came behind him, “Where does this miracle-working doctor come from? Just one look tells whether she has any disease or not?”

Lin Qi looked back and saw Liu Jiangwei coming over, with a half smirk.

  Lin Qi snorted, and got out of the way finally. He’s just a security guard now. It’s not down to him to treat the patient. Besides, the girl is not sick at all.

“You're the doctor?” the man gave Liu a look, blasting out, “what are you waiting for? Send my miss to the consulting room to receive treatment at once. If anything goes wrong, get ready for Su Tianlei's anger!”

“Su Tianlei? You mean the president of Su Group?” Liu Jiangwei hesitated.

“Is there a second Su Tianlei in Jinhai? This is the missy of Su’s, Su Mingyue!” The man thundered.

The color drained from Liu’s face all of a sudden. He shuddered and responded at once, “You may rest a.s.sured. I’m going to contact the emergency room right now. Lin Qi, what are you doing there! Go and take a stretcher and get Miss Su inside!”

Su Group was one of the top three Corporations in Jinhai city, with a.s.sets of more than 1 billion yuan, and this hospital was established by their investment.

Liu Jiangwei couldn’t be more nervous. If something went wrong, he then wouldn’t be given any chance to work here any longer.

“I said she was not sick!” Lin Qi raised his voice to a very high pitch.

“Who said she’s not sick? Can’t you see that Miss Su is as white as a sheet? Would she look like this if she weren’t sick?” Liu Jiangwei roared.

“Guard, can’t you carry her inside to take examination no matter whether she is sick or not?” the man glared at Lin Qi.

Liu Jiangwei shouted, “Lin Qi, as the security guard of this hospital, to carry the patient inside for examination is your duty!”

The security guards in a hospital, indeed, were different from the guards working in other places. There were usually patients with severe diseases who had to be carried in with the help of the guards, so there were stretchers ready in the security room.

“All right. If you insist, then go and get examined.” Lin Qi snorted. He took out a stretcher and carried Su Mingyue to the emergency room on the second floor.

Only, after the examination, Liu Jiangwei was stunned at once with the diagnosis.

Su Mingyue was actually all right. If there was something wrong with her, that was, her blood sugar was a bit low. Put it simply, she was hungry and felt weak because she already had two or three days without meal.

“She’s not sick, indeed.” Liu couldn’t help muttering, “How could the guy Lin Qi get to know that?”

“Doctor, how is Miss Su?” asked the middle-aged man, sweating profusely.

“She...she’s not sick!” Liu responded uneasily.

“Bulls.h.i.t, you quack! Miss Su has fallen in coma for three whole days and nights. How can you say she’s not sick?”

The man yelled. He was the steward of the Su’s. Three days ago, he saw clearly that Su Mingyue was still alive and kicking. But just on the next day, she lay in bed and he couldn’t wake her up at all.

“Let me examine her again.” Liu Jiangwei was afraid of making mistakes. But three successive examinations only confirmed the same result..

By this time, Lin Qi couldn’t help humming coldly and said, “Actually, it’s not difficult to wake Miss Su up.”

“You are just a security guard. There’s nothing you can say here!” Liu Jiangwei said testily.

“Then treat her! You are the doctor, are you? Then wake her up right now! Why can’t you do it? You punks!”

Lin Qi almost roared. He really tolerated enough.

“You, how dare you?” Liu Jiangwei’s face turned purple with rage and almost went ballistic.

The middle-aged man pushed Liu Jiangwei away and spoke indignantly, “What's the fuss about! Off with you now that you have no means to cure my miss!”

Then he turned to Lin Qi and respectfully addressed, “This security guard, can you really find a way to wake Miss Su up?”

In fact, the man was trying to clutch at a straw. Clearly Su Mingyue couldn’t wake up now, why not let this guard have a try.

“Well, bring here a cat, and a gla.s.s of milk.” Lin Qi had already figured it out.

  “A cat and a gla.s.s of milk?” The man was struck dumb, “can these really cure the disease?”

Just then, with the sound of footsteps, there came an old man with a white beard in doctor’s white coat.

This was the attending doctor of Jinhai Hospital, known as Senior Long.

It was said that he began to study medicine at the age of ten, and his achievement of traditional Chinese medicine had reached its peak. There was no disease he couldn’t cure.

“Senior Long, you’ve come just at the right moment. This guy went so far to treat the patient with cat and milk!” Pointing at Lin Qi, Liu Jiangwei complained against him immediately.

“Who is he?” Senior Long took an indifferent glance at Lin Qi. He seemed to have not seen him much.

“He’s an intern, but made a mistake and was banished to security room by Directress Jiang.”

“An intern? A security guard?” Senior Long changed his face immediately and reprimanded Lin Qi, “Mischievous! How can you treat an illness! Get out of the way!”

Senior Long ruthlessly scowled severely at Lin Qi, then walked to Su Mingyue and felt the pulse for her.

Liu Jiangwei snorted with disdain and stood straight promptly.

In fact, the staff in Jinhai Hospital all knew that Liu Jiangwei was Senior Long’s nephew, and it was just because of this connection that his internship had secured him a job in the hospital.

But when Senior Long just touched the pulse, there came a puzzled look on his face. Then he stretched his hand to Su Mingyue’s neck, again he showed a puzzled expression. Finally he kept silent for a while, stood up and shook his head, “This illness, I can't deal with. Go to another hospital."

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