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Chapter 215 - Looking for fire crystals againEdited by Ilesyt

This time, in order to build the ship, the tribe’s “skilled workers” also joined in.

No matter if it was woodwork of traps, all the skilled workers could get involved,  because they were skillfull in something, they could learn other skills in a short time. They soon acquired the skill of making a ship, which Yan Zhi and the others possessed. When they joined in, they could work together to figure out how to make a ship.

Shao Xuan often joined in their discussion. Although Shao Xuan was not good at building ships, he had seen many big ships. Therefore he could give some  advice in terms of ship design.

When the hunting teams went out, they had to prepare food, wood, herbs, and other necessary things. Meanwhile they also had to enhance their strength. If they were not strong enough, how could they defeat their enemies? Of course, they had to preserve their lives. Otherwise, all their efforts would be in vain.

On the mountain.

Yan Zhi and the others settled in. They were temporarily unable to awaken their totem power, because it was not time for the annual ritual. At the beginning of next year, they could join the next batch of qualified children.

Although they had to wait for six months, Yan Zhi and the others had been very happy about it. After all, they returned to their tribe, found their roots, and would no longer be bullied.

Having been living in the tribe for a few days, they learned about the condition of  the tribe. They had confidence in the Flaming Horns tribe, and they also looked forward to going back to the old land.

“How about it ?” Yan Zhuo asked his wife. He knew his wife had been trying to make pottery in the past few days.

Yan Zhen shook her head and said, “I can not complete it.”

the old men sitting next to her looked disappointed.

As Shao Xuan said, even if there was pottery-making technique, they could not succeed in making pottery here. All the pottery they made was trash, because some of these potteries were broken and others were fragile. They could not be used. That was why over the past thousand years, the Flaming Horns tribe usually used stone tools.

“It doesn’t matter.” Xing bit back his disappointment, smiled, and said, “After we return to the old land, try again.”

“Yes. When we return to the old land, everything will be different.” Another few old men said.

Yan Zhi and the others settled in here and were taken care of by them. But in fact, they wanted to get more information from Yan Zhi.

Everything was different when they would leave the tribe. In the outside world, if they wanted to continue to be invincible, they had to be strong enough. If they wanted to hunt animals, they needed better understanding of the habits of prey.

When Yan Zhi and the others were discussing about making pottery, they saw  some people walking down from the top of the mountain near the path of glory.

“Those are the people of the hunting team?” Yan Zhi asked while holding back his excitement.

“Yes, because the plan has changed, from now on, every time more people will go out.” An old man said.

“Hunting... ferocious beasts?” Jiao Wu could not believe it.

“Well, hey, the hunting teams look good.” Said an old man.

Xing cast a glance there, and said, “Because the chief told them that there are many men who are more powerful than ferocious beasts on the other side of the river. Probably this time many people will be looking for some ferocious beasts to help them improve their fighting skills.”

Yan Zhi and the others: “...”

Many people who were more powerful than ferocious beasts? It sounded unbelievable, and many people of the tribe just believed it!

Shao Xuan joined the hunting team and left with Mai. However, when they went out of the tribe and entered into the familiar mountain, all the members of the  advance force of the teams who would usually go to the green land followed Shao Xuan to the original bat mountain.

The other five hunting groups and the group with the new hunting route would only hunt in the first hunting area, totaling six groups, more than 500 people. In the following time, unless they received the news, the group leaders would not continue to lead the group to move forward.

In this way, they could back up Shao Xuan and the others if they were in danger. No one knew this except the group leaders and important men in the groups. The other group members were told that such a change was caused by the “return plan”, so they no longer asked.

Over there, Shao Xuan, after separating from Ta and the hunting team, waited in a place for a while so as to meet Gui He and others who had already arrived there.

It was important to look for fire crystals. The Shaman and chief paid a lot of attention to the tribe’s return, so they called out more people. At the same time, Ta and Gui He were told to go there by Shaman and were told that if it was too hard to find the fire crystals they could give up. But they must ensure the safety of Shao Xuan.

The two team leaders also understood Shao Xuan’s importance for the future of the tribe. This brat was really blessed by the ancestors, so he needed to be protected.

The two team leaders and their men were very enthusiastic, because it was a pity that they had not been able to partic.i.p.ate in search for the fire crystals last time. After a long time, they finally had such a chance, so they needed to seize it.

Everyone had gotten information from the warriors in the hunting teams about how to deal with the vampire bats. They had prepared some herbs in case they lost the ability to act after being bitten by the bats.

Shao Xuan brought them to the giant pit where he had found fire crystals. When went to the foot of the mountain, they found that there were two men standing there.

“Dad?!” Ta was surprised and said.

The men standing at the foot of the mountain were the chief, Ao, and Dai, another senior totem warrior of the tribe, who was as strong as Ao.

“Why did you come here?” Asked Shao Xuan.

The Shaman hadn’t said that the chief would also come here.

“The Shaman is worried, so am I.” Ao laughed and said.

But when Ao saw the small mountain in front of him, Ao suppressed his smile. next to him, Dai also looked serious.

“It is not easy.” Dai said.

Looking at the distant high mountains, Ao asked, “Those bats all flew over there?”

“Yes.” Shao Xuan nodded and said.

“No,” Ao shook his head, “not all of them. This is certainly caused by bats, and they still come back, and often come back.”

The mountain was not high, but not even a blade of green gra.s.s was to be seen. Most of the plants here withered. Almost all those plants which still grew there were highly poisonous and there were also some rare herbs.

“Compared with the scene I saw last time, this place has changed much.” Shao Xuan said, “Last time I came here, it was not so serious.”

There was too much miasma caused by those corpses in the mountain. Some black fog covered the mountain.

That was to say, it was possible that as Ao said, the bats came here frequently, which caused such a change.

Why did the bats return to this small place after the migration? Usually they should have abandoned this small site since they got a bigger one, but they kept coming back here.

“Is it really a fire crystal mine?” The eyes of Ta flashed.

“Anyway, go ahead and have a look.” Ao said.

Wearing a rattan mask, everyone went to the giant pit on the mountain.

For the tribe, they had to go there even though it was a dangerous place.

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