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_THE BONDMAN._ New edition. 12mo. Cloth, $1.50.

"The welcome given to this story has cheered and touched me, but I am conscious that, to win a reception so warm, such a book must have had readers who brought to it as much as they took away.... I have called my story a saga, merely because it follows the epic method, and I must not claim for it at any point the weighty responsibility of history, or serious obligations to the world of fact. But it matters not to me what Icelanders may call 'The Bondman,' if they will honor me by reading it in the open-hearted spirit and with the free mind with which they are content to read of Grettir and of his fights with the Troll."--_From the Author's Preface._

_CAPT'N DAVY'S HONEYMOON. A Manx Yarn._ 12mo. Paper, 50 cents; cloth, $1.00.

"A new departure by this author. Unlike his previous works, this little tale is almost wholly humorous, with, however, a current of pathos underneath. It is not always that an author can succeed equally well in tragedy and in comedy, but it looks as though Mr. Hall Caine would be one of the exceptions."--_London Literary World._

"It is pleasant to meet the author of 'The Deemster' in a brightly humorous little story like this.... It shows the same observation of Manx character, and much of the same artistic skill."--_Philadelphia Times._


_THE GREATER GLORY. A Story of High Life._ By MAARTEN MAARTENS, author of "G.o.d's Fool," "Joost Avelingh," etc. 12mo. Cloth, $1.50.

"Until the Appletons discovered the merits of Maarten Maartens, the foremost of Dutch novelists, it is doubtful if many American readers knew that there were Dutch novelists. His 'G.o.d's Fool' and 'Joost Avelingh' made for him an American reputation. To our mind this just published work of his is his best.... He is a master of epigram, an artist in description, a prophet in insight."--_Boston Advertiser._

"It would take several columns to give any adequate idea of the superb way in which the Dutch novelist has developed his theme and wrought out one of the most impressive stories of the period.... It belongs to the small cla.s.s of novels which one can not afford to neglect."--_San Francisco Chronicle._

"Maarten Maartens stands head and shoulders above the average novelist of the day in intellectual subtlety and imaginative power."--_Boston Beacon._

_G.o.d'S FOOL._ By MAARTEN MAARTENS. 12mo. Cloth, $1.50.

"Throughout there is an epigrammatic force which would make palatable a less interesting story of human lives or one less deftly told."--_London Sat.u.r.day Review._

"Perfectly easy, graceful, humorous.... The author's skill in character-drawing is undeniable."--_London Chronicle._

"A remarkable work."--_New York Times._

"Maarten Maartens has secured a firm footing in the eddies of current literature.... Pathos deepens into tragedy in the thrilling story of 'G.o.d's Fool.'"--_Philadelphia Ledger._

"Its preface alone stamps the author as one of the leading English novelists of to-day."--_Boston Daily Advertiser._

"The story is wonderfully brilliant.... The interest never lags; the style is realistic and intense; and there is a constantly underlying current of subtle humor.... It is, in short, a book which no student of modern literature should fail to read."--_Boston Times._

"A story of remarkable interest and point."--_New York Observer._


"So unmistakably good as to induce the hope that an acquaintance with the Dutch literature of fiction may soon become more general among us."--_London Morning Post._

"In scarcely any of the sensational novels of the day will the reader find more nature or more human nature."--_London Standard._

"A novel of a very high type. At once strongly realistic and powerfully idealistic."--_London Literary World._

"Full of local color and rich in quaint phraseology and suggestion."--_London Telegraph._

"Maarten Maartens is a capital story-teller."--_Pall Mall Gazette._

"Our English writers of fiction will have to look to their laurels."--_Birmingham Daily Post._


_THE RED BADGE OF COURAGE. An Episode of the American Civil War._ By STEPHEN CRANE. 12mo. Cloth, $1.00.

"Mr. Stephen Crane is a great artist, with something new to say, and consequently with a new way of saying it.... In 'The Red Badge of Courage' Mr. Crane has surely contrived a masterpiece.... He has painted a picture that challenges comparisons with the most vivid scenes of Tolstoy's 'La Guerre et la Paix' or of Zola's 'La Debacle.'"--_London New Review._

"In its whole range of literature we can call to mind nothing so searching in its a.n.a.lysis, so manifestly impressed with the stamp of truth, as 'The Red Badge of Courage.' ... A remarkable study of the average mind under stress of battle.... We repeat, a really fine achievement."--_London Daily Chronicle._

"Not merely a remarkable book; it is a revelation.... One feels that, with perhaps one or two exceptions, all previous descriptions of modern warfare have been the merest abstractions."--_St. James Gazette._

"Holds one irrevocably. There is no possibility of resistance when once you are in its grip, from the first of the march of the troops to the closing scenes.... Mr. Crane, we repeat, has written a remarkable book.

His insight and his power of realization amount to genius."--_Pall Mall Gazette._

"There is nothing in American fiction to compare with it in the vivid, uncompromising, almost aggressive vigor with which it depicts the strangely mingled conditions that go to make up what men call war....

Mr. Crane has added to American literature something that has never been done before, and that is, in its own peculiar way, inimitable."--_Boston Beacon._

"Never before have we had the seamy side of glorious war so well depicted.... The action of the story throughout is splendid, and all aglow with color, movement, and vim. The style is as keen and bright as a sword blade, and a Kipling has done nothing better in this line."--_Chicago Evening Post._

_IN DEFIANCE OF THE KING. A Romance of the American Revolution._ By CHAUNCEY C. HOTCHKISS. 12mo. Paper, 50 cents; cloth, $1.00.

"The whole story is so completely absorbing that you will sit far into the night to finish it. You lay it aside with the feeling that you have seen a gloriously true picture of the Revolution."--_Boston Herald._

"The story is a strong one--a thrilling one. It causes the true American to flush with excitement, to devour chapter after chapter until the eyes smart; and it fairly smokes with patriotism."--_New York Mail and Express._

"The heart beats quickly, and we feel ourselves taking part in the scenes described.... Altogether the book is an addition to American literature."--_Chicago Evening Post._

"One of the most readable novels of the year.... As a love romance it is charming, while it is filled with thrilling adventure and deeds of patriotic daring."--_Boston Advertiser._

"This romance seems to come the nearest to a satisfactory treatment in fiction of the Revolutionary period that we have yet had."--_Buffalo Courier._

"A clean, wholesome story, full of romance and interesting adventure.... Holds the interest alike by the thread of the story and by the incidents.... A remarkably well-balanced and absorbing novel."--_Milwaukee Journal._

New York: D. APPLETON & CO., 72 Fifth Avenue.

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