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Translator: Cheonsa

*unedited( please excuse any grammatical or stupid mistakes in the main time.)

Chapter 21

"They will…know…you….are mine……"

 Agares stared intently at me while grinning profoundly as if he has already seen through my weak point. 

 My nerves suddenly jumped, finally processing what he was trying to convey. I sat up, pushed him directly against the wall, and raised my fist to hit him, but my wrist was easily caught midair by his iron claws. His mouth slightly opened up and his red tongue darted out to lick my fingers. His mouth was faintly hooked up into a grin, the pupils under his long eyelashes were dark and bottomless, resembling a murky swamp unlivable by humanity.

This is such a sinister beast!

 He had completely captured my vulnerable point. I am incapable of rejecting nor do I have the room to even reject. 

 I ground my teeth together, feeling my reasonings were at war with the shame coming from my heart, causing my nerves tangled up into a heap of ball. 

 That's right, if I were to refuse Agares, I will not only lose this opportunity to study him but also what's worse is that when I don't get the research results they expected, they will question what I've been doing these past few days. Rhine will definitely go and investigate because of my call for help from before. With his stubborn nature, if I don't take out any research records to cover it up, this shameful secret will be known to him sooner or later.

 I can never let them know….otherwise I will never be able to show my face in front of anybody anymore.

 Just imagining them knowing this mistake already made my back sweat and my body unable to sit still. 

 Agares simply let go of me and leaned lazily against the wall. His thick, long and pliable tail have heedlessly rubbed against my calves while he inspected my face with narrow eyes. 

 He knew how superior his seduction was, what my weaknesses were, and what I needed most. He had already poisoned my mind many years ago, letting it brew slowly in my subconsciousness as I grow, while he quietly weaves a spider web and waited, waiting for me to set myself deeply into it, like trapping my melting bones among it.

 By the time I realized, there was already nowhere for me to escape.

 I found the merman's shrewdness hard to be believed, such majestic creatures actually have a mind of a high IQ criminal!  

 I press my fist against my mouth and took a shuddering deep breath. Right now, apart from agreeing with Agares's proposal, there is no other choice but to continue with my research according to the original plan, but…f.u.c.k, what's the difference between this and selling my own a.s.s for research results?

 This thought made me flare up in anger. I forced myself to calm down because besides resisting against Agares in a naked state, there is truly nothing I could do.

 I could only pretend to obey him, making this a stop-gap measure just so he could relax his guard… 

 I glanced at the direction of the computer desk in thought. There should be an extra fluid-filled hypodermic needle stored in that desk drawer for the anesthesia gun. I still have a chance to fight back, and plus Sakarol said that they will come to get him tomorrow. I will be set free as long as I could endure until that time.

"I will accept this proposal.” I stared at Agares and said in English, so that he could understand what I said more clearly, and emphasized further, “I want to study you in my own way, and in the process of my research, I forbid you to DO anything else to me. “

 I had to squeeze the last few words out of my teeth. My cheek was burning with extreme embarra.s.sment and in order to restrain myself from recalling last night's events, I s.n.a.t.c.hed the flashlight from Agares, and violently flash it at him as I stare intently into his eyes, “Do you understand what I mean?”


 Two lips, as thin as a sharp knife, spit out a clear syllable. The smile on his face seemed to deepen, in my eyes, it appeared to look more insidious and cunning, as if the long-planned objective had been successful

 Go ahead and laugh, you beast. You won't be able to laugh long. 

“Then, lie down,” I commanded with no trace of politeness as I pointed to the gla.s.s floor, but my heart was feeling diffident. I dare not to be certain that this beast will keep his promise, after all, he is not a human being. He is completely free from any moral, law and principle constraints. Even if he were to act like a hoodlum, there is nothing I can do.

 But to my surprise, the merman actually obeyed my order and slid down from the bed to lay his back on the floor. The black and st.u.r.dy fishtail stretched out from the foot of the bed to under the table like a giant lizard resting on the ground.

He then, just like that, glanced up with one of his arms tucked behind his head and stared at me with great interest as if he was sunbathing.

 I tried to resist my impulse to just kick him. I quickly wrapped myself with the bedding, stepped over his body, and rushed towards the pile of clothes I took off outside the bathroom. I can't study him naked!

 Agares didn't stop me with his tail, but as soon as I pick up my clothes, I realized: there is nowhere I could change. I have no choice but to change in front of the watchful eyes of the merman. Even if I turned my back to him, I could still feel his heating gaze on my back. This made me feel extremely uneasy so I hid behind the desk and hurriedly put my legs into the pants that I was holding.

 But just as one leg made it into the pants, I felt Agares's fishtail shadowing behind me and came to stroke across my longer leg. This sudden touch scared me to the point where I couldn't put on my pants, so I hastily b.u.t.ton on my lab coat instead and stood up immediately after. 


 His Adam apple rolled in his throat as he stared at the hindering garment on me. The undisguised meaning behind his words made me forget the vulnerable situation I was forced to be in and went to kick his wet long tail to the side without a second thought. I tightened the belt around my waist and took a step backward where half of my body was covered by the desk. Than I stealthy slide my hand into the drawer and push the anesthesia needle inside the cuff of my sleeves. 

 I dare not look into the eyes of the merman fearing that when I do, my heart might inexplicably let the cat out of the bag. I feel that the merman, like an experienced elder, possesses a unique ability to glimpse into the hearts and minds of ones, and my cheap trick might be easily exposed like a shallow child trying to keep a secret.

Heavens, please protect me. Don't let my plan be exposed anytime soon!

 Although I was praying nervously, I maintained a calm outward composer as I turned to walk across to the other side. I gathered some materials needed to record the physiological numerical value of the merman brought them to his side and squatted beside him.

 According to the procedure of measuring biological body condition, the first thing I need to record is the blood pressure of the merman.

 That's how I told myself in my heart, I went to pick up the sphygmomanometer, but my hand just kept sweating. I try my best to maintain an att.i.tude of a scientist that was studying a common wildlife, but just looking at his strong, male upper body I already felt myself suffocating. 

This body just last night…..just last night….

 I clenched my teeth and forced myself not to recall those terrible scenes, but the image of the merman's claws clasping on the back of my hand flashed in my brain. I felt my thigh under the coat trembling and the sense of mortification aroused from shame plunged from the bottom up. I grabbed the merman's wrist and quickly wrapped the blood pressure meter around the lower part of his arm, and turned on the switch.

 I forced myself to focus on the flickering values on that small LCD screen. I saw that it changes between                    200-300mmhg and finally stays at 261.

 Not bother to lift my head, I quickly input this value into the tablet computer for recording, and force myself to think and decide.

 The systolic blood pressure of the merman was almost half as high as that of a human being, even an emotional old man can't reach that level unless consuming an addictive amount of stimulating drugs.

 —Estrous cycle。

 This word flashed in my mind. At this moment, the merman was still at the peak of his cycle. My eyes are fixed on that number, but I can't help sliding them over to look at the merman's body with my back completely covered in cold sweat.


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