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Chapter 73 – The Lord’s Daughter Longs for the Wide World 36


[Yuutarou vs Montavo was a fixed game, a fraud]

That rumor was circulating all around Coura.
The source of the rumors were flyers that were spread in several places in town and in the arena.

The flyer contained these:

Yuutarou vs. Montavo scenario Yuutarou will madly launch magic right as the match starts. But magic doesn’t work on Montavo Yuutarou will take out his sword and began a sword fight. The fight will first proceed with the thrust-using Yuutarou at an advantage But Montavo will make a comeback and then the real fight begins. At the end of the match, a “miracle” will happen and Yuutarou will be patently strengthened. Montavo’s sword will disappear. Montavo will die to Yuutarou’s thrust.

The fight is arranged for this to happen.
This plan is a trick contrived by the Gingait house

It was simply written, but it perfectly matches what happened in the match.
The results written on the flyer all came true —

The first ones to cause an uproar, were those who had bet on Montavo.
Shouldering heavy losses, they gathered at the Gingait and the Lord’s homes.

“Hey stop f.u.c.king with us, if this is all a trick then give us our money back!”

The next angry voices came from those who believed in Yuutarou.

“That fraud! Murderer! MURDERER…!”

Finally, there were voices of grief from those who loved Montavo.

“They killed him over some lame scheme! Stop f.u.c.king with me, give back Montavo …!”

“All as planned, I suppose”
I watched the street below from the inn’s window.

The town was in an uproar. The peace was broken.
The flyers seemed to have been effective.

This goes without saying, but those flyers were made by me.
I simulated the battle beforehand and wrote them down.
That was easy for me who knew them both. And I was able to control it to an extent.

I had previously told Yuutarou through Kirisha that magic doesn’t work on Montavo.
But even so, I couldn’t see Yuutarou challenging a swordfight right off the bat. He wuld first try using magic once. People don’t stray from their winning patterns so easily.
And it really came to pa.s.s.

What happened afterwards, I could predict to a degree.
About Yuutarou causing a miracle, and about myself undoing my transformation and making Montavo’s sword disappear.

— and about him dying.

“It’s sad, I think”

I closed my eyes, and Montavo appeared in my mind.

If anyone were to ask, I’d say it’s really sad.
Because of things I didn’t foresee, I had gotten emotionally attached with him.
When I thought I was going to cry, I did.

But not so much that it became a trauma.

I knew it, I was still a reincarnator, my moral and emotional switches were broken to an extent.

“I guess I can’t look down on Yuutarou after all”

I’m also warped enough.

— Well, whatever.
It’s convenient that way.
What comes next is going to be easy.

Condolences and apologies comes after everything’s done.

“Now, next is”

I hid the Sacrament Cage I asked Liu to collect under the desk and left the inn.

“Uncle … it’s weird. Everyone’s weird …! Kirisha … Kirisha never wanted anything like that nodesu … !”

Kirisha was hugging my old man self tight, quivering.

The gruesome spectacle she witnessed at the arena seemed to have become quite the trauma.
She’d come to be afraid just looking at a sword.
In that case, Yuutarou who used them would be a target of fear.

Not someone she’d go on a journey with, impossible.

“Why, why … ! Why do they have to use it like that when they finally got power … ! It’s weird! Everything is going crazy desuyo …!”

“That’s right. You’re right little lady”
I gently patted Kirisha’s head.
“People who want to fight even though their situation doesn’t warrant a fight, only a wretched death await them. Their bones broken, their flesh scattered, birds sipping on their blood —”

“Eek … ! Uncle, stop saying scary things please desuyo!”

“Whoops … my bad there”

Kirisha put more strength into her hug, I hugged her back.

I looked up to the sky through the window.
The weather was really good today.

Not a single cloud in the sky.
I wonder if he’s somewhere beyond the sky — I’m getting emotional.

“Kirisha …”

Kirisha muttered.

“Kirisha doesn’t want a rich life. Kirisha doesn’t want money, Kirisha doesn’t want maids, Kirisha doesn’t want a blanket and a good bed desuyo. — Kirisha wants a steady, peaceful home. Is it impossible because Papa is a Lord …”

“Well, people with power have their troubles. People around them get troubled too”

“Papa wasn’t always like that desuyo … He used to sneak out to the red light district and when he couldn’t find a cute girl he would get revenge by raising taxes. Kirisha loves that kind of Papa”

“Such a nuisance to people …”

“When Mama found out he went there and was going to turn into a demon Papa went rapid fire on the Lord jokes. Kirisha never laughed so much ever. Papa was beaten up and cried though”


I had many things to retort about that but those were happy memories for Kirisha so I kept quiet.

“But everything changed desuyo … everything, everything —”

Kirisha had a distant look.
Once his second wife was gone Kirisha’s father began to care for her again — but nowadays, the town was becoming restles and he became tense again.
I hate the sullen and people-using type …

Since she never felt stability from her parents, Kirisha began to excessively seek stability.
People who were raised in instability, will be obsessed with stability.

Which was why Kirisha sought the absolute existence that was the reincarnator.

Among Yuutarou’s harem members, Kirisha was, in a way, the most mature — she didn’t love Yuutarou.
What she wanted was not Yuutarou, but a pillar that doesn’t break no matter what.

Therefore by seeing Yuutarou’s unsightly appearance, she no longer liked him anymore.
It’s cold but that’s how people are.
My NTRing had a part in Yuutarou’s weakening, though.

“Ah, that’s right!”

Kirisha seemed to remember something and jumped down from my lap, and opened the door to the backyard.

There, on the ground, were several of the flowers I planted together with Kirisha.
They still haven’t bloomed, but they were budding here and there.

“Mr. flowers! Waa! They’re living healthy desuyo ! — Uncle, thank you for taking care of them desuyo!”

Kirisha’s face brightened, seeing the flowers growing healthily.

Kirisha diligently watered them — and moved the less healthy ones to different places.

“It’s alright, Mr flower. Kirisha will never throw you away. Kirisha is sure it’s just the ground that’s bad desuyo!”

Looking at the sweating Kirisha digging the ground — I said to her.

“Little lady, about the thing we talked about just now … the world always changes like you say. Everything changes. — but just one. There’s one way to make a place that doesn’t change”

“R, really!?”

Kirisha’s hand stopped and she raised her face.

“Does Uncle know the way?”

“Yes, as a matter of fact I do —”

I told Kirisha the way.

The way to make an unchanging place.

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