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Chapter 123: Third Time

Someone came to Giwon's room early in the morning.

‘This early?'

It was time for him to wake up, but there was that ‘celebration' yesterday. There was only one man who had a reason and the authority to knock on his door at this time. Giwon quickly rose and opened the door.


It was another name Dohyuk had acquired. There was need of a t.i.tle for Giwon and the other fighters of the city to call Dohyuk and they decided to call him ‘Boss'.

“Oh, you were sleeping? I'll come back later.”

“No, it's okay. I'm…”

Then Dohyuk glanced over Giwon's shoulder. He didn't try to look as Giwon, like him, would not have any…

There was something under the blanket that Giwon had gotten out of and a hand was poking out of it.


Dohyuk let out a silent meep and closed the door.

After a few minutes, Giwon came out. He was fully dressed in a suit, ready to go as the head of the city's judicial system. They both walked toward the lobby area of the building and Dohyuk stated his business.

“I'm moving the city.”

Giwon became shocked. “You mean…”

“We're moving to a different region.”


‘Did you think of doing such a foolish thing?'

Giwon thought of it, but he stopped to think some more before speaking. He knew Dohyuk could eat the city, just like he did with Bla.s.s's labyrinth. But Dohyuk's city was not only limited to the city walls. The land itself was also part of his city, including the vast farmlands supplied food for the people. They were now in the process of storing crops and they were planning to export things out to the other Bermuran cities in exchange for other goods.

It was a vital resource for the city's food supply and a way to bring in coins.

Dohyuk knew this well. But why…

It didn't take long for Giwon to find the answer.

“Are you talking about the region itself?”

Dohyuk nodded. “Yeah. It was what Jung Ilgyu was trying to do at first.”

Jung Ilgyu was trying to do it by sacrificing 30 thousand people to the Sea G.o.d. This meant…

“If I have enough faith, it will be possible. But I'll need more faith than the Sea G.o.d.”

“I see…”

“So, I tried throwing different keywords.”

Having it set on water and sending it down to a specific destination all required different amounts of faith. Dohyuk took the boiling pot and poured water into two paper cups.

“It will take 150 million to go to Seoul with the current size of the land.”

That's when Giwon stopped drinking. Current size?

“You've never seen it, but you know that this region used to be a desert.”

The reason why Aruga's desert land had turned out this way was because of…

“I fought a G.o.d named Grava before I met you, and I won.”

And he earned the orb, the G.o.dly Item that brought prosperity to the land.

“But these G.o.ds are not all that powerful. It did bring a miracle to the land — but this was because of the SS-rank item.”

Therefore, the power was not infinite. Even now, there was a part of the land where gra.s.s no longer grew in the far outer region, close to the land border.

“So, I even threw that keyword too. I wanted to see if it was possible to have the same effect on the land with my power.”

The answer was that it was possible. However, possibility was not the issue.

“And how much…”

“It was expensive. REALLY expensive.”

Dohyuk smiled. “I think it's the difference of traits between me and Grava. I don't think billions of faith is worth less than one G.o.dly Item.”

Then it was cheaper for the Sea G.o.d to do anything with the sea, hence the name. What was certain was-

“My G.o.dly power doesn't help with increasing quality of life. It's still possible but…”

“You will require a lot of faith.”

“Yeah. There might be a better way to utilize it.”

Giwon then felt something was off. Dohyuk was bringing bad news, but he didn't seem discouraged at all.

“It's actually become simpler.” Dohyuk said, “We can sack Grava or those similar G.o.ds or whatever, and our land will stay prosperous forever.”

And there were a lot of them out there.

“When we are ready, we will set sail.”

And when that was done, they would jack all the useful G.o.dly Items and powers from the areas near the current region.

“Ready our men.”

Now, the fight was going to begin.

Bla.s.s looked up as Dohyuk walked into the Dome.

“Wow, you seem tired.”

Bla.s.s did not object as he stood.

“As you can see.”

The Dome was full of drunk, sleeping people. It was also very messy with beer bottles and leftover food. Bla.s.s also had something in his hand.

It was a whiteboard? Or an acrylic board? It resembled something Dohyuk couldn't quite recognize, but there was a drawing of Bla.s.s teaching others on it.

“They were totally drunk and brought… this. Along with alcoholic beverage and food. I'm sure they had no bad intentions… They were excited.”

Bla.s.s looked down at his own drawing again.

“Did you talk to them?”


Bla.s.s answered and continued, “I couldn't say it.”

“Say what?”

“That it's not over. That I achieved such victories countless times in my world.”

Bla.s.s was also a rebel who fought against Casita. That's why he knew how happy the people were from yesterday's victory. He also knew that it was not over yet.

“Maybe next time… someone might die. Or we might lose. It's not time to celebrate. It's not time to be excited… but I couldn't say it.”

“It means you care about them. It's a good thing.”


Bla.s.s did not speak, but he was silent for a while. He then put the drawing on the ground.

“So, what business has brought you here?”

“Oh, yeah.”

“But let me tell you my business first.”


Dohyuk then sat down again.

“I will not follow through with this deal with you anymore.”

No, he was kneeling down.

“Take my service instead, and my loyalty… in exchange for your continued victory.”

Bla.s.s then looked up to Dohyuk.

“…My master.”

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