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All the schools in F City were also encountering a similar situation.

On the first day, they were only facing regular zombies. From the second day onward, Elite Zombies that possess relatively high intelligence started to appear and were leading small zombie hordes.

What caused Yang Tian to feel strange was that no zombies appeared near the Manor. Instead, a pack of Mutated Wolves appeared.

Leading the wolf pack were two Rank 2 Elite Beasts, Wilderness Wolfman.

The Wilderness Wolfmen has limbs like a human, but their overall form looked more like a wolf. Brownish black hair covered their entire body and only their cold, sharp eyes were exposed.

"Crimson Fire Wolf, you traitor."

"You betray the Wolf King, we are here to kill you."

Yang Tian does not understand their language and he only managed to understand what was communicated by using his Mental Power.

"Wolf King? What a joke, the only one that can command me is my Master."

Dark Crimson Fire Wolf have long discarded the so-called wolf pack in its heart, it only listens to Yang Tian now. However the words of Dark Crimson Firewolf angered the Wilderness Wolfmen; the thing that a wolf pack was unable to tolerate the most, was a betrayal. Dark Crimson Fire Wolf's actions have undoubtedly trampled on the holy ground in their hearts that were not allowed to be violated.

The current situation was obviously disadvantageous to the wolf pack, two Rank 2 Elite Beasts will not be able to pose much of a threat to Yang Tian's group.

"Ah woo"

A proud wolf howl came from the mountains. Even though the distance was far, the wolf howl still felt as though it was made just beside their ears.

Such a terrifying piercing power.

When the wolf pack heard the howl, they started to retreat.

"Do you think you can come and go as you please?"

Did they ask me for permission when they want to leave?

Yang Tian did not hesitate to use the Soft Bone Blade in his hand, sending two Blade Energies towards the Wilderness Wolfman.

"Attack, do not allow any to escape."

Other than the two Wilderness Wolfman, the rest were just small fries. w.a.n.g Yu and Crazy Vine will be enough to handle most of the enemies with Xu Dafu watching over the situation. Yang Tian had ordered Charmander to protect Xiao Xiao and to not appear on the battlefield.

However, Dark Crimson Fire Wolf and Brain-Eating Terror Hog were enough to handle the Wilderness Wolfmen.

Smash: Gather energy on both arms to produce a destructive and powerful attack.

The Wilderness Wolfmen immediately used Smash, hoping to kill Dark Crimson Fire Wolf and Brain-Eating Terror Hog as soon as possible. Yang Tian, who was staring at them on the side, was silently adding a lot of pressure on them.

"Do you want to inject the Violent Corpse Worms into their bodies? They are twin life forms, something that is much more valuable than a single creature."

"There's still one hiding in the shadows."

"Isn't it just a small rat? We can just make it lose its consciousness."

The rat in the dark was hiding very well but had long been discovered by Yang Tian and the Violent Corpse Worm Queen.

"No! I want to use it to attract the Wolf King."

"Commander Tier Creatures do not possess a low intelligence, it might have already noticed your intentions."

"A wolf pack will not allow any betrayals, if the Wilderness Wolfmen also betrayed the Wolf King, what do you think will happen?"

Strike a snake at the seven-inch point, Yang Tian had always liked to make use of his enemy's weakness and gradually destroy them with it.

Two red light appeared from Yang Tian's thumbs and two Violent Corpse Worms were prepared to act on anything.

The power of the Dark Crimson Fire Wolf and Brain-Eating Terror Hog suddenly erupted, creating even more pressure on the Wilderness Wolfmen.

The opportunity is here.

The rat hiding in the dark suddenly received a hammer-like blow on its head. By the time the rat regained its consciousness, it only saw the two Wilderness Wolfmen rolling on the ground.

The Violent Corpse Worms have entered their bodies to form a symbiosis with them.

The size of the Wilderness Wolfmen gradually increased, their fur also started to display redness. The elemental and physical attributes of the Flame Yak slowly appeared on the bodies of the Wilderness Wolfmen. If the Violent Corpse Worm formed a symbiosis with an ordinary person then all the traits of the Flame Yak would be displayed, turning the person into a humanoid Flame Yak. It was the same for ordinary creatures as well.

However, the Wilderness Wolfmen were not weak and that was why they displayed two different traits on their bodies when the Violent Corpse Worms entered their bodies. The first type was their original traits, the second was the traits of the Flame Yak.

After the symbiosis, Yang Tian immediately learned the information of the Wilderness Wolfmen.

Wilderness Wolfman, Symbiosis Creature, Rank 2 Elite Symbiotic Life. Skill: Smash, Flame Tackle.

The Wilderness Wolfmen felt the power within them had significantly increased, Dark Crimson Fire Wolf and Brain-Eating Terror Hog that were in front of them did not feel as hard to fight as before.


One punch from each of them had caused Dark Crimson Fire Wolf and Brain-Eating Terror Hog to be pushed ten meters back.

The Wilderness Wolfmen howled in excitement and wanted to continue attacking. However, the next moment, they discovered that they were finding it hard to control their bodies.

The Violent Corpse Worms within their bodies were controlling them.

"Time to help them."

The Violent Corpse Worm Queen used Mental Shock on the Wilderness Wolfmen, causing them to temporarily lose control of their bodies, allowing the Violent Corpse Worms to quickly gain complete control over the Wilderness Wolfmen's bodies.

By the time the Wilderness Wolfmen woke up, their bodies no longer belonged to them. They could only watch as they attacked their allies.

Flame Tackle

Both Wilderness Wolfmen activated Flame Tackle and charged towards the wolf pack.

"Ah woo…"

The wolf pack released desolate cries; they could not believe that the Wilderness Wolfmen were attacking them, but the dead bodies of Mutated Wolves beside them told them the situation was real.

The Wilderness Wolfmen could only watch as their companions were killed one after the other under their own hands, yet they were unable to do anything.

The Violent Corpse Worms could only provide power to the Wilderness Wolfmen for a limited period, the former was unable to continually maintain their current state. When the power was exhausted, the Wilderness Wolfmen would return to their original look, and regain control of their bodies as well.

However, the Wilderness Wolfmen could do nothing when under the control of the Violent Corpse Worms.

Within that short period, the two Wilderness Wolfmen had off half of the wolf pack, much faster than Xu Dafu's speed.

After killing all the Mutated Wolves, the power of the Violent Corpse Worms has slowly disappeared. The Wilderness Wolfman quickly reverted to their original state and gained control of their bodies again.

As the Violent Corpse Worms were located in the hearts of the Wilderness Wolfmen, the Violent Corpse Worms will be able to recover quickly and return to their peak condition in an hour.

"Ah Woo… Ah Woo…"

The Wilderness Wolfmen kneeled on the ground, unable to believe what they just did. They initially thought that they had obtained greater power, but the truth was a nightmare instead.

"Ah Woo…"

A wolf howl filled with piercing power appeared.

If Yang Tian's guess was correct, the Wolf King should be heading here now.

"You can also disappear."

Yang Tian slashed his Soft Bone Blade at the hiding location of the rat.

The rat noticed that it had been discovered and jumped out, trying to run away.

Rank 2 Elite Beast, Burrowing Earth Rat

Yang Tian had sensed the rat's existence a few days ago. When the zombies appeared earlier in the day, the Burrowing Earth Rat thought the Manor was being targeted by the zombies and reported that to the Wolf King. However, what they had not expected was the zombies not launching an attack on the Manor. The zombies only did a probe before retreating.

The Burrowing Earth Rat thought that Yang Tian and the zombies would have fought till their last breath; it was a pity but the Burrowing Earth Rat left and did not watch the entire process.

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