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All the villagers were startled as they heard his words but the Elder told him about the location of Phoenix Ruins pretty easily. After Ryusuke, Yuanba and Cang Yue went towards that direction, a middle-aged man asked the chief of the village, "Chief, why did you tell them the location of the resting place of the Phoenix Spirit. You didn't even ask about them."

The elder man smiled as he explained, "He probably came here to talk to the phoenix spirit but he sounded pretty genuine when he said that he wanted to help us be curse-free. But the question was, how did he know that we are cursed? We didn't tell anyone about this curse and it has been in our village forever so it was impossible for him to know this unless he had the Phoenix Bloodline and could sense our Bloodline and felt that it was sealed. Didn't you feel the resonance with his blood."

The middle-aged man nodded as he said, "Yes chief, when he came to us. A strange sense of familiarity was in my body. Like I knew him and my blood was getting excited." The elder nodded and said, "That is the Bloodline resonance, it was the one thing that a.s.sured me that he will definitely help us. And even if he came with evil intentions towards the Phoenix Spirit, it isn't something that he could take with his power."

All the people around him nodded as they heard his words, they had ultimate faith in their Phoenix Spirit as they knew that it was very powerful. The Survival of Phoenix Spirit till now had already spoke volumes of its great power.

Ryusuke was thinking 'Ah, the perks of being a Genjutsu Specialist. They probably thought that I also had the Phoenix Bloodline and told me the correct way without much trouble.' He, Yuanba and Cang Yue reached the phoenix ruins and Ryusuke used his Sharingan and investigated the Ruins. He looked around and saw a Huge Sigil on the wall of the cave.

He bit his finger and blood started to flow out from his finger as he threw it towards the Sigil. The Sigil magically glowed and he turned towards Cang Yue and Yuanba, "Let's go now." They followed him and entered the Sigil. Ryusuke was a bit shocked to find that the interior was actually a flat stone chamber after going through the seal formation.

The stone chamber was unnaturally s.p.a.cious and measured at least a hundred meters long and wide. It was so large that it could easily fit even ten times of that. Both sides of the stone chamber had very long stone stairs and it seemed as if there was another floor above.

There was also a long walkway to the front of the stone chamber which was approximately a few dozen meters in length. At the end of the hall, there was a gently rotating Red-coloured seal formation that was identical to the seal outside. Ryusuke knew his blood could open the entrance because the formation has detected him to be one of the phoenix clansmen because of his Primordial Chaos Divine Veins.

It had the power of all elements and fire was no exception, while there were different types of fire, like that of Golden Crow's fire, Vermilion Bird's Fire and the Phoenix Fire and they were very different to each other. But his Primordial Chaos Divine Veins granted him to the Bloodline to have these fires so he wasn't restricted by some formation.

He used his Blood once more on the Blood Coloured Stele and turned towards Cang Yue and Yuanba and said to both of them, "Wait for half a day for me." He saw their nod and he threw his blood on the Blood Coloured Stele and entered the Trail's Ground Entrance.

The moment he stepped inside the entrance, the scene before him suddenly distorted. Right after, he felt the sky and ground spin, as if his body was sent flying by a storm. He unconsciously closed his eyes. Only after a long time, did that weightless feeling finally disappear slowly. When he opened his eyes, he only saw a pitch-black darkness.

Suddenly, two lines of narrow golden light suddenly appeared in the pitch-black darkness before him. Immediately after, the two narrow lines of golden luminance slowly opened like a pair of slightly narrowed eyes… No! That exactly was a pair of eyes! A pair of incomparably gigantic golden eyes that was embedded inside the pitch-black s.p.a.ce.

The eyes of the Phoenix!!

"Greetings, human. Welcome to the trial grounds. You are the first challenger without the phoenix bloodline in these past thousand years." A dignified voice resounded within his mind; from the timbre of the voice, it was clearly a female voice.

Ryusuke looked at it with his Sharingan eyes and said, "So, you are the Phoenix Spirit, huh?"

"That is correct. I am an immortal soul left here by the phoenix, yet I am also an existence independent of the phoenix. I preserve this trial ground and receive all challengers. Spirit of the Phoenix, is the most fitting t.i.tle for me." The dignified voice once again resounded in his mind.

Ryusuke smiled as he said, "Then, let's start the trial shall we." The Phoenix Spirit seemed to agree and said, "As the first person without the phoenix bloodline in these thousand years, I hope that you can break these thousand years of silence."

"Very good, the trial has three stages in total, respectively: First stage: Purgatory Flame Demon; second stage: Arrows of the Phoenix; third stage: Corruption of the Heart's Flame. If you wish to forfeit during the trial, you may shout out at any time and I'll immediately let you leave the trial grounds. You may die if you forcibly endure the trial…. I wish you success."

Ryusuke nodded and just as the Spirit of the Phoenix's voice faded, the pair of golden eyes slowly disappeared inside the world of pitch-black darkness. Moments later, the darkness entirely disappeared, and the world around him impressively transformed into a field of deep red.

The ground under his feet appeared to be a deep red colour; as if it was paved by terrifying red-hot steel. The ground was uneven; disorderly boulders were scattered around and mountains of varying heights were layered one after another. Even the mountain's surface was crimson, as if it could spew out flames which could reach the heavens at any time. Looking upwards, the sky was also a field of deep red.

Stalks of ember were distributed across every direction on the fire-red coloured ground. Some of the embers were only a few inches tall, while some had even shot up for over ten meters in height. On both sides, pools after pools of red-coloured lava bubbled like boiling water… Drawing out an incomparably terrifying scene of a lava purgatory.

But Ryusuke felt really comfortable here, it felt really good here. He knew that it was most probably because of the Primordial Chaos Divine Veins which had already made him immune to the Fire. Which caused him to actually absorb the fire in his body, he was pa.s.sively absorbing the Fire when he heard some ferocious growls of Purgatory Demon.

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