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Ryusuke approached the Lion and nearly teleported near the Lion with his Shunshin and touched the Lion's forehead with his index finger and froze the Lion. After the fighting, he released a Huge Amount of Ice aura near the Place to scare away the beasts for some time. As, he had used the Shunshin too many times and also when his Body was not strong enough he nearly fell down unconscious. He knew he had to get out of here fast, otherwise, n.o.body would be able to save him.

He extracted some of the Beast's cores and when he was about to extract the Lion's Beast Core, he was discovered and had to run away to escape from these beasts. Ryusuke repeatedly used Shunshin to escape from these beasts. After he reached near the territory of Frozen Cloud Asgard, he started to slow down but he was suddenly attacked by a Hawk on his back. He screamed as he was thrown in the forward Direction.

He made a mental note of using his Susanoo, the moment an Ape attacked him. His thoughts were cut off when suddenly he felt Guan Yuxian aura near him who shielded him from the attack by freezing up the Ape. She the used her Profound Energy and blasted the Ape. After blasting the ape, she observed Ryusuke's situation and froze his wounds and took him in the Frozen Cloud Asgard.

She called out to Feng Qianhui and asked her, "What should we do right now." Feng Qianhui smiled as she said, "We don't really need to do anything, his body is healing itself. He just needs his rest." Guan Yuxian nodded and both of them laid him down in the medical facility, when they were making him lay down, two Beast Cores fell from his pouch and were right in front of the Sect Mistress's eyes. She was astonished as she knew that this was the Beast Core of a Sabretooth Tiger and judging from its size, it was about Sky Realm in power.

Then they investigated his bag and found that he had been carrying one more Sabretooth Tiger, 5 Beast cores of the Wolves and 3 Beast Cores of the Foxes. They were really surprised as no student had ever contributed to the sect like this. The 3 Beast Cores were the hardest to get even though they were only in the Earth Profound Realm, these foxes were quite fast at judging whether the situation was in favour to them or not. And their escaping skills were top notch when they found themselves in a situation where they can't win.

It was really a miracle that he could kill those foxes and bring back their Beast Cores. After that, they observed the Beast Cores of the wolves and personally knew how hard it was to deal with them. They would ever move alone and always moved in atleast a pack of 5 wolves that is the reason they were so hard to deal with. If they encountered a strong enemy, one or two could sacrifice themselves and the other 3 could survive but from this situation it seemed like they were caught off guard and couldn't even react in time.

After some days, Ryusuke's eyes opened as he examined himself and observed the place where he was in. It was the basically the hospital for the injured disciples in the sect. He moved his body and could still feel some pain from his back. He used his Profound energy to supress the pain and started walking out of the hospital. Some disciples saw him coming out of the hospital and rushed towards him as they wanted to know who was the person who managed to put their Future Sect Master in hospital.

He ignored all of them as he went towards the Xia Qingyue's room. He hadn't seen her for some time and wanted to spend some time with her and then spend some time with Chu Yuechan. He opened her room and felt a really Cold aura coming from inside the room. He observed Xia Qingyue who was still in the middle of her meditation and he used his Sharingan to observe that Xia Qingyue had actually cultivated Frozen End Divine Arts to the 4th Level.

He didn't want to disturb her cultivation and silently sat down on the ground and started thinking about the Heavenly G.o.d Technique. He knew that this technique allowed its users to absorb the Demon Beast Spirit from 7 different attributes. He thought 'Does this technique work in this world, if it works then the first one I will have as my Divine Beast is…' After some time, Qingyue woke up and saw Ryusuke sitting in her room and cultivating something.

It looked like cultivation because he was moving his Profound Energy as stated in Heavenly G.o.d Scripture and in a few minutes, he even Broke through to the 3rd Stage of Earth Profound Realm. Before using a cultivation technique, he was randomly revolving his Profound Energy. Now, that he had a Cultivation Technique, his speed became even faster in cultivation. And he also had the purest and the densest Profound Energy in the same realm so his Foundation was quite solid. It didn't restrict him in cultivating the Heavenly G.o.d Technique.

He opened his eyes and saw Qingyue staring at him, he opened his arms and hugged her and both of them stayed in that position for a while. He knew that his time unconscious couldn't be any less than 2 days and knew that she must have missed him. He then heard her say, "So, you finally have the consciousness to come back to your wife. What happened, were you too comfortable while staying with Chu Yuechan."

Ryusuke then remembered that he didn't visit her after he and Chu Yuechan had s.e.x, he had gone to find the Beast Cores and returned injured and had taken 2-3 days to be healed. All this time, she must have been wondering that I was with Chu Yuechan and having fun with her. He knew that the only way to convince her was to show her. He turned around and showed his back towards her, when she saw his back she gasped as she saw the wound on his back.

Her Aura turned very cold, as she asked in an Ice-cold voice, "Who was the one who injured you like this." Ryusuke smiled as he felt her emotions and said, "After the night with Chu Yuechan, I thought that I should don some missions for the sect and went towards the Snow Reign to fight some Beasts and take their Beast cores. I managed to fight around 10 or so beasts and kill them but I was pretty tired after fighting these many beasts, and the quant.i.ty of these beasts still continued to increase, so I made a smart decision and made a run for it and some Beast managed to attack me one last time and after that I fell unconscious and now here I am."

He then saw that her face didn't ease up and continued, "I think the Beast was killed by Sect Mistress because I felt her coming towards me right before I lost consciousness." Xia Qingyue's face relaxed a bit and thought 'I should make a mental note to thank Sect Mistress the next time I see her.' She then said to Ryusuke in a really shy voice, "So, you slept with Chu Yuechan that night." He nodded but he was really confused as just a second ago he heard her Ice-Cold voice and now he was hearing her Shy voice. He really couldn't understand the women emotions.

He then heard her mutter, "So, she is one step ahead of me." Ryusuke heard her words due to his advanced cultivation and his eyebrow twitched at her words as he thought 'Really, you are now worried about this.' He started hugged her tightly and said, "Don't worry, Qingyue I love you very much. Its just that right now the time is not right."

Qingyue was confused and said, "What do you mean that the time is not right?" He sighed as he said, "I guess, I should tell you the truth then. It's not that I don't want to sleep with your body, its because of your physique." Qingyue was confused as she asked, "My physique?" he nodded and said, "Yes, your physique. Do you know that you have Nine Profound Exquisite Body? Whoever has this physique has a "small world" inside of their body which allows them to hold more power than what their physical bodies can handle, as to say that no matter what Profound Art you cultivate in, you will be able to cultivate it to any level no matter what her cultivation is. It can also be pa.s.sed onto others with 'Vital virginity.' And your speed of cultivation would suffer a lot. That is why I am refraining myself from taking you."

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