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Chapter 432 - Charity Dinner

The charity dinner soon began.

Xiao Rou picked up the microphone and smiled as she said the opening speech. “Thank you to all the guests attending tonight’s charity dinner. Over the years, the charity foundation I established has helped tens of thousands of homeless orphans. It isn’t my contribution alone but the result of everyone working together. I’m glad to see that everyone is keeping this kindness to help others.”

“Tonight, I took out some jewelry for a public auction. The proceeds of the auction will be donated to poverty-stricken areas to build free schools. I have always believed that children are the future of the empire. We should treat them kindly and help them grow as much as possible…”

The princess had persisted in doing charity over the years and helped many orphans who had lost their parents. Her evaluation was very good among the people. Her brief speech also resulted in warm applause from the audience.

The auction officially began.

There was no need to mention if the jewelry taken out by the princess was good or bad. Just the commemorative significance was enough to double their value. The on-side bidding continued to rise and an ordinary ruby bracelet even sold for 30 million star coins.

Of course, the princess promised that all the money from the auction would be donated to schools so these high bids could be regarded as indirect philanthropy contributions. There was such a good performance opportunity and many rich businessmen wouldn’t let it go.

It continued until 8 o’clock and there was only the last diamond necklace left for the auction.

The auctioneer smiled and said, “This is a diamond necklace. It is starting at 8 million star coins.”

There were constant bids and the price quickly broke through 10 million.

“10 million!”

“15 million!”

“20 million!”

The bidding cards rose one after another. By the time the bidding reached 30 million, there were obviously fewer bidders.

After all, the value of this necklace itself wasn’t worth so much. There still needed to be a sense of measure when doing charity. The money of the rich didn’t come from the sky. They always had to consider it when donating tens of millions at will.

The auctioneer repeated, “30 million going once, 30 million…”

Shao Qingge smiled and held up the auction card.

The auctioneer was stunned and excitedly exclaimed, “This gentleman has bid 50 million!”

The guests at the scene looked back at him in shock.

The man holding up the bidding sign was slender and handsome. His chestnut- colored hair was simply tied back in a short ponytail behind his head. This hairstyle set off his face. It didn’t make him look silly but instead gave him a romantic and uninhibited temperament. He narrowed his eyes and gave a smile that wasn’t a smile. This was particularly attractive.

Many young ladies at the scene blushed and their hearts throbbed as they whispered, “Who is this person? He looks really handsome?”

”I haven’t seen him before…”

”The princess has hosted charity dinners before but he seems to have never attended?”

”He was brought by Kevin. He is so rich!”

Chief Shao was rich and spent money willfully.

Ye Qi saw him casually raising the 50 million auction card and felt pained.

Of course, the total savings in Chief Shao’s account was far more than this number. It made sense for him to buy the diamond necklace at a high price in order to get close to Princess Xiao Rou. In any case, Chief Shao would always spend money as long as he went out. He needed 5 million to use a skill. Let’s just consider it as him using a skill 10 times.

The auctioneer had a smile on his face and he immediately said, “50 million going once, 50 million going twice, 50 million going three times—sold! Thank you to this gentleman for his support of the charity foundation!”

There was a round of applause. Many people were wondering, ‘Who is this handsome and rich strange man?’

The auction finished and it was time for the buffet dinner. Kevin took Shao Qingge to find the princess in the meeting room.

The princess smiled. “I don’t seem to have met this gentleman before?”

Kevin graciously introduced them. “Princess, this is Shao Qingge, the boss of the Locke Empire’s Noah Medical Technology company. This is Shao Qingge’s son, Shao Yeqi. The father and son have traveled to the Azure Empire and wanted to visit you. I took the initiative to bring them to the charity dinner. I hope you aren’t offended.”

Xiao Rou heard ‘Noah Medical Technology’ and her fingers suddenly clenched. Then they relaxed.

The expression on her face remained unchanged and she maintained her smile. After listening to Kevin’s introduction, she extended her hand. “It turns out that you are President Shao. Thank you for paying a high price for the diamond necklace to support our charity foundation.”

Shao Qingge politely shook hands with the princess. “You are welcome. I’ve heard of you since I was young. Unfortunately, I haven’t had an opportunity to meet you since you got married 20 years ago. It is an honor to meet you today.”

He took out the prepared sapphire necklace jewelry box and handed it to Xiao Rou. “I heard that the princess likes all types of jewelry. I recently happened to collect a sapphire necklace. It is a meeting gift and I hope you like it.”

Xiao Rou saw him open the jewelry box. The necklace lying on the black velvet was extremely exquisite. The pure natural sapphire was the most beautiful one she had ever seen in her life. A trace of amazement flashed in Xiao Rou’s eyes. “This meeting gift from President Shao is too valuable.”

Shao Qingge’s voice was gentle. “Expensive jewelry only complements a beautiful woman with an outstanding temperament.”

Ye Qi, “……”

Chief Shao’s ability for exaggerated praise was really great. Flattery came easily.

It wasn’t known if the effect of increasing favorability played a role but Xiao Rou’s eyes obviously softened after receiving the jewelry. She looked at Kevin and said, “Mr Roman, you go ahead first. I want to talk to President Shao alone.”

Kevin stepped back with interest.

Then Xiao Rou looked at Shao Qingge and asked, “President Shao, my father… is he okay?”

Shao Qingge answered, “His Majesty is in good health and spirits.”

She was silent for a moment before asking softly, “What about my brother Xiao Lou? I heard that my father held a birthday banquet for him a few days ago. I couldn’t go to congratulate him personally because of the long journey.”

“His Highness is very well. I also attended his birthday banquet. By the way, I happen to have a video of the banquet. I don’t know if you are interested in it?”

Xiao Rou’s eyes flashed with excitement but she soon calmed down. “Show me.”

Shao Qingge opened the video on the communicator.

In fact, this was a scene that Yu Hanjiang and Xiao Lou had recorded with a drone at the time. The one in the video wasn’t Xiao Lou himself but the ‘Xiao Lou’ who attended the birthday banquet. It wasn’t certain if he was the real person or a clone.

In the video, ‘Xiao Lou’ held the hand of his fiancee, Li Yan. He politely greeted the guests while wearing the royal outfit. He looked handsome and elegant.

However, Xiao Rou’s expression became ugly after seeing the young man in the video.

Her hands trembled slightly before she forcibly controlled her emotions. Ye Qi had been watching her movements carefully. Once he saw this, he used Heart has a Tacit Exchange of Romantic Feelings to speak to Xiao Lou. “The princess watched the video and had a strange reaction.”

Xiao Lou told him, “Look at her att.i.tude.”

Shao Qingge looked at her pale face and wondered, “Princess?”

Xiao Rou’s mind returned. She quickly adjusted her expression and said with a smile, “I haven’t seen my brother for many years and I hadn’t expected him to have grown so tall already. I almost couldn’t recognize him… President Shao, don’t laugh at me.”

Shao Qingge said, “I understand.” He paused before suggesting with fake kindness, “If you miss His Highness, why don’t you go back and see him? I think Your Highness misses you too.”

Xiao Rou’s hands trembled as she stood up. “President Shao, I’m not feeling well. I will go back to the palace first.”

Ye Qi carefully spoke. “Professor Xiao, she is leaving. I think she seems to be stimulated.”

Xiao Lou ordered, “Have Chief Shao give her that thing.”

Ye Qi gently poked Shao Qingge’s wrist. Shao Qingge understood, took out the earpiece of the Voice Headset, stuffed it in the jewelry box and whispered in Xiao Rou’s ear, “Princess, make sure no one is watching you and press the b.u.mp on the earphone.”

Xiao Rou looked around, stuffed the earpiece in her ear and pressed the b.u.t.ton.

Then she heard a clear, soft voice in her ear. “Sister, I’m Xiao Lou. I want to see you.”

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