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Chapter 2840: The Withering Death


Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio  Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

No matter how powerful the power of the Divine Might Chasing Star was, he had only just reached the threshold of level 9 Dao Consciousness.

Chang Mang posed almost zero threat to them who had long awakened their peak power.

Therefore, Lord Sui’s target shifted to the people around him when Qin Yu hid in the Soul Suppression.

“However, even a lion will use its full strength when hunting a rabbit. Whether or not this person can be captured will directly affect Qin Yu’s outcome. The intelligence reports show that the two of them had an extremely good relationship in the lower realm. Therefore, capturing him is almost equivalent to capturing Qin Yu.”

The entire Path of Heaven Academy had not been idle during this period.

After they received the news from that person in the Holy Region, they used all their strength to gather information related to Qin Yu.

The Upper Dome, Guardian of Order, and the Path of Heaven Academy shared the same information.

The Guardian of Order took action first when they received the news.

It just so happened that Chang Mang had come to them, so they had sent two leaders to fight against him.

They should be considered Chang Mang’s seniors for their strength.

However, these two people who had joined forces to attack had lost their vital signs in the end at Mount Wutong.

Their Heart of Saint Kingdom had fallen into Chang Mang’s hands. This incident had shocked the three major forces.

“Does Lord Sui mean we should join hands with the other two forces on this trip to Mount Wutong?”

Lord Tang was a little puzzled.

He could understand if it was someone else, but Lord Sui could practically be considered the true controller of the Path of Heaven Academy.

His strength was even more powerful. His peak power had broken through to level 13.

Furthermore, he had awakened the peak power long ago. After so many years of acc.u.mulation, he had already become one of the most senior cultivators in the Dao Mystical Saint Kingdom.

“Tang, you have to look into the long term. Don’t limit yourself to Mount Wutong. After Qin Yu comes out, how are we going to deal with the greatest benefits? That’s the core problem we need to consider.”

Lord Sui knocked on the wooden table.

“That’s right. This person has the Soul Suppressing Ring, the remnant page of the Invest.i.ture of G.o.ds, and many unexplainable secrets. Our Path of Heaven Academy alone definitely can’t take him down.”

Hearing Lord Sui’s words, Lord Tang’s expression turned serious.

“No one has ever survived the power of sealing G.o.ds for so many years. However, he survived during the fighting between the power of sealing G.o.ds and the wormhole. The most terrifying thing is that he managed to escape from the hands of the Saint after all this. To be honest, I don’t have the slightest confidence.”

He recalled the battle.

He was sure that Qin Yu would die no matter how many times he deduced. Moreover, the power that could seriously injure the Invest.i.ture of G.o.ds made him even more terrified.

Therefore, he immediately changed his mind and wanted to drag more people.

He had vaguely a.n.a.lyzed the situation, including the person behind the plot. He was probably letting them try first.

In this Saint World, who dared to say they could seriously injure the Invest.i.ture of G.o.ds?

Even Ksitigarbha from the ghost realm was severely injured in a short exchange.

“The news was sent out before this, right?”

Lord Sui gently sipped his tea.

“Yes. Shangguan Siming of the Guardian of Order has also been dispatched. He should have brought the magical artifact that can activate the power of the Eight Trigrams with him. In addition, the advance party from the Upper Dome has already entered Mount Wutong. However, they have not made any progress from the news they sent back.”

Lord Tang explained the general situation.

“No matter what, the leader of the Guardian of Order is a spent force in such an intense battle. We can wait quietly. Even if we obtain anything, we can’t be suppressed.”

Lord Sui.


Lord Tang immediately said respectfully.

Mount Wutong.

The temperature here was thousands of degrees Celsius. The terrifying heat seemed to melt the air.

At this moment, Chang Mang was walking with difficulty. Every step he took left a large amount of blood and flesh on the ground.

His burly muscles were covered in terrifying wounds. Even a huge magical beast would have died long ago from such injuries.

“Hey, you brat! Don’t die. I wasted so much blood to save you. If you dare to die, I’ll squeeze juice out from you.”

A cute little loli sat on Chang Mang’s shoulder and slapped him.

“Lord Jue Wu, please don’t hit me anymore. You’ve slapped me at least a hundred times these few days.”

Chang Mang said pitifully. He felt that this little loli was his nemesis in the lower realm.

“Hurry up and continue our journey. Those phoenix spirits have sensed a lot of information for me. They seem to be afraid.”

Jue Wu’s face was frighteningly pale. She bit her finger.

A drop of blood essence was dropped onto Chang Mang’s head.

A thick life essence immediately rippled. Chang Mang’s originally sluggish footsteps became even more vigorous.

“Turn left and go straight. There’s a formation of the Divine Phoenix Race there. We might be able to stop them there.”

Jue Wu’s voice was weak as she leaned on Chang Mang’s shoulder.

Her weak body looked very pitiful.

“Auntie Jue Wu, don’t sleep. I’ll protect you!”

Chang Mang roared.

“Go on your way, brat!”

His scarlet eyes were filled with unwillingness. He had gone to the Endless Mine to look for another two leaders.

However, he did not expect that the Guardian of Order seemed to have already received the news and set up an inescapable net there.

He risked his life to hold on for three months with his divine might’s holy body.

He came to the area near Mount Wutong before he fainted and was accidentally saved by Jue Wu nearby.

This was the ruins of the Divine Phoenix Race, called Mount Wutong. It was the place where the Divine Phoenix Race had fallen.

At that time, this race stood firmly behind the human race and fought against the Path of Heaven together with the human race.

After the failure, the bloodline of the Divine Phoenix Race was also cursed. No new bloodline could be born.

Moreover, their souls would forever remain in this mountain range and could not enter the cycle of reincarnation.

After Jue Wu entered the Saint Kingdom, her Nirvana Body was summoned.

She had been doing the final trial with these phoenix spirits. However, she had not been recognized by these phoenix spirits due to the short time.

She hadn’t expected to encounter Chang Mang, who was being attacked.

Then, they fled from the three great forces that joined the attack- The Upper Dome, the Path of Heaven Academy, and the Guardian of Order.

Today, they were almost exhausted. If not for the geographical advantage, they would have been killed long ago.

The ground beneath their feet suddenly trembled slightly as if it was wriggling and rolling.

“Are we caught up again?”

Chang Mang frowned slightly.

He turned around and saw that Jue Wu had already fallen into a semi-conscious sleep.

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