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Chapter 2831: It’s Here


Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio  Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

The entire s.p.a.ce seemed to have fallen into a gorgeous fireworks show.

“Its peak power is sharp enough to cut through s.p.a.ce. Level 12 peak power.”

Luo Xueyi reminded Qin Yu softly.

Her arms trembled slightly. The knuckles of her fingers clenching her fists were a little pale.

However, she still forced herself to calm down and comforted the little girl in her arms.

At this moment, the little girl who was not even six years old was so afraid that she could not even cry.

“What a terrifying flame! That’s not the peak power. This person seems to have some sort of Dharma Treasure on him.”

As the king-tier golden roc flapped its wings, the entire s.p.a.ce shook.

The wings were like a sharp golden sword that could cut everything in front of it.

Qin Yu’s expression was also solemn at this moment. The fire dragon he had just controlled with all his might failed.

At this moment, he couldn’t make any more contributions in a short time.

Fatty Situ held a handful of talismans and stared at the golden roc.


The golden roc in the sky suddenly let out a sharp howl. The sound could even penetrate the void. It was so sharp that it made people’s ears pain.

As soon as the voice faded, its body turned into a shooting star and fled into the distance.

The other four demonic beast kings followed behind it, completely letting Qin Yu and the others go.

“What’s going on? These guys can even block the Primal Chaos Flame. If they attack again, I’m afraid we might not be able to withstand it.”

Fatty Situ was bewildered.

“They seem to be heading to another area. There is a very strong righteous qi there. That power has been gathering and becoming more and more vast. It seems that there are humans there.”

“I can feel the weak peak power. I can sense their level and the magnitude of their energy.”

Luo Xueyi seemed to be very sensitive to peak power. When the golden roc appeared, she also noticed it.

Qin Yu was a little surprised. He did not sense any powerful force from Luo Xueyi.

Perhaps it was a natural ability like the Nine Heavens Manifestations Gaze, but Luo Xueyi was only a level one or two Dao Consciousness.

She might not even be able to last a round under the impact of these beast tides.

“Righteous qi! That’s Jiang Shengling’s direction. Was he preparing for this attack?”

Qin Yu suddenly realized.

At the same time, Qin Yu felt a warm current in this world.

A righteous and upright aura slowly formed in this s.p.a.ce.

It was the upright and grand spirit of the human race, and also the power hidden in their divine souls.

“He’s borrowing the righteous qi between heaven and earth!”

The torrent pa.s.sed through their bodies. Qin Yu seemed to see the scene of the human race being slaughtered in these currents.

They were completely defenseless against the alien races. Even if the cultivators used all their strength, they could not stop them.

These alien races shuttled out from different s.p.a.ces. They wanted to exterminate the human bloodline and suppress this righteous qi.


Qin Yu roared angrily and suddenly stretched out his palm.

Waves of power poured out of his body. He had seen too many scenes in the lower realm.

When he saw this scene again, he could no longer control his extreme anger.

In an instant, the Eight Desolates Beast Domain was surrounded by the warm righteous qi river.

In the white light, one could vaguely hear the sound of reading.

Some shouted angrily when they encountered injustice. Even if they faced the injustice of the Path of Heaven, they would still question it.

“Will it work, little uncle?”

Ling Xue looked at the sea of righteous qi and suddenly asked.

“No. If it acc.u.mulates for another five hundred years, it might be able to break this wormhole. The current strength is far from enough. I might not be able to launch this attack.”

“What about me?”

“It’s not enough. It doesn’t matter if you join or not.”

At this moment, not only in the Dao Mystical Saint Kingdom but the entire Saint World and even the next generation heard this unwilling cry.

“I’m afraid these king-level demonic beasts are heading to that area to provide support. I remember only Leng Yuanxun was there. Can he stop so many demonic beasts?”

Qin Yu felt heavy.

Jiang Shengling seemed to be unable to move when he condensed this attack.

If he were to be attacked by the monster race, he would have to rely on Leng Yuanxun.

“Sigh! It’s a pity that our strength is too low. The Divine Sun Tree has also exhausted all its strength. Otherwise, I would have to help!”

Fatty Situ also revealed an unwilling expression. This righteous qi had awakened the unwillingness of all humans.

The Path of Heaven could make an entire race suffer a miserable fate with just a thought.

Qin Yu finally understood why Jiang Shengling’s righteous qi was as vast as the galaxy. It had gathered from the hearts of the human race.

At this moment, he wanted to use this power to launch an attack against the monster race’s Path of Heaven.

Countless powerful magical beasts soared into the sky and ran toward that area.

There were even some king-level magical beasts among them. The scene was extremely terrifying.

In that place, an incomparably terrifying fluctuation had already erupted.

Just by looking at it with the naked eye, one could see the brilliance of the battle there.

There were also many peak powers, including the monster race and the human race.

All of a sudden, a sword light shot into the sky.

It was Ling Xue’s Spiritual Energy Sword.

Countless cries of pain rang out. Those voices were filled with unwillingness and hatred.

They only hated that they could not stop the monster race from advancing further. The only thing they did not have was fear and panic.

Jiang Shengling had been preparing for this attack for a long time.

He gathered all the experts he could on the ancient ship and gave them a choice.

Looking at the battle in the distance, everyone was silent.

A boiling hot power rose from Qin Yu’s body. It even tore the bones in Qin Yu’s chest apart.

Before Qin Yu could react, he saw Luo Xueyi standing in horror.

“What a powerful force! It’s coming towards us!”

Luo Xueyi’s body trembled and her face turned pale.

She twitched uncontrollably, and then her entire body suddenly became pixelated.

A terrifying power of sealing G.o.ds instantly erupted from Qin Yu’s body. That power was like a giant beast that had awakened from ancient times, instantly wrapping him within it.

Qin Yu was a little silent. He was flagged by the Invest.i.ture of G.o.ds.

This was the price to pay for using his full strength.

Although the Primal Chaos Flame was not his power, he still needed to use all his soul power to control it with all his might.

Under such circ.u.mstances, the Invest.i.ture of G.o.d had already discovered his traces.

The remnant page of the Invest.i.ture of G.o.d on his chest emitted a terrifying heat.

It seemed to be responding to something.

“The giant that escaped is coming!”

Qin Yu muttered.

At this moment, Qin Yu could feel that the giant had crossed countless s.p.a.ces.

It was moving at a speed faster than the speed of light.

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