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Chapter 2589: Arrest

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studiobender

Qin Yus body suddenly appeared before him, and the dagger in his hand directly cut off his neck.

Youre courting death!

A hint of fear emanated from Hua Qianjies eyes, and she leaped up like a wild beast in a frantic run.

At this moment, neither party had any way out.

She did not know what Qin Yus trump card was, but at that moment, she wanted to kill Qin Yu with all her might.

Her speed was even faster than the Black Bear King who had just fought with Qin Yu. At this moment, she had completely strengthened her entire body again.

Come out!

Qin Yu dared not look at Hua Qianjie at all at this moment. The two seeds in his soul sprouted.

They then transformed into two things and appeared in Qin Yus sea of consciousness.The origin of this chapter's debut can be traced to N0v3l--B1n.

The two things suddenly displayed in his sea of consciousness. One was like a Night-luminescent Pearl, and the other was a talisman. This talisman looked like a simple yellow talisman paper with the small word suppress written on it.

Qin Yu activated both of them without the slightest hesitation.

Qin Yus talisman released a green light. With Qin Yu as the center, this ball of green light enveloped an area of ten meters.

A fist stopped before his head, and Hua Qianjes eyes lost the pupils.

They strangely stopped before him, and the same happened to the people within the ten meters.

Moreover, a visible light chain connected to this talisman was on these tens of people.

This talisman seemed to be able to control them.

At this moment, Qin Yus sea of consciousness surged with a kind of talismans desire. It seemed to be eager to burrow into these peoples souls.

Could this be the utilization of this talisman?

Qin Yu placed the talisman on Hua Qianjel s head without hesitation.

A plop sound sounded.

Qin Yus hand and the palm grabbing the talisman shrank and disappeared into Hua Qianjes sea of consciousness.

Qin Yu saw the soul in his sea of consciousness through the talisman. He directly suppressed Hua Qianjes Sea of Soul using the talisman.

As he withdrew his hand away, the ink on the talisman slowly extended.

The strokes of the word suppress slowly extended and expanded.

It formed an enormous word that wrapped Hua Qianjes Sea of Soul tightly.

When he withdrew his hand, Hua Qianjes pupils returned.

However, at this moment, they had lost their l.u.s.ter as if devoid of thought.

Qin Yu felt that he had a connection with Hua Qianje before him.

As if it were his arms, except they lacked his consciousness.

All of this happened too fast. The talisman only took less than five seconds to suppress Hua Qianje.

After doing all this, Qin Yus entire body collapsed to the ground.

Having just used up the power of the Nine Heavens Manifestations Gaze, he felt tremendously weak.

Coupled with the battle that followed, he almost collapsed.

Now that he had settled the matter with Hua Qianje, the moment he relaxed, the sense of weakness surged over him.

After Qin Yu released the power of the Nine Heavens Manifestations Gaze in the battle with the Black Bear King, he forcefully opened his eyes and barely saw the two of them.

Both of them had green seeds in their bodies.

Hua Qianjie had one, but Ni Fei had two.

But no matter what, Hua Qianjes terrifying physical strength was like the

Black Bear Kings. Qin Yu was not confident to kill her with a sneak attack. Therefore, he could only change his target to Ni Fei after being resurrected by the Seal of Heaven Returning.

Ni Fei had been using the eye of true vision to help Hua Qianje. He was not afraid of her at all because he had confidence in this talisman.

That was why he had been nurturing Hua Qianje generously. No matter how strong she became, she would still benefit him. He did not expect this to happen.

Lets go!

The surrounding people also noticed the abnormality at this moment.

One of the two people who had been enslaving them had actually been killed.

The seven of them immediately fled frantically in all directions. If they continued to stay in the hands of this old woman, they would die sooner or later.

Bring them back. Dont harm their lives.

Qin Yu frowned and gave Hua Qianje an order.

Sensing Qin Yus thoughts, Hua Qianje rushed out. Her terrifying speed allowed her to capture everyone in a short while.

What a terrifying body! I really dont know how this fellow can gather such powerful Saint power.

Qin Yu shivered. Hua Qianjes strength and speed were at least 30% higher than the Bear Kings.

He felt she could turn him into a meat patty with a palm strike.

Tell me why you came here without missing a single detail.

Qin Yu pointed at one of them and said coldly.

After a while, Qin Yu finally understood the experiences of Hua Qianje and the others.

All the outsiders here seemed to be in danger. Although these chosen people had come to this Holy Kingdom to reforge their bodies, they most probably had the methods set up by the Saint on their bodies.

For example, the seed of Revered Qi had this kind of power.

Hua Qianjies seed contained a sealed sword energy. That sword energy had helped her escape the killing intent and allowed her to grow until now.

Without this seed, Hua Qianje might have already turned into dust in this Saint Kingdom.

I know the weakness of these seeds. Compared to the Heart of Saint Kingdom, these seeds can only be used once and last for a short time. If they lose their effects, she will immediately return to her original state.

A weak voice spoke. Her complexion was somewhat pale, and she seemed to have lost too much blood.

Youre not from the Mysterious Heavenly Sword Sect. Which Saint are you representing?

Before the battle at the Mysterious Heavenly Sword Sect, he had stayed in the Mysterious Heavenly Sword Sect for some time. He did not have the impression of this person, and she was not a member of Human Race Watch either.

Im a disciple of Divine Firmament Sect. At that time, Lady Loli, Lord Su Xinghe, and the monk, Ding Guang, did not obtain any marks because they wanted to protect the human seed. We also obtained the marks from the transactions with other human Saint subsequently.

Didnt Lady Loli bestow any power?

Qin Yu asked curiously.

Lady Lolis body of the Saint was destroyed while protecting the seed of divine flame. Even my current divine flame was given to me by Lord Lin Nantian.

When she spoke, there was no fluctuation in her soul. She should not be lying. Go capture some demonic beasts and beat them until they are on the verge of death.

Brother, Im also appointed by the human race Saint, Shadowless Divine Hand, Lord Jue Chen. Were all the human race Saints. Please let me go. Another human outsider cupped his fists and said.

What kind of human race Saint is Jue Chen? Where was he when the Saints of the other three races attacked our human race?

Three of them were from the Divine Will Sect and Heavenly Divination Sect. Now that they had recognized Qin Yu, they immediately pointed at his nose and cursed angrily..

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