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After coming out of the inn and saying goodbye to the dean, Zhang Xiaofan did not rush home.

It has already been initially accepted by Yuanwu college. What he have to do is to seize the time and improve his strength.

The first thing to do is to dig up the dragon vine gra.s.s in the wolf ridge. In order to avoid night long dreams, others were first promoted, or were eaten by the source wolf.

It is very difficult to find a plant that can improve the ability of wood source cultivation.

"I have a pack of wolves guarding the green vine, and if I want it, I must kill all of them. The family knife is sufficient for the common beast. If you want to deal with the original beast, you must at least buy a sword made of refined steel."

"There are a group of source wolves guarding the green dragon vine. If I want to get it, I have to kill all the source wolves. To deal with ordinary beasts, the hunting knife at home is enough. To fight against the source beast, at least you have to buy a sword made of refined steel."

Zhang Xiaofan plans secretly, doing a plan.

Only those who have strength and no wisdom it is difficult to go far.

Subconsciously touched the fifty gold coins in his arms, and the money for buying equipment could not be saved. With a good weapon to protect his safety, he can help him dig more advanced herbs in dangerous primeval forests.

The county has a special trade zone, and everything is sold.

With so many people coming into the city every day, the people would not be so bored as to wander into the city. It's very heartbreaking that the cost of fifty copper coins is in the city.

Most of the people who come to the city are carrying their own products to the city to sell the source beasts that are hunted in the mountains. Their bodies are very valuable. Or you can dig up valuable herbs in the mountains, or you can grow your own herbs until they are harvested. They can be sold in the city.

The level of consumption in the city is high, the market is large, and it is easy to sell.

And in the city trade, security is guaranteed.

Security in the city is ten times better than in the country.

Half an hour later, Zhang Xiaofan finally came to the trade zone. It is very close to the city gate.

The trade zone is located here, and it is estimated that it is also to take care of the majority of people who go to the city to sell things. Many people are unfamiliar with the county town. Once they enter the city, they can find the trade zone, which is very convenient.

At the same time, it is convenient for them to go out of town after selling things.

If you need to stay in the county for one night, the cost is not low.

Zhang Xiaofan looked up, good guy, a whole street is a street stall. Sell candied haws, clothes, pancakes, herbs, wild animal skins... everything. On both sides of the street are the vendors' vendors.

Behind the stalls were shops opened by merchants who had done business for a long time.

Many are family businesses.

For example, Majia of Longcao Township heard that several shops were set up in the county. Whether renting or their own business, is very good.

There is a saying in pingxian county, buy a knife to find liu ji, buy a bow to find Zhang family.

Liu Ji's casting knife technology is absolutely first-cla.s.s and the quality is guaranteed. People who have bought it are full of praise.

The bows and arrows of the Zhangs are also unique in the county.

These are the customers who bought and used them, and they received rave reviews from both of them. This allowed the two to have a loud gold sign.

"Buy the herbs, they are all freshly herbs, and they are cheap to sell!"

A screaming voice caught the attention of Zhang Xiaofan.

He turned his head and saw that it was a dark-skinned middle-aged man. It is estimated that the age is almost the same as that of his father.

On the ground before him lay nearly a hundred plants of herbs.

These herbs look really not very flattering, look very listless, I am afraid it is difficult to grow. Some are almost dry.

There is hardly any dirt in their roots, and it is strange that they should not die.

"Uncle, how can you plant these herbs in pots and then sell them?" Zhang Xiaofan asked with curiosity.

"Hey, my family lives in Niuxiang, a hundred miles away from the county. If they are planted in flowerpots, they are too heavy to be transported into the city. Besides, these herbs are very delicate, with awkward technology, It doesn't work at all. It doesn't cost the G.o.d, And would rather sell for a little less than that."

The middle-aged uncle is straightforward.

What do you say.

"The original uncle is a man of Niuxiang. I am from Longcao Township. I am a neighbor with you!" Zhang Xiaofan was very close to seeing neighbors here. "How is this herb sold?"

"Either good or bad, 100 copper coins. If you buy more, buy 10 plants, get one free. Just pick it, just pick it."

The price quoted by the middle-aged man is quite cheap.

Even so, there is still no one to buy him.

Because these herbs are obviously hard to grow, you can only eat them when you buy them. Why buy an unprocessed herb if you want to eat it? They may have lost some of their efficacy.

Zhang Xiaofan used his super ability to undertake checking.

Good guy, there are actually a dozen herbs that are not low in quality.

A mutant herb, in particular, made him overjoyed.

Variation herb belongs to herbology inside different kind, 10 thousand plants are same herb, can have one plant to produce variation quite good.

Some variant herbs will have some obvious features.

For example, the last time Zhang Xiaofan dug the variation of sword gra.s.s, it appeared on the back of the leaf barb.

"Uncle, did you dig all these herbs yourself?" Zhang Xiaofan kept his countenance and began to pick out the herbs he liked.

"Of course I dug it all by myself. I have been collecting herbs in the mountains since I was a child. Just which herb is valuable, which is not valuable, I can not distinguish. So every time I dug up a hundred herbs, I sold them cheaply in the city. Each plant is worth 100 coppers. If one plant is sold, my money for entering the city and a day's food will be back."

The middle-aged uncle is really amazing, even one person dug up so many herbs.

From the perspective of their freshness, they are dug up in two or three days.

After Zhang Xiaofan listened, his eyes lit up and seemed to find a shortcut to get rich quickly.

"Uncle, I'll take the twenty-two plants." Zhang Xiaofan has picked a good herb. There were only sixteen that he could see, and in order to make up for the two pieces of silver he chose six more.

"Well! Receive two silver coins, yes!" The middle-aged man was very happy when he succeeded in selling two pieces of silver.

Zhang Xiaofan put the herb into his basket, and smiled, "uncle what is your surname?"

"An surname Yu, name some not pleasant to hear, call Yu big leg, you don't smile!" The middle-aged man scratched his head in embarra.s.sment.

This middle-aged uncle is indeed a bit embarra.s.sed.

Zhang Xiaofan tried not to laugh, "uncle Yu, after you picked herbs, you can give priority to sell me? My family lives in your neighboring town. It's much more convenient than if you sold it in the city."

The middle-aged uncle stunned.

"You...... Are you kidding me? A hundred coppers for an herb is not a small sum if you buy a dozen or twenty plants every few days." Uncle Yu asked some unbelievable.

He has some vision. And Zhang Xiaofan doesn't look like a rich man.

It is clearly the son of ordinary source farmers.

You don't have the ability to buy herbs in large quant.i.ties.

To say the Ma's family has this ability, he also believe.

"Not a joke! I will buy as many herbs as the uncle brings me as I like." Zhang Xiaofan said seriously.

These herbs contain more than four rank gra.s.s.

Others kind not live, Zhang Xiaofan took over, with absolute a.s.surance can be a kind of cultivation.

Just plant it for a while, and wait until the harvest period to make a big profit.

"I can trust you once. But before I say this, if you want to pit me like jia cripple in our township and ma da good man in your longcao township, you will never sell these herbs again."

Yu big leg mention two people of time, he hated his expression with a bite.

It seems that he has been cheated by these two people.

Jia Yizi is the big landlord of Niuxiang, and his family and Ma Dashan have a fight.

"Uncle Yu then send over, don't you know?" Zhang Xiaofan left with a smile.

The world is big and full of wonders.

Did not expect to meet such an interesting person in the county. I would take medicine herbs, but because I was awkward, He know how to identify the herb. Zhang Xiaofan can just complement the uncle Yu.

After leaving the uncle's stall, Zhang Xiaofan entered the Liuji knife shop.

He planned to buy the knife and hurry back.

Just bought these herbs, must be planted as soon as possible in the spiritual field. If dead, Zhang Xiaofan's super ability calculate again fierce, also save them hard.

"Does the young man buy a knife?" The clerk stood in the door and greeted the guests with enthusiasm.

"I want to buy a good knife." Zhang Xiaofan is not ready to buy a hunting knife. Because the length and thickness of the hunting knife are not enough.

He now has a star source of warrior repair, using a sword within a hundred pounds, no problem at all.

With the source beast or a strong enemy to tear, the real power must be the sword.

"The swords are here. The guests can choose whatever they want!" The man took him to a weapon rack inside, all of which were made with a handle and a good sword.

Zhang Xiaofan picked herbs, that no one else can. But let him choose the sword, he is a complete layman.

"You recommend me a good one! The weight is 70 kg to 100 kg. The material must be at least 100% refined steel. As for the style, there are not too many requirements, easy to carry, and the actual combat ability is good."

I told you what I wanted.

The guy thought about it seriously, and then effortfully moved out a black knife from the bottom of the shelf.

This knife is quite domineering.

The length is more than 1.2 meters, the blade is half a foot wide and the back is extremely thick. Simple style, with a round retainer at the hilt. This is to prevent the enemy from cutting down the blade in battle.

"This knife was made of black steel, mixed with a little black iron, and weighed 108kg. Whether toughness or hardness, or sharpness, are excellent. The source force permeability of this knife is also very good. Especially the permeability of gold source force, very good. It is the old shopkeeper of Liu Ji who personally built it and named it as the Emperor's knife. The price is a little expensive and requires eleven gold coins."

After the buddy introduced the advantages of the knife, he carefully reported the price.

Buying a knife for eleven gold coins is definitely a price absolutely sky-high.

A gold coin is equivalent to 10,000 copper coins.

In this way, a handle of copper coin is equivalent to a modern dollar. Eleven gold pieces is 110,000.

Most people can't afford it.

You must know that a ten-order gra.s.s with a very good attribute sells about ten gold coins.

Zhang Xiaofan picked up the imperial knife and waved it at will. Try inputting the force into the blade.


Immediately there was a golden knife appearing.

"Good knife! I bought it!" Zhang Xiaofan also domineering, directly threw eleven gold coins and bought this expensive sword.

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