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147. Request From A Disciple

「Training camp? Oh yeah, Rosetta and the others were talking about that.」

「Yes. I know the academy cla.s.ses are too tedious for Master, and I know this is a selfish request, but…」

「No, that's okay. Is there a reason?」


And Xenovia politely started explaining.

Dion has been actively investigating the Cult since the day the Cardinal was defeated.

As a result, it seems that the training camp is their next target.

「It has only been a week, but you have already found out that much?」

「Master's doubts are justified, but we are constantly gathering intelligence from our wide network.」

「I see.」

「And this time, the enemy's movement was a little messy, so it was easy to find out.」


「It seems that Milt's intuition was spot on. The Cardinal's death seems to have caused an internal power struggle.」

「I see. The Archbishops aiming for the Cardinal seat are trying to outsmart each other.」

「That's right.」

Until now, the Tenebris Cult has operated under complete control, centered on the highest-ranking Cardinals.

However, now the Archbishops – and the Cardinals above them – are trying to outsmart each other.

It is natural that there will be cracks forming.

「A blessing in disguise.」

「As you say, Master.」

「Xenovia. Is the teacher leading the training camp an executive of the Salvation Organization?」

No matter how many students the demons kill, it will not cause any damage in the short term.

In the first place, the Salvation Organization does not consider the students as a fighting force.

It will lead to the weakening of the Salvation Organization, but it will be effective at the earliest after a couple decades.

Students have to wait months and years until they are able to join the main force of the Salvation Organization.

「It is exactly as you have guessed, Master. The leading teacher is a combat executive.」

Xenovia says that the teachers a.s.signed to the task are excellent personnel. The main force of the teachers are made up of former top-notch personnel who have retired from the line-of-duty due to injury or old age.

However, in order to teach the latest techniques, they are also taking turns sending the Organization's current first-cla.s.s member as a teacher. These members have been serving actively for at least five years.

「The three teachers who will lead the training camp this time are the deputy director of the combat division and two members of the Salvation Organization.」

The deputy director seems to be the number three of the combat division, excluding the Council of Sages.

「So they're targeting the deputy director.」

「Yes, it's possible.」

「If you know that, why not cancel it?」

「There is also a reason why we can't do that.」

Apparently there are many movements of the Cult that the intelligence division has detected.

All of them may be put into effect, or all of them may be fake information.

Even if it is not fake information, it may end without being put into effect.

「By the way, how many movements did you detect?」

「There are dozens with low accuracy. High accuracy is only fifteen.」

「Certainly, it would not be realistic to stop all our activities just based on that.」

Shouldn't we at least stop the plans relating to students due to safety?

I thought so, but Xenovia shook her head.

「There are twenty plans targeting the academy, including those with low accuracy. And ten of those have been identified as high accuracy plans.」

「…That many?」

Probably because the Archbishops started to move all at once to gain achievements for the position of Cardinal.

「Defeating Salvation Organization executives when they're on their own is also difficult for the Cult.」

「I see. It means that students can get in the executives' way.」

「That's right.」

「So, I'm guessing the teachers have already been informed of this?」

「Of course.」

For the Cult, it will be easier to defeat the executives if they were occupied with protecting the students.

And if they can kill a few students in the meantime, it will be an added bonus for the Cult.

For the Cult, it would be very efficient to attack the academy.

「If we stop the academy's activities in response to the movements of the Cult, the education will fall apart.」

「Hmm. That's quite problematic.」

「The latest training camp just happened to be in Master's school year, so if we can hit them hard this time…」

「The Cult will be forced to review their plans?」

「Yes, in the meantime we can come up with countermeasures.」

「I understand the situation. I'll partic.i.p.ate in the training camp.」

Xenovia and the others are doing their best to respond to the Cult's numerous plans.

That's why I want to contribute too.

「Just leave it to me.」

「Thank you.」

「Even so, the intelligence division is not half bad if they can detect dozens of plans.」

Just the other day, they were unable to sense the beastkins and demons until they had almost reached the royal capital and the academy. But now, they seem to have upped their game.

The intelligence division has always been excellent from the start, and it may be easier to collect information now since the Cult has lost one of its Cardinals.

「Maybe it was the effect of Dion's guidance to the intelligence division.」Xenovia said, smiling.
Then, she stroked Rubeum's head, who was floating nearby.

「The technique of erasing and detecting presence that Rubeum taught was immediately useful.」

「Oh, that's good.」

「As expected of Rubeum-sama.」Dura said, happily waving his tail.

「Oh right, Master. Please take this.」

Xenovia handed over the Transceiver Ring.

I already have a Transceiver Ring to connect with my disciple.

「But I already have a ring.」

When I said that, Xenovia shook her head.

「It's not for Master, it's for Rubeum.」

「Oh, it's mine! Kyurukyuru.」Rubeum cried, happily shaking his tail.

「If you can speak human language, then you can handle it.」Xenovia said.

「Rubeum knows how to use it! Kyuru.」

「Sure, it might be useful if Rubeum had one.」

Rubeum is very good at detecting and erasing presence.

In other words, he would be the best as a scout.

At that time, if he has a Transceiver Ring, we will be able to contact each other and can expand the range of operations.

「Thank you, Xenovia. I'm sure it will be helpful.」

I then looped a string through the ring and tied it around Rubeum's wrist.

「There is no special material to grow in size when Rubeum goes into his giant form.」

「Oh, if that's the case, leave it to me.」Dura said, heading back into the workshop. Then he came back with a string.「Here, this is for Rubeum-sama.」

「For Rubeum?」Rubeum asked.

「Yes. Please take it. It is made from a material that can stretch many times its original size.」

「Wow. It really stretches! Thank you. Kyuru.」Rubeum said, and wrapped it around his arm.

「I am humbled by those words.」Dura replied.

「Dura, what is that material?」

「It's Poison Slime skin.」

「Pigi?」Fluffy, who had been quiet until now, reacted to the word 'slime'.

「Fluffy. Are you angry?」Rubeum worriedly called out.

「I-I was thoughtless…」Dura hurriedly said, with a troubled look.


However, Fluffy didn't seem to be angry.

It seems that he just reacted to the word slime.

「There are so many types of slimes, after all. I'm a mammal, but I still use cowhide.」


Fluffy seemed to say, “That's right. Poison slime is fine.”

「Rubeum is relieved. Kyururu.」

「Thank you.」

Both Rubeum and Dura seemed to be relieved.

And Xenovia handed another Transceiver Ring to Arti.

「I'll give one to Arti too.」

「Is that okay, Master?」Arti asked.

「Yes, that would be more convenient. I'll give one to Tina and Rosetta tomorrow.」

At the time of this training camp, Xenovia seems to think that we might be separated from each other.

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