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145. Blessing of the Apostle of the G.o.ds

From next day onwards, the training will be conducted in Dura's room.

It would be too conspicuous to train with Dura outdoors, after all.

According to Dura, Xenovia and the others will come to train as well, it seems.

I was worried that we would be disturbing Dura's alone time, but…

「It's alright. Even at the mountain, I don't stay alone.」Dura said, shaking his tail.

The mountain Dura mentioned is the mountain range of dragons, which is his parents' home.

Apparently, Dura and the dragons in the mountain range have a habit of living in groups.

Therefore, it seems that he feels lonely to stay alone.

I don't know if dragons as a species have such a tendency or if it is just exclusive to the dragons in the mountain range.

Rubeum also easily gets lonely and always demands attention. Maybe the dragon race as a whole is a lonely group.

One week pa.s.sed after the pa.s.sage was completed.

And by having Dura's cooperation, the effect of our training has also improved.

At the end of the training, when I was drinking water away from everyone, Fay, the divine spirit of the Human G.o.d, poked my cheek.

「Hey, Will.」Fay whispered in my ear very softly.

「What is it?」I also replied softly, so that only Fay could hear.

Fay slept for long periods of time after the battle with the Cardinal of the Tenebris Cult, well, except for during mealtimes.

However, it seems that she has finally regained her full energy from around yesterday.

I saw her flying around and playing with Fluffy and the rest during training.

「Fay was watching the training. And I think it's about time.」she said.

「Time for what?」

「Blessing, of course.」

「G.o.d's blessing, huh.」

The other day, I blessed my disciples and they actually became stronger.

「Fay thinks the blessings should be granted to Arti, Rosetta, and Tina.」

「I see. Do you really think so?」

「Yes, yes.」

It's not that I don't want to bless Arti and the others.

If I grant them the blessings, their G.o.ds' love value will increase at once.

There is a huge gap between my disciples and them – in terms of growth, training, skill and knowledge. I was thinking that it would be a shame if that normal growth progression were disrupted due to the blessing.

「Fay thinks they won't get carried away even if they become stronger due to the blessing.」

「I agree with that too, but…」

The most worrying thing about granting a blessing is if they get carried away and stop striving to put in effort.

Now, that would be a real shame. But, I'm not worried about that at all.

「But I haven't said anything regarding the blessing to anyone besides Arti.」

Only Arti knows that I am the reincarnation of Edelfuss Wolms.

Rosetta and Tina don't know. They don't even know that I am the apostle of the G.o.ds.

「If I grant blessing, I'll get exposed.」

「Well, if you bless like Rubeum, of course you will.」

Rubeum blessed all the dragons in the dragon mountain range one by one.

When I also blessed my disciples, I referred to his action back then.

「Fay thinks you should secretly bless them so that you won't be exposed.」

「Can it be done like that?」

「You can do it, because you're the apostle.」

「…What should I do specifically?」

「Let's see…」

According to Fay, it seems that I just have to touch and pray silently. It doesn't matter if you put it in words or not.

「Huh, it's quite easy to bless someone.」

「Because it's like their child's request.」

「I see. Well, then. Guess I'll give it a go.」

I walked towards Arti, Rosetta, and Tina who were resting.

「Everyone. Do you have a minute?」

「What's wrong?」Arti tilted her head.

「I have something to check, so let me touch your head.」

「I don't mind.」「Okay.」「I'm alright with that too!」

I touched Arti's head, and prayed to the G.o.ds in my heart.

「Will, what do you want to check?」Rosetta asked.

「Well, it's a little difficult to explain.」

「Is it related to magic?」

「It's a little different, but also kind of.」

「I see.」

And then Rosetta stopped asking.

After granting blessing to Arti, I blessed Rosetta and Tina respectively.

「Do you feel anything different?」

「I feel my tiredness being washed away.」

「Yeah, I'm also feeling better.」

「Me too!」

It seems that I was able to bless them properly.

「I wonder if Will's touch had an acupuncture-like effect?」

「That's right! It's amazing!」

Tina and Rosetta were convinced that it was like acupuncture. And Arti simply nodded.

「Will, I was talking to Arti and the others a while ago, but have you decided about the training camp?」Rosetta asked.

「Training camp?」

「Oh, that's right. Will has been skipping homeroom lately.」

「…I'm sorry.」

「No, no. I think you will be okay even if you're not in cla.s.s.」

I have also been skipping the homeroom which is held only once a week.

Needless to mention, Rosetta and Tina don't skip the homeroom. On the contrary, they attend cla.s.ses properly unless there is an important task at hand.

On a side note, Arti also skips cla.s.s with me.

「So, what is this training camp?」

「All the first-year students go to the monster's habitat and do on-site training for 3 days and 2 nights.」Rosetta explained.

As I was listening to the explanation, Dura was playing happily with Rubeum, Shiro, and Fluffy.

「Will you not be partic.i.p.ating in the training camp after all, Will?」

「I may not partic.i.p.ate for the time being.」

There is nothing to be gained by partic.i.p.ating in the monster extermination for first-year students.

And my partic.i.p.ation could also adversely affect the training of first-year students.

「What about you, Arti?」

「I will go with you, Will.」

Arti will partic.i.p.ate if I partic.i.p.ate, and will not partic.i.p.ate if I don't.

「Neither Will nor Arti will partic.i.p.ate. That's unfortunate.」

「Tina, let's do our best together!」

「Yes. But we still have to find two more people.」

When I asked Rosetta and Tina about the training camp, they told me that there needs to be 4 to 5 people in one team.

Seven teams of first-year students. Three teachers will accompany them during the training camp.

「If Will and Arti change your mind, please let us know.」

「Yeah. Maybe it won't even be training, but just fun hiking!」

「Okay. I'll think about it.」

Rosetta and Tina went back to cla.s.s after that.

And Arti seemed to have some work, so she went somewhere. I stayed at Dura's house.

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