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Published at 15th of September 2019 05:20:04 AM Chapter 89: 89

Walking slowly along the corridors while carrying the child, Laurice was greeted by the aromatic smell of food being cooked in the kitchen that which made her stomach grumbled yet again .

Ah . The smell of bacon .

Must be 'Nanay' Carmen, Her housekeeper who's already in her early forties . Dylan was the one who sent for her yesterday along with three other men in uniform . She was rest a.s.sured that the new hired help in her home were all screened and trained accordingly by his own agency . Having known of Dylan's reputation and capabilities, Laurice trusted his words and judgement without a doubt . Not to mention, he's a friend who cares for her the most, so there was clearly no way he will fail her . In fact, it was always the other way around . Her brother Dylan, despite him having a tendency of being a pushover, have always exceeded her expectations of him . He was very reliable, but can be exceedingly annoying as well, Laurice thought . She smirked and mentally reminded herself to give the man a call later and/or probably treat him, whichever is convenient for the both of them .

Laurice continued threading in light footsteps and could now hear the faint clattering sound of utensils .

Ah . How convenient, indeed .

She wasn't used to having people around but the thought of not having to do everything herself help eased her circ.u.mstances .

Delight in her eyes, Laurice continued moving while stroking Little Louie's back and as soon as she reached the staircase, the man from downstairs who noticed their presence alighted in his seat abruptly and walked towards their direction .

Hand over the railing, Laurice supported herself while walking down the stairs but halted immediately when she saw the man's figure approaching .

Her eyes coincidentally met with his .

Thump .

Laurice's heart started pounding like crazy and she can't seem to keep her eyes off of him .
Just the mere sight of the man was taking her breath away .

He look so dashing in the morning sporting a basic tee .

Gulp . Laurice's mouth run dry .

She almost forgot how to breathe .
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Why! She was bewitched!

Laurice shook her head vigorously to knock her senses back but she really just couldn't avoid the man's gaze . It was drawing her in, slowly and deeply into his charms .

. . .

When Sid finally reached the woman, his heart swelled in a marvelous way . Warmth enveloping his entire being . His insides stirred incessantly that he nearly staggered in his steps .

What is he rushing for?

It hasn't even been that long since he last saw her face, but still .

The past couple of hours waiting for her to come back was dreadful enough . However it wasn't just him who was unhappy, even his son was fretful . Little Louie wouldn't stay put last night as if he was the most troubled one . He remembered his words all too well and almost doubted that he was only a four year-old boy .

. . .

A few hours ago,

"Daddy, when is mommy going out? You said she's coming back with us . " Little Louie ranted as if blaiming his father for his shortcomings .

Sid glanced at his upset son thinking: 'Son, i already made your mom promised . How many times are we gonna discuss this?'

But Sid kept it to himself and remained silent as he patted the child's head indulgingly .

Little Louie looked back at him in dismay and crossed his small arms together . No reply? Was his father ignoring him? The little young master quietly whimpered in his seat . His attention completely plastered at the car window . It was already dark outside and there he was feeling all abandoned .

Sid thought his son have already calmed down a bit during that long period of silence while they were on their way back to City A when he heard Little Louie spoke rather indignantly out of the blue with his small but firm voice .

His sudden announcement surprising not only the butler, the nanny but even their chauffeur who's unrelated to all this adversities and not excluding his own father who was rendered speechless in an instant .

"You should just marry my mommy so we could be together everyday . How difficult can that be?"

" . . . !!! "

The poor child was distraught .

n.o.body dared speak afterwards as if they turned mute .

There was an awkward and ridiculous amount of silence that followed the little young master's declaration .

Everyone cleared the discomfort in their throat after awhile but Sid appeared as dumbstruck as ever showing a visible knot in his forehead, wondering: 'Where did he even learned that?'

He could not decide whether to brush off that p.r.i.c.kly feeling inside his heart while pondering on his son's words . Ofcourse, he had all the intentions of marrying Laurice but why was he feeling somehow vexed knowing that the same idea came out of his son's mouth first . As if the little child was the one proposing to her first, with an audience at that .

Sid was lost for words unable to decipher his own son's train of thoughts . The child was just too smart for his own good .

The man loosened up his tie a bit and cleared his head . He extended his right arm afterwards towards Little Louie who slumped at the opposite corner .

"Louie, come over here . " He probed with a gentle voice .

Little Louie saw his father offering his hand out to him and was reluctant at first but accepted it anyway . His father positioned him right on top of his thighs, and his gaze never left him . It was discerning and uplifting . Little Louie felt complicated with his father's stare . and was feeling somehow guilty inside .

'Was he harsh towards his own father?'

Little Louie kept his head low as if he was reflecting upon his own behavior while gripping the hem of his father's coat .

. . .

Sid saw this and was deeply touched .

"Son, tell me, do you like your mommy?" Sid asked in a low voice trying to start up a conversation with his beloved son .

Little Louie held his face up in an instant and replied in a heartbeat, "Very much!"

Sid smiled faintly at his response and said, "Me too . "

"Then, let's wait patiently, alright? You know your mommy likes you too . " Sid said firmly and continued, "Very much as well . So can you do father a little favor?"

Little Louie brightened up a bit hearing his father's words and nodded without second thoughts . "What is it, daddy?" He curiously asked .

Sid leaned over to his son and whispered to his ears .

Little Louie's face lit up ma.s.sively upon hearing the words .

No one else knew what was going on between the father and son duo and what they've been talking about afterwards, whispering against each other's ears stealthily . Well, it was their own sweet little secret .

The mood inside the car was then restored as they drove back home .

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