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Lying on a very thin mattress, the cotton inside was very little, making it a cold and hard single bed. Han ZiYe woke up, face very gloomy, showing a very ugly expression.

Suddenly, he clenched his teeth, revealing a very pained expression. His waist was terribly sore, making the bed he was already used to using suddenly become more terrible. Blame it all on that devil for doing him too hard on that day.

Fortunately, after the devil had severely ravaged his chest, and the other two parts, the devil rubbed anti-swelling ointment, or else they would certainly be more painful than his waist, only making him feel more pain and pathetic.

Remembering the anti-swelling ointment, his face immediately became red in shame. He did not know if the princ.i.p.al had already found out that his medicine had disappeared. The devil was really daring, even stealing the princ.i.p.al's ointment to rub on him. However, it was nothing compared to how the demon dared to take him to the princ.i.p.al's lounge to rape him on top of his bed.

The thought of it made him shiver in fright. He woke up in the princ.i.p.al's room, then he fainted and found himself inside the devil's car, immediately asking if the princ.i.p.al saw everything they've done; about their affair and his secret. At that time, he was thinking that as long as the devil said yes, whether he threatened him or not about not being allowed to kill himself, he vowed that he would still immediately commit suicide. But the devil's response was greatly contrary to his expectations.

The devil told himself not to worry, that after entering the office, the princ.i.p.al tried to get inside the lounge for a long time but wasn't able to since the door was locked and he didn't have the keys. The princ.i.p.al won't be able to take it if he saw them naked, his nose might even bleed. When Qi XinLei finished shooting his seed inside Han ZiYe's body, he immediately put their clothes on, then went out the window. The princ.i.p.al would never know what happened inside his lounge.

At first Han ZiYe didn't believe Qi XinLei, only after Qi XinLei had repeated it for several times, promising that what he said was true, did Han ZiYe believed and finally felt relieved. But he instantly felt nervous again after that.

Qi XinLei wickedly laughed. When they were escaping from the room, he saw that there was an anti-swelling ointment next to the bed, he took it and immediately rubbed some on Han ZiYe's face. After seeing that the effects were good, he took Han ZiYe to his home. On the road, Qi XinLei pampered Han ZiYe, afraid that when he wakes up, his little nipples and meat stick would feel inflamed, his flower hole feeling very painful, so he didn't wake him up and rubbed the ointment all over his(HZY) little t.i.tties, little stick, and little hole, saying that Han ZiYe should have to thank him.

Feeling shy, angry and unable to endure, Han ZiYe shouted at Qi XinLei, saying that he should die right then and there. He was really doubting if Qi XinLei have a brain inside his head. He probably did not even think that the princ.i.p.al would certainly find other ways no enter his lounge, he would surely find the bed was a mess, and will sure know that someone went inside. If the princ.i.p.al sees the ointment beside his bed was gone, he will be more sure that someone broke in and investigate it. If the princ.i.p.al discovers that the medicine was with them, he will think that it was very strange. Why would students need to steal his medicine? After that he will investigate more and find out that Han ZiYe was defiled and violated inside his(princ.i.p.al) room, and that he was inters.e.x.

Han ZiYe thought that Qi XinLei has no idea of how serious the matter was at all. He even asked shamelessly if Han ZiYe would want to have a go again inside the princ.i.p.al's lounge next time. Han ZiYe once again shouted at Qi XinLei, only to see him taking out his(HZY) bloodied and l.u.s.t-stained underwear. Han ZiYe just then realized that he wasn't wearing underwear. This dead pervert actually did not help him put underwear on.

Seeing Han ZiYe flip out, Qi XinLei laughed, and said that he now owned the underwear he was holding. Placing the underwear under his nose, he sniffed at it like a dog. Qi XinLei felt like he was drunk with happiness, almost blushing himself. Han ZiYe wanted to take back the underwear but Qi XinLei refused let go, saying that the underwear dyed with Han ZiYe's virgin blood and s.e.m.e.n was a precious souvenir for their first time, and it will always be with him(QXL).

Han ZiYe wanted to grab his underwear from Qi XinLei's hands before he gets off the car, but it didn't work. But instead that evil demon asked him if he still wants to stay inside his car, not afraid to be seen by his family. Frightened, Han ZiYe hurriedly changed his mind, and reluctantly decided to leave the underwear in Qi XinLei's hands; he'll think of other ways later to take his underwear back.

I hate, hate, hate that devil! I'm really looking forward to eating his flesh and drinking his blood. I hope while he's driving back home, he'll get into an accident, his car completely crushed, making him die on the spot.

Han ZiYe hated Qi XinLei not because the demon found his secrete, nor was it because he was raped and defiled, and especially not because the demon took his underwear as a souvenir, such an extremely and shameless thing to do. Han ZiYe hated Qi XinLei so much because he found out that Qi XinLei actually did not like his sister, nor does he love her.

If Qi XinLei really did love his sister, then he would never commit rape, or betray his sister. That demon is most likely just playing with sister….

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