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Chapter 100 - Investigation

Lin Feng listened to the old lady speak without saying a word. He understood from what she said that her son had been struck by a mithril bullet and been poisoned. The son required a devil’s snare in order to be cured, exactly as Ling Tian needed before. 

According to the doctor that had treated Ling Tian before, a person could only survive for seven days after being infected by mithril. After seven days the person would gradually die, and this was only considering cultivators. Normal humans would die even faster than cultivators would. 

Naturally the stronger the cultivator the longer they could survive. But since Ling Tian was too weak he was at a higher risk of dying. 

Ling Tian was infected by the mithril for five days before Lin Feng brought the devil’s snare and cured him, letting Ling Tian recover without many side effects. 

“Bro Feng, didn’t you go to Tianheng mountains in order to find one of those devil’s snare flowers? Ling Tian only needed half of the flower, so you should have half of it left.”

Lin Feng hadn’t said anything before Dong Wu drunkenly slurred. Dong Wu didn’t drink and suddenly drinking such potent alcohol caused him to become drunk and spill the beans in response to the old lady’s words. 

Lin Feng frowned when he heard Dong Wu’s voice. It was true that he held half a devil’s snare flower in his apocalypse watch, but he didn’t know this old lady. Lin Feng didn’t really want to just give away the devil’s snare. 

Lin Feng had risked his life in order to obtain the devil’s snare and encountered terrible dangers in order to gain it. If the two monsters in the mountains hadn’t killed each other, then it would probably have been Lin Feng that had died in the mountains. 

Lin Feng didn’t know who this old lady was, and although she had a sad story how could he just give away the item that he obtained only after incredible effort. The devil’s snare was incredibly rare and difficult to find. Lin Feng wanted to hold onto this one in case of emergency, then instead of looking for another he would have one on hand. 

Since he had entered the apocalypse, Lin Feng had wanted to help some of the poverty stricken people. But having seen the zombies and corpses everyday and those that were suffering, it wasn’t that he didn’t want to help, but that he wouldn’t be able to help everyone that he came across. 

“Young man, is it true that you have the flower that can heal my son’s injuries?”

The old lady’s expression turned around into a happy expression when she heard Dong Wu’s words and rushed over to Lin Feng’s side, speaking quickly. 

“For this old woman I beseech you to help my son, could you please give me that flower young man? I heard from the base that my son is getting worse by the day, and without aid I won’t be able to see him before he dies. I couldn’t bare it if my son died before I did, ah. Please young man, I beseech you.”

The old lady didn’t dare to grab Lin Feng by his collar and instead begged him while gripping the corner of his shirt with her hands. 


In a villa in the center of Dongshan base. 

“What? Old Si (four) was injured by a fifth cla.s.s cultivator! Are you trying to make a joke?”

Feng Yi (one) sat in his chair and frowned when he heard the report from his subordinate. 

“No boss, we got to leader Si right before he fell unconscious and he told us that it was a fifth cla.s.s cultivator that had injured him before he fell unconscious. We couldn’t make a definite diagnosis of leader Si’s current condition at t

he time, so we are brought him back and reported to you only when we made it back.”

Before Feng Yi stood a middle aged man that spoke respectfully. 

“I wanted to speak with him for so long, no wonder he didn’t return my communications. What is the current condition of Old Si?”

Feng Yi frowned as he asked a man dressed in black clothes. 

“His wound is similar to one received from an arrow or bolt, which means that the wound is not large and fortunately the wound wasn’t in a fatal location. According to the medical experts here at the base, leader Si should recover soon.”

The man in black had took some time to think about his answer and left after being waved away by Feng Yi. 

“It seems that Old Si’s wounds are not bad, but this is still my fault. If I had sent someone else with Old Si to the mountains then this wouldn’t have happened. I can’t tell if it is good or not that two of the leaders are out of commision instead of dead.”

Feng Yi spoke to himself as he paced around the room. 

“You don’t have to worry too much big bro, and we still have two important things to do. We still have to find a devil’s snare in order to heal fifth bro. I told the hospital to do everything it could to help him and extend how long we have. But fifth bro is a seventh cla.s.s cultivator, so he isn’t in immediate danger, but we need to hurry.”

Feng Er and Feng San (two and three) were sitting on some of the sofas in the room, and when they saw that Feng Yi was getting concerned, Feng San stood up to comfort Feng Yi. 

“Our second concern is finding the one that injured fourth bro, as it’s impossible for a normal fifth cla.s.s cultivator to have injured him. We are still clearing out the zombies that formed during the apocalypse rain, so well will have to be careful about leaving the base for now. What we can do is check the hospital and the surrounding hospitals, as the only people who would have gone after the devil’s snare would also have someone that needed to cure mithril toxin.”

Thinking quickly, Feng San spoke his thoughts aloud. 

Feng Er took over that line of thought and continued to speak. 

“It is impossible for fourth bro to have been injured by a normal crossbow, the weapon used to hurt him must be a seventh cla.s.s cultivator’s weapon, something incredible. Not only do we have to find the a.s.sailant, but the weapon he was using as well.”


The old lady was still in front of Lin Feng and staring at him, making him feel a little helpless. Lin Feng glanced at Dong Wu off to the side and was thinking about the trouble that Dong Wu had given with his drunken rabble. 

Young man, I know what you have is very valuable. This old woman doesn’t lots of money and I’m sure that you’re not lacking for money, so I would like to give this to you in exchange. 

Seeing Lin Feng who was in a difficult situation, the old lady understood that the item she was asking for shouldn’t be something simple. So she took something out of her apocalypse watch and placed it on the table in front of Lin Feng. 

It was a wooden medal, but Lin Feng couldn’t tell what kind of wood from the pattern. He could tell that the medal was old and very attractive. 

The most prominent feature of the medal was a large character carved in the center that spelled ”东” or East. The character was beautifully carved and even without the knowledge, Lin Feng knew that this medal was carved by hand. The level of detail and beauty was definitely something that couldn’t be milled on a machine. 

Lin Feng didn’t know what use the medal had, but seeing the look of reluctance on the face of the old lady, he knew that this was an item of absolute importance to her. 

“Sect master, if you still have the devil’s snare with you, you should give it to grandma.”

Lin Feng didn’t know what this medal represented, but that didn’t mean that Qian Zongguan didn’t know. 

Before Lin Feng could say anything, Qian Zongguan came over and suggested that Lin Feng give up the devil’s snare when he saw the item on the table. Qian Zongguan spoke quickly and hinted with his eyes towards Lin Feng. 

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