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Chapter 196 Bloodstained Tile

As Shanxue was focused on Grand Senior Sister, he noticed that when Xue Man brought up Li Chengfeng, her hand started to tremble slightly. He immediately took a mental note regarding it.

Shanxue smiled and said, “This Li Chengfeng is the brave one who pretended to win the battle in Hidden Brocade Court?”

Xue Man was taken aback for a moment. “He might be…” He replied.

There isn't a wall in the world which does not have a crack. Even though Huangfu Song tried his best to hide this incident, in the end, quite the number of people attended the banquet held for the “fourth son of the Zhan family” that day, and many had seen what the “Young Master of the Zhan family” looked like.

But come a few days later, after seeing a true Young Master of the Zhan family, even a fool would realize that Huangfu Song had been fooled!

Then Chengfeng punched a Senior Brother in front of the Hidden Sword Court again. It would be hard to imagine this incident not being famous.

Was there still anyone throughout the Hidden Sword Court who didn't know who Li Chengfeng was?

Shanxue snickered, “This Hidden Sword newcomer is interesting indeed! It's been many years since I've seen such an interesting newcomer.”

The Grand Senior Sister held the tea cup between her fingers tightly. With droopy eyes, she hid the intense thoughts and feelings in her heart.

Though she was an impeccable pract.i.tioner of the Invincible Golden Body, with magical power that could control the skies, move mountains and calm the seas at the wave of her hand, in that moment, she felt powerless as even a newcomer posed a threat to her safety!

Shanxue smiled at the Grand Senior Sister. “You had also brought him to the forbidden grounds have you not? Or so I've heard.”

The Grand Senior Sister, slightly nervous, raised her teacup and slowly took a sip. “This tea is good.” she said.

Shanxue immediately told the maidservant nearest to her: “Go, fetch half…no, fetch all of the Cloud Mist Tea for Grand Senior Sister.”

Yet, the Grand Senior Sister did not refuse, as if she was already used to this treatment. She would not react regardless of the courtesy displayed before her.

The Grand Senior Sister regained her composure after sipping the tea. She looked up and said, “This information is rather well-informed.”

Shanxue felt a little proud, but modestly responded, “There's no way, my people are incomparable to the spirit sparrows of the Hidden Beauty Court.”

The Spirit Sparrows were similar to the intelligence organizations of many cultivating sects in the world. They were not just the intelligence organization for the Hidden Beauty Court, but were also responsible for the Lingshan school. Its core members were the disciples of the Hidden Beauty Court, in which most of them controlled the spread of information across the widest range of wineries, teahouses, restaurants and brothels.

“My matters are of no concern to you, focus on your own affairs and we will have no issues.” The Grand Senior Sister replied.

Shanxue smiled embarra.s.singly. He shot Xue Man an unkind glare, and Xue Man being a person very conscious about keeping face who had just lost so much of it, had already been sentenced to death in his heart.

It was just…How would he be killed in an unprecedented way?

Or rather, a way that would impress the ladies?

Seeing Shanxue, Xue Man couldn't help but reflect on himself and what he'd done. He was terrified and asked hesitantly, “Master, if there's nothing else to do, then I'll…”

“Ah hah!” Shanxue slapped the table fiercely and happily stood up. He smiled and said, “This is perfect! Grand Senior Sister, allow me to demonstrate a new spell I learned.”

Shanxue made three mudra symbols with his hands and a faint purple light appeared at his fingertips. Then he pointed at Xue Man.

Xue Man felt something was wrong and wanted to flee, but he was enveloped by the purple light as soon as he turned around.

Xue Man was so terrified he immediately turned back and desperately kowtowed to Shanxue. “Master, have mercy! Please, spare me!”

But everytime Xue Man kowtowed , it felt like Shanxue's figure seemed to be growing. After kowtowing ten times, Shanxue was already as tall as a mountain. Xue Man was petrified, “So this is the new spell master has learned, so powerful…” he thought.

Huh? Wait a minute!

Xue Man quickly realized that everything around him had become extremely huge, and even the handmaiden behind Shanxue was now as big as a mountain.

Xue Man looked around and saw that the little gap between the floor tiles had become as wide as ditches!

“I've shrunk!” Xue Man noticed an ant quietly approaching in the distance. This ant, that he would have never even noticed before was now the same size as him!

Xue Man was horrified and desperately cried out to Shanxue, “Master, spare me! Master!”

But his voice had become ten times fainter, completely drowned out by Shanxue's triumphant laughter.

Shanxue laughed loudly and applauded himself, “How was it? What do you think of my new spell?” He proudly looked at the Grand Senior Sister. “It is… acceptable.” she nodded lightly.

Shanxue was a little disappointed, Ah xiu who stood in the corner however, excitedly exclaimed, “Senior Brother Shanxue, this spell is spectacular! Is it possible if you could teach me?”

Shanxue gave a polite smile. “Your cultivation level is still not up to par, it might be dangerous for you to learn.”

Ah Xiu was very disappointed and it began to show on her face. Shanxue turned his gaze to the ant-sized Xue Man and prepared to finish him with a spell. He abruptly stopped when he saw the flash of a figure outside his house. A hooded man in a black cultivator's robe with three green borders on his cuffs and a veiled face rushed in.

The man rushed to the center of the hall and genuflected. His eyes were horrified and with an anxious tone he said, “Senior brother, something has happened in Shiwu mountain!”

Shanxue was surprised. “Oh? What's the issue, then?”

The masked cultivator gulped, “An earthquake… Shiwu Mountain has co-… has collapsed.” He reported in fear.

“Hm?” Shanxue was not surprised but seemed delighted instead. “Oh? Have those struggling chaps finally made their move?”

Shanxue laughed aloud as he proudly said to the Grand Senior Sister, “Grand Senior Sister, now, do you know what purpose I had for inviting you here?”

“Was it not to witness your masterpiece, 'The Nine Battles of h.e.l.l'?” The Grand Senior Sister replied calmly.

Shanxue smiled, “Ah, that is just a little trick of mine, not something to take note of. Today, you will witness some truly interesting events, Grand Senior Sister!”

The Grand Senior Sister scoffed coldly, “Oh? Shiwu mountain has collapsed, is this really that interesting?”

Ah Xiu was a very clever individual, she thought for a moment and understood right away. The expression on her face did not change as she looked at Shanxue. Her unattentive look had faded into a serious glare.

“Fret not, Grand Senior Sister. This surely is a little trick from the Hidden Sword Court, but there's no way they could compete with you and I.”

Grand Senior Sister gently placed her teacup on the table, “There is no relation between you and I in the first place, so how would it concern us? Not to mention, even if this was between you and I,  it doesn't represent both Hidden Brocade Court and Hidden Beauty Court. Those are two separate matters.” She replied monotonously.

Shanxue's smile was now rigid, “Hidden Sword Court wants to destroy the three heavenly courts' relationship, this is definitely a ploy of theirs. Grand Senior Sister, you mustn't fall for their plan!”

Grand Senior Sister stood up and walked towards the exit while she remained silent. Ah Xiu stood up as well, turning back to glance at Shanxue with a complex look in her eyes. Ultimately, she followed Grand Sister Senior to leave.

Grand Sister Senior finally turned around as she reached the entrance, “You knew what they were going to do, yet in the end you are still going to act according to their plan. This is not a ploy, this is conspiring openly!” She replied flatly.

As she finished, the Grand Senior Sister's figure flashed into a blue light and disappeared in an instant, and Ah Xiu also quickly did the same to follow.

Shanxues suddenly made an extremely ugly expression on his face. He stared at the person who came to report and shouted angrily: “Get out, get out of here!!”

The informant looked panicked and immediately retreated.

Once he'd retreated and left the center of the hall empty, Shanxue paused for a moment, as if trying to remember something. After a while, he slapped his face and said, “Ah, Xue Man! That little b.a.s.t.a.r.d!”

A nearby handmaiden was trembling and pointed her finger in horror, “He's… he's here…” she said.

Shanxue glanced over and noticed a bloodstain on the bluestone floor. It wasn't much more than a drop of blood.

“What is this?” Shanxue said, puzzled.

The handmaiden's face was pale and she was trembling. “Just now when the man came in I…stepped on him…”

As soon as she said this, the expressions on all the handmaidens' faces in the hall changed and went pale.

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