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A stroll➃

Then, what should we do with those three?
I don't want them released anytime soon.
Anyway, I don't want to be involved any more.
Let's talk a bit more with Hanzou-san for the time being.

"Hanzou-san, I don't think I will meet with Leon-sama and Sumire-sama again. So it's quite unpleasant to be tailed like this. I don't know what Sumire-sama told those three, but if you're involved with me any more… I'll get a little angry."

I spoke to Hanzou-san with my inner frustration leaking.
To be honest, I'm quite mean towards him, but it's getting rather annoying.
The engagement dissolution is completed, new fiancée has been decided, where's the place in it for me?
I'd like to ask Leon-sama and Sumire-sama that, but actually meeting is… a bit.

"Ye, yes! I will make sure ninja never appear before Lillinsama again. Those three will be returned to our country, so would you please spare my life?"

When he said this, he started to dogeza.
… It's fine already.
What do you think of me?
I won't take a life for such a thing.

"… I do not think of taking another's life. For the time being, the three who acted without permission from their master are returning to the eastern country. If Sumire-sama says anything about that to me, next time I will think a little more."

Hanzou-san desperately nods.
But a person who can't read the mood broke in.

"That's a way of speaking of somebody planning to steal Prince Leon from Princess Sumire!"

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