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A stroll➁

Now, what should I do?

➀ Break off and escape.

➁ Identify the other party and ask why they were watching us.

➂ Beat them up.

Well, isn't ➀ reasonable?
It should be possible for me and Allen-kun.
But, I'm curious why we were followed.

"Lillinsama, an acquaintance has a house nearby, so let's go hide there at once."

Allen-kun whispered to me.
Acquaintance's house…?
I'm sorry, but I'll accept the shelter for a while.

"Got it."

Guided by Allen-kun, we entered a side alley and found the desired house.
After entering the alley, we broke into a dash, so I think we caught the other party off-guard.
Allen-kun came into the house without knocking.
I followed.

"Master! Are you here~~?"

Perhaps Allen-kun's martial arts master!

Then the voice came from the back.

"I can hear you even if you don't raise your voice."

And what appeared… huh?

"Are you perhaps… Dan-sensei?"

"Yes? That's right… Oh~~ Isn't it Lillinsama? It's been a long time."

As expected, it's Dan-sensei.
Dan-sensei was a teacher of a certain subject of my queen education.
That is, self-defense.
I was originally strong enough to defend myself, but he still taught me some skills.
It was a time of rest during the severe queen education… However, it pa.s.sed quickly, and in a blink of an eye the cla.s.s was over.

"Ah, yes, it's been a long time Dan-sensei. Is Dan-sensei Allen's master?

"Well, it's not like that. This guy has potential~. And so does his older sister. I taught him some techniques, but when I joked 'Once you defeat a demon you'll be independent', this stupid fellow actually went and did it.

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