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Sudden incident 3

I came to the courtyard looking for everyone.
The three still seem to be bickering.

"That's why, impossible."

"Isn't that why I'm asking if you can do something about it! I'll absolutely learn it by heart."

Apparently Sasuke-san's and Ange-san's stories draw parallel lines.
Allen-kun is just watching their exchange.
I called out to those three.

"Everyone, are you alright?"

All three of them turned in the direction of my voice.

"Ah, Lillinoneesama! Could you also ask him? Sasuke is telling me it's absolutely impossible."

"It's impossible. Ninja, arts, are taught in, the Eastern Country, impossible."

Indeed, ninja arts are only taught in the Eastern Country.
I wonder if it's impossible here.
But now is not the time for this.
Because his ninja arts are necessary.

"Let's talk about that later. There's something more serious that happened…"

I simply explained the story until now.
Everyone had a difficult face after hearing it.

"That's why, Sasuke-san, I'd like to ask you. It's also a request from grandfather, we want you to secretly follow the criminal after the money is handed over."

"Understood. Just, follow, right?"

"Yeah, please take care of it."

While I was talking with Sasuke, grandfather and Sana came together to the garden.
Sana's eyes are slightly red.
Huh? Have you cried a little.
When I tried speaking to Sana, grandfather talked to me.

"Lillina, did you explain to everyone."

"Yes. Sasuke-san also agreed."

"I see. Sasuke, please do your best."

"Ah, got it."

"Good, then let's go. Sasuke, follow Count Kukuul. Although I don't think I need to say it, don't get found out by the culprit. And I along with Lillina's group will wait near the place of money delivery. As soon as I receive a report from Sasuke, we'll break into their hideout. By the way, Ricardo and Alek-dono are acting separately. They'll represent the chivalric order."

We nodded to grandfather's explanation.
Even though I'm worried about Sana, Elise-san's safety comes first.

We moved to hide ourselves close to the place of money delivery.
Brother and Alek-sama are on standby a short distance away.
And Sasuke-san went after Count Kukuul and left for the place of delivery.

The delivery place is the city park, specifically it's a conspicuous fountain in the middle of a plaza.
In the story grandfather heard from Alek-sama, rumors say the place of money delivery is always this prominent.
Moreover, the person who received the money was ordered by the perpetrator, it seems they aren't direct companions.

Anyway, if such a thing continues it may lead to a large-scale occurrence of demons in our territory.
We must stop it here, so such a thing doesn't happen.

It would look unnatural if we waited in the park, so we decided to go to a nearby café.
It seems Ange-san and Allen-kun visited it often.
I've never been to such a store, everything feels new to me.
I thought it would be strange to not ask for anything, so everyone ordered a drink.
We're waiting for contact from Sasuke-san.

I felt we were waiting for a long time, but it was only around half an hour.
Sasuke-san appeared in the store.

"Kept you waiting. Found them. Let's go?"

"Ah, good job. How is it? Is it close?"

Sasuke-san answered grandfather's question.

"Indeed, close. The kidnapped, girl, is safe, for now. But, after all, they didn't, release her, immediately. The count, returned."

I see, after all they didn't let her go immediately after receiving money.
But, until now victims were safely released as long as the ransom was paid.

"Good, then Sasuke, show us the place."

"Got it."

We decided to head to criminals' hideout at once.
As Sasuke-san said, it's not too far away.
The location… is it here?

We turned our eyes to Sasuke-san for confirmation.
Sasuke who felt it nodded silently.
Then there is no doubt.

The place we were guided clearly has an atmosphere of a n.o.ble's residence.
Or rather, it's absolutely a n.o.ble's mansion, isn't it?
Eh? Is the culprit a n.o.ble?

"Sasuke, did you confirm Miss Elise is there?"

"I did. Looked inside, from, the ceiling."

This is really the criminals' hideout.
However, it would difficult to target only the children of n.o.bles.
If they're led by a n.o.ble, it's a different matter altogether.

"Grandfather… what will you do?"

"Hmm, let's see. Sasuke, where is Miss Elise being held?"

"In the back of, the second floor. I saw, roughly, eight people, keeping guard."

In the back of the second floor… Will they remain there if we rush in?
We were trying to revise our plan for the situation where the hideout was a n.o.ble's mansion.

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