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Zaw felt very depressed after hearing her words. She is right...How can she let it go?? Though he wants to stop her desperately, there is no way anyone can stop her. Seeing Ziyi's tears, Zaw felt devastated. He immediately rushed to wipe her tears. How depressed must she be, to show her tears. Her entire friends and family call her as 'iron lady' because they never saw her cry and this was the third time, he saw her cry since the last few years.

"I am sorry Icey ...Really,sorry ", his hands gently wiped her tears.

"How could you ?? how could you even ask such a question ?", her voice trembled and more tears rushed out of her eyes. Instantly, she fainted.

Zaw panicked and tried to hold her properly. But before, he could properly hold her, she was pulled into the arms of Jiang Chen.

Although he wasn't sure of what's going on between Zaw and Ziyi, the moment he noticed the tears in her eyes, his rationality was lost. He immediately rushed out of the villa and infront of his eyes, Ziyi fainted. He held tightly and lifted her body in a princess style.

"Why did she cry ? why did she faint?", he questioned Zaw angrily. His voice was very cold and rude. Zaw didn't respond and scanned his fingerprint to unlock Ziyi's house door. Jiang Chen's anger has no bounds and on noticing that he has got free access to her home, he felt very p.i.s.sed off. He wanted to take Ziyi back to his home but he is scared that she might misunderstand and avoid him completely. He carried her gently and placed her on the living room sofa.

Both of them remained silent waiting for the other to speak.

5 minutes pa.s.sed....

10 minutes pa.s.sed....

Zaw went upstairs and brought a medicine box. He turned on the heater and waited for 15 minutes. Post that, he checked her temperature and found it's normal. Then he went upstairs and got two quilts. He covered one for Ziyi and placed the other one on the floor.

"Mr.Jiang...You can leave now...Thanks for the help earlier !! Icey is fine and you don't need to worry..", Zaw uttered the first set of words ever since they met Jiang chen today.

"You are a man...How can you stay at her home ? What if it affects her reputation?Instead, I am her professor. I will stay with her..you leave", Chen retorted back.

"Oh really...!! Do you think this is your country, where people are judged with this tiny acts ?? I have already done it several times. Angie will be coming back in a few minutes..So, you don't need to bother. Anyways, for your information, even if you're our professor, you will be forever a stranger."

Jiang Chen didn't talk back this time. He walked silently and closed the door and went inside his home.How could he retort with the way Ziyi treated him for the past two meetings.

He sat near the balcony and stared at Ziyi's home and after 30 minutes, Angela reached her home. Even,she entered the house using scan and after few minutes Zaw came out.He lifted his head and saw that Jiang Chen was staring at him. He gently bowed his head and walked away...Zaw's words made him to think again.

Did the five years of gap really turned them into complete strangers ?

Today, he stood quietly when her friend has full access to enter and completely familiar with her home.It is not the jealousy that's hurting him, instead the pain that when she needs, there are others who rush to her aid now...Her friends !!

Staring at the full moon and he suddenly went into deep thoughts

" Jiang Chen, I don't have any close friends"

"Jiang Chen, you are the only one I have"

"Jiang Chen, I will be lonely if you ever leave me"

Her words still ring in his mind.It's like they were spoken,just yesterday.

Ziyi, you always used to say that you will be lonely if I leave you....but have you ever thought, how lonely would I be, without you ?? If you had, then we might have never separated for this long.

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