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"Who is this person that you are admiring the sea and the sky with?" She asked Sanya.

"Hahaha, Tania, meet Arun. Remember that I had told you if the male heir to the throne wants get married to a princess or to a common girl of a good family, there is never a problems. But, when a princess wants to marry a commoner, there is a hue and cry everywhere."

"So we both, that is Arun and I, ran away straight after the coronation ceremony. It took us quite a long time to get here. We are now at the coast here on on the side where your present day Gujarat coast line is situated."

"You caught us admiring the boats."

"Actually, Arun and I will be sailing to Mesopotamia, where he has an overseas branch of his family's trading business, which he is suppose to handle."

"Once we are reach there, then we will call his parents to come over for the wedding. Of course we will not be letting anyone know who he will be marrying as that can create problems for them."

The boat we will be sailing on belongs to their family."

"Hi Tania, nice to meet you through waves of so many years of time." Arun replied with a smile.

"If you can reach this coast by meditation, you can surely reach Mesopotamia and attend our wedding."

"We are destined to meet again within a few months, hope you will recognize me," he added with a serious note.

Tania was zapped, such a handsome man, she had yet to come across and he seemed to be almost her age maybe a year or two elder to her. He looked quite intelligent.

"Now why did he say we are destined to meet again in a few months?" Tania thought aloud.

"Hahaha!" Sanya laughed. "We can hear your thoughts you know," she added.

Arun was grinning ear to ear. He found all this amusing.

"Why don't you tell her instead of keeping her in the dark and making her feel miserable," he added.

"Ok ok, here goes," Sanya responded.

"I am explaining to you that we are not two different people. We are the same, or souls are the same. The body dies through natural or unnatural death, but the soul does not die. It gets another body and comes back."

"Arun I your father, mother and Uncle Igor have kept coming back in the same group of individuals. Some have scores to settle, some have debts to settle and some have lessons to learn."

To make it more understandable, think of it this way that the past present and the future are going on at the same time. We cannot hop from one time period to another unless we can do something like time travel. Travelling across time is dangerous but the mind can travel. The mind can go anywhere. Into the past , live in the present or project itself into the future."

When I came to meet you in your dreams it was projecting myself into the future. When you came to see me through meditation, you were projecting yourself into the past."

"You see history is past, it has already happened. It cannot be changed. If anyone tried to change it then there are many things that will need to undergo changes. It will be like an atomic chain reaction. Hence change is not possible."

"Tania, you are in the present and have somehow connected with your past through waves of time." Your future is governed by your actions and to some extent destiny too." Nothing can be left to destiny. Destiny will take its course if you do nothing."

"Let me explain it better. Because of Arun's actions and my actions, something was left incomplete. We have all been coming back in different times, somehow, I or Arun have met a terrifying end."

"Since you are sensitive to energies and the fact that you had read up matter on past life regression, we both decided to connect to you slowly so that this chain of getting killed in every life gets broken."

"Connecting to you was not easy. If we had conveyed that your Uncle Igor had been coming in every life to kill you, you would not have believed in us."

"Your doctor desires that I surface, so I will come again tomorrow during your session with the doctor. We need to clear the reason as to why you are going through terrifying periods in your life and thereafter you can take up the matter from there."

"You see, again I say that future is uncertain. Your changing the present situations, challenging the course of destiny can finish of your every life problem for good."

"Anyway, we both need to go now as we do not have much time." Saying this they both brushed past Tania.

As they went past her she could feel a fragrance of Jasmine. The same fragrance that she had felt in her childhood too. Her father used to light incense sticks at the time when he would pray and this heavenly fragrance would spread all over the house.

Sanya stopped and came back and told Tania in the ear,"Yes it is the same fragrance that my father the king loved spreading all over the palace with the incense sticks that were specially ordered." Your father was my father too in my life and I know he also used incense sticks with the same fragrance at your home."

"Most of my clothes have the same fragrance now. I had asked Arun to find a perfume with the same fragrance."

Tania felt as if a short loving breeze had touched her and gone. Tania saw them go to the end of the jetty and climb on a short ladder that further took them into them into a small ship. She knew that they would be sailing off shortly. As she meditated further, she saw Sanya and Arun wave to her. After about 20 minutes the ship was out of sight and seemed to have disappeared in the horizon sailing towards Mesopotamia.

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