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Students and Female Teachers

"Fu ~uaaaa…"

“You look sleepy, huh, Akirkun?”

The next morning after I had a pa.s.sionate night with my neighbour ‘s older wife, Asami-san, I went to school since I am a student despite my lack of sleep.

“Un. Since I went to a second-hand bookshop at a shopping street in the school road when I was leaving school yesterday, I bought a bundle of secondhand books sold for ten books for 100 yen because the novel that I wanted to read from before was a top. Besides that novel, there was also an “interesting book” there.

To my explanation, the male cla.s.smate in the seat in front of me nodded with a convinced expression.

“I see. Akirkun likes to read books after all, but since I think that the teacher will come soon, I think that it is better to at least stop yawning.”

I nodded to the advice of my friend who is my male cla.s.smate.

“Although Sensei is beautiful, she does seem to be in bad mood recently after all.”

My cla.s.smate who is also a friend of mine, to my doubts, after looking around the surrounding for a bit, brings his body closer to me from the front seat and in a whispers voice.

“This is a rumour but, Sensei’s husband is cheating on her and as a result Sensei and her husband are now living separately from each other. Remember, she wore a wedding ring on her left finger before but now she has not worn a ring.”

I looked at the male cla.s.smate who is also a friend, with an expression of admiration.

“You are quite observant, I did know about the existence of the wedding ring on the left ring finger of Sensei until now.”

To my words, my friend blushed a little with a shy expression.

“No, you see, Sensei is a wonderful older married woman who is a teacher, so I have been curious for a while now…”

Fumu. To be curious about an older married woman who is in your vicinity is something I understand, as I now have a relationship with the married woman next door, Asami-san.

"Kara~tsu" "katsu~tsu, katsu~tsu, katsu~tsu"

“Stand up.”

As a female teacher opened the door and came into the cla.s.sroom, so the student on duty that day pa.s.sed the order. Everyone in the cla.s.sroom stood up.

“Bow. Good morning, Sensei.”

“Good morning, everyone.”

“Stand straight. Sit down.”

When I corrected my posture and sat down, I looked at the left ring finger of the teacher, and as my friend who is a cla.s.smate of mine had said, she was not wearing a wedding ring.

“I will tell you the announcements fort his morning…”

From behind my teenage friend who is my cla.s.smate, I watch the state of the beautiful female teacher who is also a separated wife who is standing, with a nonchalant expression. It might be good to try out if the “Book of Dominating Married Women” will even have an effect on a married wife who is living separately.

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