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Chapter 494: I'll Do It. I'll Do as You Please!

Lawyer An rested for a long time while he slowly recovered. Zhou Ze was also not feeling very well.

The two of them had almost killed each other when they had just entered a place full of mystery and danger and had not yet encountered any real danger.

However, after delaying for a while, the clamor outside the cave became even louder.

Voices were urging them to drink. Voices were ordering them to drink. There were voices singing opera. There were even people reciting poems. They were having a great time.

Zhou Ze and Lawyer An looked at each other. The two of them adjusted their state and went out. Outside the cave, it suddenly became clear. The red carpet was spread out, and on it was a banquet the size of a football field.

A big square table was covered with a bigger round board. On top of it were drinks and food. There were benches on both sides, the kind that could seat three or four people. Nowadays, people living in commercial houses rarely use such chairs. It gave off the feeling that it was a happy event in the countryside.

It was just that the authentic countryside when it came to red and white affairs, liked to clear a field first. The top was covered with a shed, and the bottom was covered with tables and chairs. The top of the picture here was a rock wall, and it was full of potholes. Lanterns were hanging on the rock wall lighting up the whole place.

People were sitting at the table, drinking and laughing. Some were dressed in rags and patchwork clothes, like beggars. Some were dressed in nice clothing made of silk. Some had braids on their heads. Some were wearing suits. It was just that the suit looked a little old, a little like the oldest kind of Mao suit.

Everyone was in a daze. They were all drinking, eating, and laughing.

Women in skirts kept bringing out new drinks and food. They came and went in a hurry. They were so busy that their feet did not touch the ground. Two walked right past Zhou Ze and Lawyer An. They saw them, but they did not have any reaction. They just slightly turned their bodies to walk around them.

“This is a ghost banquet, right?” Zhou Ze asked.

In this underground tomb, where did so many living people come from? Also, even if there were so many living people, where did they get so many strange clothes?

Zhou Ze had seen similar scenes before, and that was when he had just met Madam Bai. In the wasteland where Madam Bai was. When Zhou Ze had gone there, there had been a banquet as well. Many mountain spirits and wild spirits had gathered there. However, the ostentation that Madam Bai had set up back then was nothing compared to what he was seeing now.

“Although it's fake, it's still a little too big.” Lawyer An smacked his lips. “Boss, the miasma, coupled with this scene, makes me feel like I'm on the verge of seeking death.”

“I feel that if I poke it any further, I won't end up with a playboy, but a hornet's nest.”

“Let's take a look first.” Zhou Ze gestured for Lawyer An not to panic.

It was not strange for Lawyer An to panic, because Zhou Ze was also a little fl.u.s.tered. Especially since he knew that the one in his body had just come out and would not come out again for a while. His greatest weapon did not exist for the time being.

The two found an empty table and sat down. The dishes and wine on the table were very sumptuous. The two of them only had some snacks in the car and then wandered around the mountains with cha for half the night. They were hungry. However, no matter how delicious the food on the table was, Zhou Ze and Lawyer An, these two old foxes, would never touch it.

How could there be so many delicacies in the valley in the wilderness? And how could there be vegetables that were out of season?

Zhou Ze remembered that at Madam Bai's banquet, Xu Qinglang had eaten quite a lot. In the end, when she realized that her bowl was filled with earthworms and worms, she vomited miserably.

Every time someone pa.s.sed by their table, Zhou Ze and Lawyer An picked up their wine gla.s.ses, “Hehe, eat well and drink well. Hehe, good food and drink.”

After they left, they put down their gla.s.ses together.

“What's the idea? Do you have any predictions?” Zhou Ze asked.

“Let's put it this way.” Lawyer An counted with his fingers. “To be able to create such a scene, the source must be at the level of the old demon from Black Mountain in 'The Enchanting Ghost'.”

“Let's think of a way to find out if Lin Ke is here or not.” Zhou Ze made up his mind. He had come all the way here to find Lin Ke, so he couldn't retreat when he encountered danger. Otherwise, wouldn't it be a waste of effort?

At that moment, a group of people sat down at the table where Zhou Ze and Lawyer An were sitting and chatting. When they saw this group of people, Zhou Ze and Lawyer An's eyes lit up.

What the h.e.l.l? Why did the Foreign Devils appear as well?

The seven people who sat down were all blonde and blue-eyed foreigners. Two of them had exaggerated wavy curls, and one of them had a wild charm. These seven people were all dressed in camping attire, and their style was somewhat similar to the western movies in the early years of the United States.

After the foreigners sat down, they began to chat. At the same time, they drank wine and ate meat, appearing very casual. While Zhou Ze and Lawyer An were sizing them up, the foreigners were also sizing up the two Chinese people sitting on their own.

Fortunately, both Zhou Ze and Lawyer An were well-educated. They spoke English, so the two of them could understand the foreigners. When they heard words like “President Roosevelt”, “b.i.t.c.h”, “f.u.c.k Republicans”, and so on from their mouths, Zhou Ze and Lawyer An looked at each other.

“These Americans have been dead for a long time. They probably came to China to camp and explore before World War II, but they all died here?” Lawyer An guessed.

“No, it should be earlier.” Zhou Ze shook his head and continued, “The Roosevelt they're talking about isn't Franklin Roosevelt, not the one who did Roosevelt's New Deal. Franklin Roosevelt is a Democrat, but they're scolding the Republican Party. It should be Theodore Roosevelt from decades earlier, he's a Republican. Around the end of the Qing dynasty, he was a member of the expedition team who died in China between 2001 and 2009.”

“…” Lawyer An.

At that moment, Lawyer An felt dominated by a top student. “Boss, no wonder you were single in your previous life. You used all your time to remember this. How are you going to find a girl?” Lawyer An said sourly.

“Who told you to sit here?” An old voice sounded from behind Zhou Ze and Lawyer An.

Zhou Ze and Lawyer An did not sense when the owner of the voice was standing behind them!

The two of them turned around and saw an old woman wearing a black robe and a big red flower on her chest. The wrinkles on the old woman's face were thicker than a beehive. Her pair of green eyes were sunken in her loose eye sockets. It was impossible to find her eyes without looking carefully.

“You look so unfamiliar. Why haven't I seen you before?”

When the old woman asked this question, her eyes seemed to have widened a little, as if the two bean-sized beads were about to burst out from the loose pile of meat.

Before Zhou Ze and Lawyer An could think of an answer to this question, the old woman continued to berate them, “This table is prepared for the souls of our foreign friends. What right do you Chinese ghosts have to sit at this table!”

“…” Zhou Ze.

“…” Lawyer An.

At that moment, the sound of gongs and drums suddenly came from outside. The atmosphere at the other tables nearby suddenly became lively and burst into cheers, as if some big shot was about to appear.

The old woman's attention was also attracted by that side. She seemed to have something to do and could not be delayed for too long. When she shifted her attention back to this table, she discovered that Zhou Ze and Lawyer An were chatting happily with the seven foreign devils on the table, especially Lawyer An. He had even touched the foreign girl's hand and was talking about some foreign joke, causing the foreign girl to laugh nonstop.

Seeing this scene, the old woman's expression eased up quite a bit. She didn't say anything else. Instead, she hurried to the liveliest place to receive them. She had a lot of things to do, but she didn't have the time to waste on a few stray ghosts. There were quite a few people who came to freeload today, but it didn't matter. It was a big day anyway, so she just wanted to have some fun.

Zhou Ze and a few other foreigners beside him spat at the Republicans and sat down. Lawyer An was not interested in the foreign girl who had been dead for more than a hundred years and sat down.

“Boss, it seems like someone is getting married.”

Zhou Ze nodded. The foreigners did have some information. They said that someone was getting married today and that they were invited.

“This ghost wedding is quite grand. All the spirits and spirits in this mountainous area seem to be here. The old woman in charge just now looked like a fox demon.”

“Fortunately, we're not living people,” Lawyer An said with a smile. “We're not afraid of being exposed.”

At that moment, the old woman returned. Behind her was a big figure with a broad body who was surrounded by everyone. They had specially come to this table,

“Pour the wine, toast!” The old woman whispered to Lawyer An and Zhou Ze. Lawyer An immediately nodded, picked up the wine jar, and poured the wine for the seven foreign devils. When he poured the wine into the bowl in front of Zhou Ze, he made a hand gesture, indicating that Lawyer An should pour less. Lawyer An nodded, indicating that he understood. Then, Zhou Ze saw that the bowl in front of him was filled to the brim. It was overflowing.

“…” Zhou Ze.

Only a small amount was poured into Lawyer An's bowl.

A table full of people collectively toasted. The big shot who was surrounded by seven foreign devils who toasted him seemed to be very happy. He had a lot of faces. His heart seemed to be sweeter than honey. He even revealed an expression of fear and trepidation.

This big shot was an official of the Qing dynasty. His knee had been broken by the foreign devils. He was still so scared as a ghost.

Lawyer An muttered in his heart. While he was toasting, he picked up his wine gla.s.s. Suddenly, he was. .h.i.t by something beside him. The bowl in his hand fell to the ground. Everyone at the table looked at him. Lawyer An was a little embarra.s.sed. He immediately motioned for him to pour another toast. Zhou Ze picked up the big wine jar and placed it in front of him!

“…” Lawyer An.

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