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The hall was full of zombies, as far as my eyes could see, I had forgotten that Doommew was level 20, therefore, what for her was nothing, for me it could be my end. Instinctively I looked at my body, it was no longer just a metal head, it had a ma.s.sive body like that of a Gorilla, maybe more truthfully, although my body was that of a gorilla, I was still a machine, or something like that. On top of that it could magically turn into a wagon that looked like a toy. A ride for a 10 year old. I no longer depended on my force field to defend my life, although maybe yes. For a moment I was tempted to shoot them with the lacer rays of my canyon on my arm, it would be counterproductive, since my force field would be consumed.

For a few nanoseconds I released control of my mechanical body, to relax, so I returned to my dark world, which was the first place where I woke up, after being reborn in this zombie-ridden world. I saw the three monitors in front of me, on the left I could see the list of all my spells, on the right my fast status and on the front my life bar and the world around me. I didn't need to let go of my body to come back here, just thinking what I wanted to see was enough. Because the sound of the systems behind me was rea.s.suring, but I didn't want to look behind me because behind me there is nothing, but the darkness of an infinite abyss.

My eyes checked my spells and when I reached "Electric Wave", I remembered that I could roast 10 zombies and half toast another 5. Then without thinking about it I held my arm with the cannon and said:

"Electric Wave! Electric Wave!"

"Ping! there is not enough mana!" Me dijo el Omnivaiz

"Got d.a.m.n!" I would have liked to shoot multiple times, right in front of the door, but I only managed to shoot in the areas where I would possibly land.

"Ding, Ding! You have spent 3 pts of mana, 3 pts of spirit, 1 pts of vitality, 1 resistance, 1 stamina, 13 more used to level up" Ominivaiz told me.

Waves of white energy were produced when casting the spell, these were the height of an average person and the width of three people together or standing next to each other. The crosses the bodies of zombies, roasting them to ashes.

I do not need to use the canyon to trigger the spell, but this is the equivalent of my magic wand, which helps me channel my spell more efficiently as well as helping me to aim better.

I briefly looked at the consumption of statistics in my dark world, displaying it on the monitor on the right that said:

Health: 209/209.

Mana : 6/20 (111) pts.

Spirit: 1/13 (56) pts.

Vitality: 10/19 (57) pts.

Stamina: 18/19 (57) pts.

Resistance: 1/10 (108) pts.

Regeneration 21/21(38)pts

Originally my plan was for him to regenerate, my status points, at least 3 points from here to the floor, over our heads, to reach a regular status. The problem with this data was that it was not possible form me to use any of the spells that consumed, spirit as fuel for its launch, the only thing that encourages me is that both the Force Field, and the Light as a feather spell, these reduce the damage that I receive, therefore the damage that I would receive would go directly to vitality and then to my life points. In a clearer way….

"Ding! Ding!" You have risen to level 5, earned 15 points! " My Omnivaiz told me, interrupting my thoughts.

So I saw my fast status and realized that all my status was full. Then I remember that previously I already had 5 points acc.u.mulated with what my acc.u.mulated points would be a total 20 point, and looking at the current regeneration it had 21 points, which means that in a regenerative hour approximately one point every 3 minutes, to all my status, so seeing the situation I was, I decided invested the 20 acc.u.mulated points that I had in regeneration points, so I fixing my mind on the regeneration status, the following label appeared that made me feel like a fool:

"You can use your regeneration acc.u.mulated point, to regenerate any type of status point, that you need fill to use!" It was then that I remembered that the points could be used and that these not only represented the speed with which the points regenerated.

What made me scold myself.

"Idiot, idiot, it means that I could have covered my team with force field and I would have had plenty of other things." I thought.

Then angrily I yell:

"Electric Wave! Electric Wave! Electric Wave! Electric Wave!"

"Ping! there is not enough spirit! Ding, Ding! You have spent 9 pts of mana, 9 pts of spirit, 3 pts of vitality, 3 resistance, 3 stamina, 10 more used to level up" Ominivaiz told me.

"Ding! Ding! " You have risen to level 5, earned 10 points! " my Omnivaiz told me.

It was at this time that I decided to invest all the points I goin to received in regeneration, up to 100 points, which would mean that every 6 seconds I would receive a status regeneration point.

After seeing all the charred bodies, I came to the conclusion that three of those Electric Wave were more than effective at frying more than half the horde. Although there were still many left behind, but for some reason it did not seem that they were interested in coming to this side.

"Crack crack crack!" I heard this sound three different parts one on the ceiling, one on the wall and the last one near me. Looking at what it was, I saw that Ryu had used his own strength to land.

So I press on regeneration, and regenerate: my mana, my spirit, stamina, life, and endurance. Leaving only 5 regeneration points available.

A few seconds later Doommew landed near us, while Hadouken was floating behind her.

"Why were you screaming so much ... Oops!" Doommew said as she looked everywhere and saw ashes and zombies lying on the floor.

"Sorry" She said while landed a soft fist, hitting her head, I'm almost sure that she sack her tongue out, while making a stupid face under her mask.

"Okay I forgive you, thanks to this error your I am 5 levels stronger than a moment ago! ... But please be more exact for the next time, you see a bad report can cost us our lives!" I said.

"Or to be very exact, my life!" I thought.

""Spherical force shield, "Spherical force shield, "Spherical force shield!" I said.

"Ding! You have spent 9 pts of mana, 6 pts of spirit, 3 pts of vitality, 3 resistance, 8 more used to level up" the Omnivaiz told me.

A semitransparent blue bubble appeared around them. And simulantly from under they red life points bar appeared a blue bar that said Force Field 100 pts.

Doommew touched the force field surrounding her and said:

"And this?. Not that you couldn't apply the force field to all of us!"

"Yes, but thanks to you I am 5 times stronger!..." I told her

Although it was not exact, with the last points, the truth is that I did not remember how my regeneration worked.

"…My abilities to regenerate my status points are 100% better than half an hour ago. Which means I can use my spells more freely!" I said.

"So now you're level 10?" Doommew said

"No, I'm level 7!" I said proudly.

She was thinking and was going to say something, but I was faster and I said:

"Ryu and Hadouken go and kill the zombies that can't move, break their brains until their Resistance reaches 0, don't cut off their heads!"

"For what?" Hadouken said.

"I'm going to try to create some more Rice Exterminators!"

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