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Chapter 26

Translator : humbletroll

Editor : Kuro_Ouji78

There is a system called duel in this game. It is something which is used for ensuring fair fights between players. When players are dueling, others can’t interfere in middle of the fight. There is also the kind of duels where the HP is shaved off normally like in an area and another where the winner is decided by number of hits. Usually, one does not die after losing.
However, If the settings is changed to death match mode the losing opponent dies. Naturally, I will not risk my life just for a match.

When I asked Kokuu what type of duel he wanted to do, he calmly proposed the ‘number of hits’ mode. Since in that mode one just needs to  hit their opponent, offensive power does not matter. Therefore, It’s possible to win the duel even if there is a difference of level between them. That means that this fellow completely underestimates me. Interesting…., I will surely defeat this fellow.

The person who hits his opponent 3 times will win the battle. By the time we finished setting the conditions for the duel, we were surrounded by a large numbers of players as if it was a show.
Maa.., its natural to attract attention since the famous Motoi and the rumoured Tachi user were having a duel. Probably, the result of the duel will be displayed on the bulletin board, therefore I cannot show myself in an unsightly form . Though I wanted to become famous in an event with a bang, this is also OK. Let me show you my skill here now!

The spearhead nearly grazed my mask and the wind gently brushes against my face. The spearhead is once again projected towards me and I avoid it by using 〈〈Step〉〉 and leap behind. His nickname is just not for show after all. The attack was quite fast. I thought I could defeat him easily if I got closer to him, but he’s clever. Even if I evade the attack I cannot counter it easily. Although I could do it using 〈〈Reverberation〉〉, I decided not to. Its better not reveal my trump cards as much as possible.

“I see. You have excellent movement. But you can’t win by merely avoiding my attacks! 〈〈Quad Stab〉〉.”

Kokuu’s spear shines blue and he thrusts at me in high-speed. When the skill was directed towards me I understood that it was amazing. The spear was thrusted at a speed which does not seem real. Four consecutive strikes were made.

Though I can see where the attack 〈〈Mikiri〉〉1 was coming from, my body couldn’t keep up with it. I think I can avoid it three times. I twist my body to the fullest and dodge the first blow. However, second attack will come soon. I stabbed my Tachi into the ground to regain the balance, leapt towards the right and dodged the attack. And now for the third attack. I make a big jump backwards and dodged it. I take a step towards Kokuu and he delivered the last blow.

———–I was waiting for this!

Against the oncoming spearhead, I step forward while lowering my stance. And then invoke 〈〈Parry〉〉 to catch the spearhead with the tip of the Tachi. I tip the blade sideways while slipping my Tachi into the gap in his flank and drove it into Kokuu’s chest. At the time of battle, a barrier is put up which does not let one feel any pain but gives a slight feeling of shock. The sound of gla.s.s being struck echoed when my Tachi hit the barrier.

“First of all, who do you think will win?”

A commotion arises within the spectators. After hearing my words Kokuu’s composed smile disappears.His eyes become sharp and his lips twitched. He silently grips his spear, glaring at me, and suddenly struck. Unlike before, the speed was considerably higher.

Has he finally become serious?
I nimbly deflect the continuous thrusts with the blade. If I twist my body to avoid the hits like a while ago then my stamina will not last long.

“You are pretty good, but can you avoid this? 〈〈Five Stabs〉〉2”

Five consecutive stab skill? The Spear turned blue like earlier and was thrusted at a high-speed.
So this is also a consecutive hit skill. I invoke to meet the attack. My Tachi shone  blue like Kokuu’s spear and start to move at high-speed. To deflect the high-speed attack, I also used a high-speed attack. Though the problem was that I could only do this a few more times.


After confirming that my skill had ended, Kokuu smiled as if he was mocking me. I’m really stupid. I was knocked backwards and felt the spearhead slightly grazing against my stomach. Being grazed is not counted as a hit. I stab my Tachi into the ground to regain my stance and just like earlier slip into his chest to slash——–!?

An intense shock ran through my flank. A sound of breaking of gla.s.s echoed at same time. When I looked at the spot where the attack hit, I see a spear caved in there. Was he able to attack even without the spearhead!?[EN:This makes very little sense.]

The spear vanished and I tumbled to the ground.

d.a.m.n! Is this a one on one?[EN:Dont know why he asked that.]

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