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Blade Online Chapter 24

【Event】 Blur on chat thread 1013 【Soon】

138: This adventurer is amazing! ID: 63125
Though I’m not one of the lead group, I’m super-strong.

139: This adventurer is amazing! ID: 00211
Will you say the same thing even with that Death Volcano?

140: This adventurer is amazing! ID: 19718
Which reminds me, I look at the other bulletin board, but there seem a guy used a Tachi in Golem Mountain.

141: This adventurer is amazing! ID:44263
He seems to beat golems with initial equipment.

142: This adventurer is amazing! ID:00211
Isn’t that a false rumor? Although Tachi is making a noise this and there, it was all a mis-information in the end. Or rather, isn’t it impossible to go in Golem Mountain with Initial equipment.

143: This adventurer is amazing! ID:24243
Seriously. Although I saw it with my own eyes, he almost defeat Gigant Golem alone. He’s absurdly strong.

144: This adventurer is amazing! ID: 28280
I also saw it. He used a silver overlay. Moreover, the boss with a single blow of that. Maybe he had a rare skill.

145: This adventurer is amazing! ID: 63125
>> 143-144
I second the false rumor. With a Tachi, moreover, with the same color as Ryuusei-tan that until now didn’t became a topic is strange. Though there is a guy who makes a ruckus about Tachi having a secret for a period of time.

146: This adventurer is amazing! ID: 19718
You guys have an amazing ID ww

147: This adventurer is amazing! ID: 44263
Though I recalled because of Golem, does Giant Slayer-san will also appear this time? Was this event subject to level restrictions?

148: This adventurer is amazing! ID: 63125
It is said that only above level 50 can partic.i.p.ate. It seems that Meteor-tan and Earthquake-san will appear.

149: This adventurer is amazing! ID: 76103
The only player that I heard will appear are
《Meteor》《Perfect Wall》《Epicenter》《Giant Slayer》《Pirate King (Temp)》《Hekatonkilo》《Wind princess》
Or so. 《Storm Emperor》 doesn’t seems to appear.

150: This adventurer is amazing! ID: 00211
I second. So Pirate King-san will appear www, will that guy still use eyepatch and a captain-like hat ww.

151: This adventurer is amazing! ID: 63125
I want to enter Pirate King’s guild www

152: This adventurer is amazing! ID: 94321
If I remember correctly, the person who’s in the top of the previous event will be seeded. The management also joined this game and looking at us.

153: This adventurer is amazing! ID: 00211
So Storm Emperor will not appear. So that means that one seed was gone.
I wonder which one is the strongest, Meteor-tan or Earthquake.

154: This adventurer is amazing! ID: 24243
Isn’t it no doubt Meteor-san , ks ( Kidoku Suru = Already read through)

155: This adventurer is amazing! ID: 19718
Beaten Meteor-san……hshs(Heavy breathing)

156: This adventurer is amazing! ID: 63125
I’ll protect Meteor-tan.

157: This adventure is amazing! ID: 00211

158: This adventurer is amazing! ID: 81438

157: This adventure is amazing! ID: 63125

Only one week left for the event. I’m looking forward to it.

158: This adventurer is amazing! ID: 99211
Which reminds me, It seems that some guild member of Earthquake-san come to the zombie town now. If I’m not mistaken, I feel like there is one who have a second name mixed in them

Since I have spare time, I tried to peek in the bulletin board, but as expected, a certain bulletin board is in merry. I wonder how it became this way. Or rather, Isn’t the two blonds are ID: 24243 and ID: 28280? What are you guys doing. Don’t you make an excessive rumor. I’ll partic.i.p.ate in the event after one week and I will make a spectacular show with a bang, since I planned to become a famous role, I still don’t need to become a rumor. So the level restriction is 50. So that means that many guys who are low-level than me are partic.i.p.ating. Yes! though it would be hard with 《Meteor》 , 《Epicenter》 or the ones who have second name, If it those guys who’s around level 50, I can probably defeat them pretty easy. Does Overlay is overlay skill type abbreviation? I don’t sometimes know because the mnemonic name in the bulletin board are at their own convenience. Meteor-tan is 《Meteor》, Earthquake-san is probably《Epicenter》 Or rather, what is 《Pirate king》. With (temp) or the likes and seems to be making fun of, but isn’t he have a second name. Is he strong? Ahhh, will you please become the event day quickly. Since the top prize-winner are rare item or the likes. Will I be able to have a cool second name. having a second name is somehow amazingly cool sounding.
When I asked the thing about the even to Ryuu and Rin, they said that they were going to see it. “You guys shall also look at my partic.i.p.ation by all means”, when I said that by joke, the two nodded in great excitement. Don’t be that much serious. If I got defeated by holder of second name at that time, won’t it became extremely embarra.s.sing…….
When I said it to the two. It seems like the event will start at noon after one week. The person who would like to partic.i.p.ate in the event should go there before three days because the partic.i.p.ant recruitment starts at that time. Since I seems to be able to warp from the warp gate of each town to the meeting place where the event is performed, I’ll go apply before three days. I’m looking forward to it.

So the guild member of 《Epicenter》 has come to the zombie town. Maybe the Zombie Town is 《Undead Carnival》. I may be able to meet them. Holder of Second Name. He’s probably quite strong. I’d like to fight with him once before going to the event.

Author note:

The next side story is the point of view of Rin.
I think of putting side story occasionally.

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