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Blade Online Chapter 21

「Excuse me!」

We, who returned to the town, come to the Inn where Ryuu and Rin are staying. Sometime ago the blond hairs 「Crazy, Seriously crazy. Thank you very very much」 etc, They tried to take out money but since I have enough I refused it, and say to quickly leave. And then, 「h.e.l.l, So cool」, I saw their eyes shining as they said it. Quickly leave because its disgusting.
Though this is made the same as the Inn where I stayed, there seems a fee when you asked the NPC to lend the kitchen. There should have no kitchen since my place had only a place to stay.
Ryuu lowering his head and Rin who seems to be uneasy and stares at him. Still,It seems that I’m being hard to Ryuu. It is not that I didn’t remember a little sense of guilt.
After we arrive at the Inn, I scolded Ryuu for exposing risked to his little sister Rin. I feel like I do a somewhat unnecessary thing like mixing my personal grudge.

「Because the older brother is born to protect his little sister, That is why its called ” Older Brother”. What should the Older Brother do when he injured his little sister, Ryuu. Protect Rin Properly」

〈kokukoku〉, Ryuu nodded many times, impressed to those words. Good Grief, am I in a position to say that. How should I put it , ” First of all, don’t be preoccupied with the matters about the other area”, is what I want to say and yet why this “Brother” thing became the topic. Since my situation is worst. It doesn’t like me to say such thing. my persona is changing. Pull yourself together, me.

「Um, Does Akatsuki-san have a younger sister or a younger brother?」

Rin curiously asked it. Well, I can’t say such thing like ‘I’m the only child’. Its a question that the failed older brother me don’t want to answer that much.

「There is, a younger sister. She also come to this world. I don’t know what she is doing right now」
「Is that so……Its good if you found her」

I wonder what should I do when I come across to Shiori. Though I was fired up a while ago when I’ll meet her and apologize, I wonder what she will do after apologizing. If i’m not mistaken, She had companions. Will they make me join them? Shiori abandoned me before? It appears as if that she want to say 「 I don’t care if you die」 in that situation when she abandoned me. Besides, apologizing after a long time? isn’t finished if she asked again with 「Haa?」? I feel like there is a dark emotion surging in my mind. The another self in my mind asked me. Do you really want to apologized to Shiori? Why do you want to apologized? How about Shiori?

ーーーDo you not hate Shiori who abandoned you?

「Akatsuki-san, what’s wrong?」

My sanity returned when I was called by Ryuu.What am I thinking while in daze? What battle manga is this interacting with another self in his own mind. It is impossible to beat myself because I’m naive.

「Sorry, my bad. I was just absentminded a little. Anyways, what are you going doing after this?
「What should we do……ah, we promised to treat you a feast with Rin’s cooking right!」

Ah, I completely forgot it. When I asked what I’m going to do, though I said ” how about joining another party”, that topic would not be late to say even after eating something.
Bringing up the topic, Rin seems to looked awkward for a moment.

「Ehmm, come to think of it, I run out of ingredients now. Because of that, I have to buy something……」

Rin said apologetically. So there is no ingredient. I’m a little disappointed to hear not to eat immediately because my belly is quite hungry.

「And then, though I planned to procure ingredients from now on, What do you want to eat Akatsuki-san? Though it is impossible for such complicated dish,……if there is some you want to eat………」

Something want to eat. When I heard of it, I don’t think of it that much. because I only eat nothing but meat and fruit for the last one year. Haa. I want to eat white rice, miso soup, grilled fish and pickles that my grandmother cooks when I was a NEET.

「How about white rice and miso soup something j.a.panese food. Can you make that kind?」

Once hearing it, She have an unexpected like face. What is it, j.a.panese food is great. Such thing as freshly cooked rice and piping hot miso soup, certainly fantastic. I’m glad I’m born in j.a.pan.

「Akatsuki-san is a j.a.panese food lover right. I can make it? there should have such thing as rice and miso soup selling here. Ryuu, Since I’m going to shopping, please take care of Akatsuki-san」

When I say my order, Rin said to Ryuu and opened the door and leave. What an energetic child……. Ryuu also have a wry smile seeing the door making a closing noise.” Yeah……You also seem to have a hard time. Do your best.” I send the words of support with my eyes. I don’t know if its transmitted or not.
It seems to take quite a time for coming back from shopping and cooking, shall I go to Lencea-san’s place to get the armors?.

「Ryuu, Because there’s a place I’d like to go , I’ll go out for a while. I’ll return before the meal is made」
「Eh, Okay. I understand」

I go out of the Inn informing Ryuu. The destination is that blacksmithery. I jog while ignoring the line of sights of the players. I was able to immediately arrive because I already remembered the place. What an ill-mannered people staring at other people’s weapon.
I’ve became irritated as usual and opened the door again after half day, 「Ra.s.shaii」(Welcome), I heard the same clear voice. 「I was waiting.」, Lencea-san said sleepily when I went to the counter.
Long sword and armor suddenly appeared from her hands and place it on the counter. I thought that It looked like a magic.

「Its an amazing material as expected. I only make it but my blacksmith skill greatly went up. You’re not an ordinary person as expected, right, Akatsuki-kun」
「And, How much should I pay for it?」
「Hummー, 100,000 taels」

100,000 tales, that quite expensive. Certainly It feels like that it was hard to make weapon and armor as the rarity gets higher. And the higher the level of blacksmith skill, the higher the completion time and degree of perfection. Well, such thing as a famous blacksmith would be in a high-level area, since it would get attention there, Its just good here.

「I understand. Thank you very much.」

I put the bag with 100,000 taels in the counter with a pop and collect the Long Sword and armor. By the way, If the money is not paid or steals, they are forced to warp to the prison that is in the end of this world. And it seems to receive some penalty. Even so, Only just the PK is somehow can not be forced warp. It isn’t accused if they didn’t send a mail as 『PK report』 that is in the status to the management. It should not just me here who sense the malice of the management.

「……Thank you for your patronageー. Ah, since there is a skill attached in the armor and Long Sword. Make sure to confirm it later」

There is a skilled attached? I want 【Vitality】 if possible. It would make my survival rate fairly high if I can evade instant death. I’ll postpone wearing the armor, I left the blacksmithery. In my back, 「Akatsuki-kunー. I’ll remember your faceー」,though I heard it, I ignore it.



This is the paragraph that greatly takes my time and the reason why it takes long time before this is released

My translation

〈kokukoku〉, Ryuu nodded many times impressed to those words. Good Grief, am I in a position to say that. ‘or rather at first don’t be preoccupied with the thing about the other area’, is the thing I want to say and yet why this Brother thing became the topic. Since my situation is too much. It doesn’t like me to say such thing. my persona is changing. Pull yourself together, I.

If you can somehow read j.a.panese, Please help me lol.

Koku means nod, its onomatopoeia  for nod. Its kinda weird if I make it nod nod.

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