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Blade Online Chapter 19

We, who had returned halfway the mountain decided to talk about the boss. Intending to challenge means that they should have information about it to a some extent.

「Uhmm, well, the boss’ name is Giganto Golem」

Giganto Golem’s giant body is made of a giant steel and it seems tough. A shape without leg like it is buried into a ground. Though the head is the weakness, its too high and attacks can’t reach. It seems that the conquering group destroyed one arm to loose its attack and simultaneously start to attack to defeat it. It seems it takes considerable time to defeat since the body is tough.
……Just by hearing it, its seems quite strong but how do these two plan to defeat it? On inquiry, It appears that they planned to make Ryuu destroy the arm with the axe and with its chance, Rin will attack the body to defeat it. ……I’m too amazed I can’t say anything. Isn’t it impossible for the two of them to defeat it when the conquering group takes a long time to finally defeat it. This is too reckless…….

「ughー……. After all we pa.s.sed the suitable level, and Ryuu also can properly show the effect of Damage type Skill, we though since we quite understand it……」

Rin puff her checks and Ryuu scratching his head. There’s a need for these two to know how terrifying the boss are. Even if you pa.s.sed the suitable level, Its not good if it just about 3 or 4 levels. Because the boss’ level setting needed a group to challenge it. Though it will be easy for a moment if you pa.s.sed the suitable level, you will die around nine times if you got c.o.c.ky.

「Ah, which reminds me, Giganto golem is one of the monster that appeared in the first event! Did you know the person who uses an axe and defeat that golem alone at that time!? 」

It was a sudden change of topic. These guys didn’t really know how terrifying the boss are……. Ryuu have a wry smile in the appearance of his little sister. “Rin seems strong-willed, so you must have suffered as well”, I wordlessly conveyed my condolences through my eyes. Though I don’t know if its transmitted or not. hnn, but defeating the boss alone is a good thing. Everybody’s level should not be that high in the first event. I’m a little interested. Before I say, ” I’m not aware of it”, Rin started to talk about that person.

「That person’s second name is 《Golem Slayer》! Destroying the arm of Giganto Golem with 【Helm Splitter】 and stopping it by stabbing with【Swing Square】 is really cool~! He’s really an extremely cool guy with a red hair! Ahh- if only I’m a little older and stronger, I want to be in a party with the person~!」

Based on what Rin says, that guy 《Golem Slayer》 seems to be not in a guild. With that much power, he’s probably invited in various guild. And yet, Why he’s not joining a guild? It would be safer being in a guild. 《Storm Emperor》 and that Cool-guy, there’s quite a guy who’s not in a guild. Well, there would be rule and other things if they joined a guild, I don’t want to join though. These people perhaps want to be free. Even so its seems not gonna happen having a red hair as a real hair, he probably tamper the outward appearance. Its probably good if I also set as a cool-guy a little.

Despite of derailing the discussion in such a way a number of times and spending a lot of time, we finally started to talk about the strategy of defeating the Giganto Golem. Rin is only attracted in physical looks……
The strategy is this. Ryuu and Rin will attract the attention of Giganto Golem and I will attack when a chance is made. In case of the head not reaching because of being too high, It will be a turn for 【Sky Walk】. I’ll probably defeat it by smashing its face with a skill. Though I heard Ryuu say, ” Are you okay in Initial Equipment?”, I replied “Its alright there’s no problem”. Though I’m a little worried about the defense, Its no problem if I avoid it.

「Then, Shall we go?」

Though I understand the change in the atmosphere in the surroundings when nearing the summit. Suffocating while the skin is stinging in stimulus. Its the same as that time of Gruvajio. I heard the sound of the throat of Ryuu and Rin. To be frank, I a.s.sured that they would unnecessary since I heard the situation, but I can’t somehow abandon them. Is it because they’re Older brother and younger sister?.  Whenever I look at these two, my heart is strangely noisy. Although Rin doesn’t look like Shiori, but somehow I see her as such. ……Well, Probably I can’t abandon them because she will make me a meal. I’m looking forward to the meal.


The ground shook greatly. What is it!? “There isn’t nothing except Gigianto Golem beyond this point’, is what Ryuu says. Perhaps, there is someone fighting Giganto Golem?

「Ryuu. Isn’t this different from what you said」

Ryuu said , ” There isn’t anyone here said by the preceding visitor because the players here just increased their level without fighting the boss”. Most of the players in this world seems to not challenge the boss and raise their level and when they reached the suitable level, they would move to the next area, and repeat it and be stronger. Because they would recruit to make a party for several days and carefully prepare when fighting a boss, if it happens that someone challenging the boss, they should have noticed immediately by the players that makes this place a hunting ground. I did not sense such feeling when were halfway the mountain a while ago.
After Ryuu’s body shake with a start, he bows his head in sorry. ……Although I don’t express that much blaming.

「For the time being, Lets approach and look at the situation. Because trespa.s.sing incidentally when fighting a boss is a bad manners, If someone is fighting it, lets do it tomorrow.」

Basically, the player is noninterference inside the area. However, Its an exception when they’re really in a pinch, with the exception of overcoming it with your own strength.
We hurried to the summit by running.

「Uwaaaaaaa!! Its coming!!」
「Hoy! Properly attract this guy’s attack! aren’t you just running from place to place! 」

aa……. It seems that there are reckless guys besides Ryuu and Rin. The two blond hair that quarreled with me before halfway the mountain is being drive to corner by Giganto Golem. The player won’t be able to escape until it is defeated when the boss fight begun. Though I can help if I entered from the outside.

Gigiant Golem is huge as what I heard in the discussion. The dull and brilliant body seems quite tough. No wonder the conquering group struggled. The head is the only one made from stone somehow but well, It doesn’t matter with that much height. The body seems to be sprout from the ground and unable to move, but it seems can reach its attack from all direction because of being in the center of the summit. It faced the direction of the blond hairs that is running from place to place by rotating its body and squash them with that giant palm.

To not be dragged into the boss fight, we stand one step short of the summit and look at the screaming blond hairs. Ryuu and Rin have a pale face overwhelmed by the power of Gigant Golem. Well, Its understandable since if we were be in the same situation if we make a small mistake.
Were we who are looking from the safe point noticed? the two blond hair started to run in our direction. HP of the both is shaved to half and Stamina also almost nothing left.

「H-Hoy! Help us!」

〈banban〉, The blond hairs asking for help while beating the transparent wall. This guy’s movement looks funny when looking similar to which pantomime doing. I laugh unconsciously.

「W-what are you laughing! Quickly enter here and help us!」
「Not good, The golem is facing this direction!」

Requesting for help to the person who you make fun of is really pathetic guy. Besides, that is not how you to ask. Do you think I’ll help someone like you like that?
Ryuu and Rin stares at me. It seems that I may decide on what’s going to do.

「Why do you guys thought challenging the boss?」

I asked why.

「I- Isn’t that thing not important right now!? It is because we thought we can since we reached the suitable level!」
「Hoy! Quickly Help us! The golem is attacking!」

Giganto Golem is seen raising its fist aiming for the two. These guys would probably die if they completely eat this with their HP right now. That is why, I said to this guy.

「I would not be able to help you guys with the insane me who’s in the Initial Equipment and using the super low cla.s.s weapon. Moreover, s.n.a.t.c.hing other people’s prey is a bad mannerー」
「D- Don’t joke around! H-Help us! Please!」
「We’ll pay no matter how much! because we will give all our weapons!」

What should I doー. I’m not pleased with the change of att.i.tude being such manner a while agoー. I was tapped in my shoulder while I’m expressing a grinning smile. I saw the eyes of Rin which seems to be crying when turning around.

「Please help them……」

Somehow, my feeling would be in amiss whenever I’m with these two. It can’t be helped. Because there would be a bad aftertaste even such guys die.

「Lets go!」

I step into the summit drawing the Long Sword, I stand in front of the blond hairs receiving the fist. I was attacked by a terrifying impact, I couldn’t stand and was blown to the back. I crashed into the transparent wall with the blond hairs, My consciousness is about to be cut. I saw the HP decreased a little.


Ryuu and Rin entered inside pa.s.sing through the wall. It became impossible to go back any longer. Because there is only defeating Gigant Golem in front of me to return alive from here.

「S-sorry……I’m saved……」
「I’m very grateful」

The blond hairs yieldingly bows their head. Ahh stop it, move back because its irritating.

「since we are going to defeat this one now, you two must run away to not be his target」

I glared at the Gigant Golem brushing aside the blond hairs.

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