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On the second night at LMP, Wei Yang had a call with Xiahou Xuan and Mo for a while as she was accompanied by Angela. Wei Yang did not get to sleep very well, but at least she had a shallow one for a few hours and her spirit was much better than the first day.

After shower, they went downstairs for breakfast. Angela said, “Oh, Wei Yang, you're old for bedtime stories! I really took you in. You must be a spoiled child!"

Wei Yang thought of her beloved aunt. She showed more gentleness on her eyes, then she nodded and said, "I have a pet nurse who spoils me very much."

“Oh, my friend, why is there sadness in your eyes?” Angela felt so sensitive about her feelings.

“I miss her very much, but she is gone.” Wei Yang lifted her lips, then opened the corners of her mouth, and laughed, like pear blossoms, “But I will always find her. She could not bear not to see me.”

“Yes! Your nurse for sure is missing you too!” Angela comforted.

When they reached the table, Qin Guan and Qin Yan were already there. When they sat down, Qin Guan called the waiter and said to Wei Yang, “There is cake in breakfast today. Do you want it?”

This was what Qin Guan asked for in the kitchen last night.

“Really? I want it!” Wei Yang glared at him with joy and became bright in an instant. “Do you have strawberry cake?”

“Yes.” The waiter nodded.

“I want a gla.s.s of orange juice, a strawberry cake, a fried egg with a single side, topped with tomato juice.” Wei Yang obviously didn't eat the previous day in the morning, so that day, she's in a very good mood to have breakfast.

Qin Guan bowed his head and drank a cup of coffee to hide the smile on his lips.

After meal, “What cla.s.s are you two waiting for today?” Qin Yan wiped the corners of his mouth and asked.

“Appreciation of cla.s.sical music.” Angela said, “Public cla.s.ses can be joined with Wei Yang.”

“Yeah. I don't know if this cla.s.s will be one of Professor Crow's?” Apparently, after the first day of 'thrilling', Wei Yang got really curious about the two professors. Most importantly, she can see that those two people had different feelings from the ordinary people. But whatever that was, she can't say them clearly, or maybe she was just overthinking.

“Professor Crow has professional courses in the three branches, so the public cla.s.s is beyond reach.” Qin Guan didn't have cla.s.ses that morning, so he would just go to the library to read books instead.

“Well? So, what does Professor Crow teach you?" Wei Yang asked.

“Whose a.s.sistant is the minister?” Without waiting for Qin Guan's reply, Angela asked in a rather silent way.

“Arthem engineering.” Wei Yang expressed an 'as it is' look, receiving two eyes from Angela and Qin Yan.

“The two professors of Crow mainly teach us some professional courses of LMP. Isn't it our school uniform is similar to his face?” Qin Yan shrugged his shoulders humorously and said that as many people in the hall were watching him. It seemed like the challenging Professor Crow's authority was a great event to focus on.

When Wei Yang and Angela went into the cla.s.sroom together, they were dragged by the noise in the corner of the cla.s.sroom.

They looked at it, and it turned out to be a group of people surrounded by a pale thin boy, and men and women, who were laughing and scorning him. Moving closer, Wei Yang found that the words from those people were not difficult to hear, without dirty words, but those people were very contemptuous of the boy who was surrounded.

The boy was wearing an ordinary black school uniform, but she saw his thin figure stiffly, and occasionally coughed in a low voice, which attracted more contempt from the people around him. Wei Yang was puzzled. She had a sick seedling about what reason those people spared no effort to satirize him.

“Who is he?” Because she could not see the boy's face clearly, Wei Yang had to ask Angela.

“He's Luo lixiu.” Angela didn't feel much about the scene because it was probably a common routine to see that scene almost every day. She added, “He's our medical freshmen. But he is also the sixth young master of Luo family, one of the young masters of the big family. But even if he is sick all day and his temper is very weak, the students who often taunt around him are also the children of the rival family of Luo.”

In the rules of the game where the strong were respected in LMP, such a pa.s.sive att.i.tude of resistance or even non-resistance cannot win everyone's sympathy. People will only give a cold look. When will this person cheer up? Maybe everyone will give some applause, but at that time, it's good not to put a foot on it.

“But how about Luo Weiqi? He doesn't care about him?” Wei Yang looked at Luo Lixiu's silhouette. He always seemed like he was hiding in his own world, and that all his voices were isolated from the outside. Whether it was harsh or pleasant, it was not a legacy of independence.

“As long as these people pay attention to their discretion and do not involve the interests of the Luo family, the boy will certainly not care about it. You know, the owner of the Luo family has announced that nine of them have the right to fight for inheritance!” Angela whispered while looking at Luo Lixiu, who was surrounded and thought if this fellow was really okay. Didn't he know how to resist? If she was that, she would blow up.

“Ohh?” Wei Yang picked up her eyebrows and looked at the young dragon of the ninth son of Luo. She could not believe that the son of the Luo family would have a harmless white rabbit like this one.

A gentle breeze rose from the window, blowing up the half-length black hair of the boy who was silently reading by the window for several centimeters. When he turned his head to pick up a book by the table, the handsome face shown to Wei Yang was suddenly covered with a few inches of golden light.

He looked like with almost no flesh on the cheeks, had morbid paleness and some dry lips, glossy grey pupils, and had extremely slender five fingers – a quiet, sick man. At that time, Luo Lixiu was like a melancholy Jiangnan prince who came out of an ancient picture scroll. The green leaves that floated outside the window behind him instantly turned into cherry petals in Wei Yang's eyes, and fell down in great numbers, a small piece of which still lingered on the back of his hand.

Unconsciously, Wei Yang went to Luo Lixiu's side, reached out and took away the tender green leaf, and looked at it for a long time. It was a green leaf, but in her eyes, it became a cherry petal which was exactly the same as the cherry petals on the music box she loved when she was a child. Looking at it, she seemed to hear the familiar “For Alice” again, which was crisp and pleasant, and also caused her to cry.

Wei Yang looked up and suddenly thought that maybe this could be the reason for her to protect this cherry blossom.

“Hey! Luo Lixiu! From now on, I will cover you!” Wei Yang took a breath, patted his desk, and smiled.

Luo Lixiu also looked up slightly with confusion even though the girl in front of him knew that it was the new lady of Xiahou's family.

Wei yang tried to open her mouth to the sick man. It was a pity that such a “good” bag was so good, but since the Miss took over, well there's no reason to abandon it, "Well, I know that you are very touched! But it's okay. Habit is good!"

Luo Lixiu hesitated to nod, like a small white rabbit bowed his head, where no one can see. His eyes glided happily.

“Look at it! Look at it! Don't go away! Block this Miss's cla.s.s!” Wei Yang frowned and pointed at his cold face. She took a thick copy of “Appreciation of Cla.s.sical Music” on the desk. As a matter of fact, she frightened many people, and then the bell rang on time.

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