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Being the young lady of the Xiahou family, Wei Yang was also a figure in the LMP, including Angela who's jumping off and had the glory of the William family. When they both appeared at the foot of the hill, they received most of the people's attention – of course, half of them turned their heads at once.

For these curious, and malicious sights, Wei Yang just raised her eyebrows and walked to the top of the tower side by side with Angela.

“Wei Yang!” Angela gave a low cry while pulling Wei Yang's sleeve, and said, “Are we really going? Up to this time, only two people have the right to go up.” Angela and Wei Yang can easily occupy the closest place to the top of the tower by their family backgrounds, but the unique tower top was as sacred and inviolable. Only if they were recognized by everyone, not for family background, can they get on. Otherwise, everyone else will not agree to let them pa.s.s.

“What is the qualification to go up?” Wei Yang was pulled by Angela to the iron bench beside them. A cold feeling penetrated her heart from the skin. She could not help shivering and looking at the wooden benches on the top of the tower. She coveted going there even more.

“At least every cla.s.s is the first among the professors. A professor acknowledges personally that it is not a school year exam. Of course, it's just the first grade in a branch." Angela thought about it for a moment, figuring out if she forgot something else. But no, she thought she explained everything well already.

Wei Yang nodded, then picked up Angela who was paralyzed on her chair and refused to walk. Although the weather was still muggy in September, she could not stand the freezing cold feeling from the iron chair.

“Hey, little girl!” Together, they heard the voice of a picky girl behind them.

Angela knew that voice the moment she heard it! She pouted her lips in disgust and pulled Wei Yang immediately to leave as soon as possible, only to find that the people around them instinctively turned away.

“I'm sorry, but even though I'd like to say ‘Hey, handsome guy', it seems like if I do that, it wouldn't be true.” Wei Yang said after she turned around and watched the man standing on the top of the tower. She looked at him from head to feet. His eyes were very bare and this made her very uncomfortable because she thought that the other party was molesting a child.

Wei Jianfeng's face suddenly changed, seemingly with a poisonous snake-like eyes on the hearsay in front of Wei Yang, sneered, and then said, “Ah. The young lady of the Xiahou family.  You know this is not the case.”

“Uh huh…” Wei Yang was in front of him, but when it came to such matters, he couldn't ignore it. He smiled and said, “If you want to learn from Professor Harris, you don't have to be in the public eye. Professor Harris will be angry because you do not know it.”

After that, everyone grinned grimly, but some of them were wronged by Wei Jianfeng and glared at Wei Yang.

At that time, Wei Jianfeng's body stiffened and seemed to be looking at the distance. Wei Yang was puzzled. She felt the steel needle in her hand to prevent the other side from cheating. Then she turned her head and looked at Professor Harris who just pa.s.sed by.  But Professor Harris, who feared Wei Jianfeng, didn't seem to see or hear the commotion, so even Yu Guang didn't give them the small things about the Fengyun tower.

Wei Yang shrugged her shoulders. The professor was so boring, she admitted it to herself. It was really hard. He didn't know how the two girls who stood on the top of the tower could do it. In this respect, Wei Yang was still admired by him very much.

“Xiahou Wei Yang. The name is wonderful.” Wei Jianfeng stepped down because he just pa.s.sed the ice that never melted all the year round. He revived his banner and laughed sneeringly again, which made Wei Yang shake her head and thought that it was too inconvenient to watch.

“Wei Jianfeng's name is wonderful, too!” Angela decided to defend her good friend and stood in the same line with Wei Yang. She then secretly told her the ident.i.ty of Wei Jianfeng - Wei Lan's side master.

“Angela William, you give me little nonsense!” Wei Jianfeng glared at Angela and then looked at Wei Yang and said, “I don't know if you deserve the surname Xiahou, but you can't afford to have the name Wei Yang! It belongs to our Princess Wei! How dare you surpa.s.s our princess?”

Although he did not like the woman named Wei Yang and he always felt that a woman cannot lead the Wei family, it was undeniable that even if he only heard of her in rumors, the style, talent and means that she sent out were all sacred and her contribution to the Wei family was indeed no less than Wei Lan.

After Wei Yang listened, she felt a little stunned and thought that she was seriously observed by the man named Wei Jianfeng. She can't find any similar person like him in any place. This was her first time to feel that thing. However, she remembered his name. He was a good bystander. He was only nine years old then. That time, he should be nineteen.

According to Angela's statement, the person who climbed the top of Fengyun Tower was a good one, then this member family of Wei should not be bad. But this had a too lascivious personality. Wei Yang was really not happy, she can't afford too much goodwill, but she didn't want to be martyrdom. After all, she was from the same sect, she still loved her family.

After a few seconds of silence, she pulled out a cool smile and her voice became drifting, “But she died already.” Yes, dead. She lived in the world as Xiahou Weiyang, and she was not prepared to become Wei Yang again, because doing this mission was what's best for the Wei family.

Angela saw Wei Yang's mismatch and was busy pulling Wei Yang away from the eyes of all the people.

“Wei Yang, are you, all right?” When she got back to her room, Angela sat down beside Wei Yang, worried, and said, “That's the way Wei Jianfeng is. He's so bad. We all call him evil, but his strength is there, and we can't help it.”

“No, I'm not mad at him.” Wei Yang smiled. In fact, she was not as angry, but every time she thought that he's one of the Wei family, she would suddenly feel something different.

"Who is the other person on the top of the tower?" Wei Yang asked, she just didn't seem to see the person.

“Oh, dear, you really need some knowledge about our LMP! That man is of course the Minister of our University, Qin Guan!” Angela sighed and stroked her forehead.

The expression amused Wei Yang to giggle, and then she slapped Angela on the shoulder and said, “Then this evening, Professor Angela will teach the poor Miss Xiahou about LMP!”

“That, of course! Otherwise, isn't it a shame to go out with me?” Angela spoke poorly and Wei Yang complied with her own wishes. With an old fist, she kissed her cheek and made a splash of egrets scream.

After the fight, Angela looked at the time and asked, “What cla.s.s do you wait for? I am going to the Chinese herbal medicine foundation.”

"Introduction to arms economy. This is a good thing for the underworld children to learn." Wei Yang said.

“Unfortunately, I haven't met you in the elective course, otherwise I would have reported tennis lessons with you.” Angela shouted, holding Wei Yang who wanted to roll on the bed.

Then, Wei Yang suddenly shouted indecently. “The equestrian you chose is not bad. I like horse riding very much.” Although there was a horse in the racecourse (specially referred to as the capital city), it was abhorrent to dare to despise her!

“Then come to me next time when I take equestrian lessons! Let me have a look at my dear darling!"

“OK, then I'll play tennis, and you can play a game with me.” Wei Yang nodded in agreement.

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