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After the two girls slept until two o’clock, Mo suddenly called Wei Yang's phone, called her a lazy little pig, and asked her to get up of the bed.

After Wei Yang woke up, she used her ankle to smash Angela who was dazed and confused, and then they went to the bathroom to wash their face.

“Oh, my miserable Miss Xiahou.” Angela suddenly sighed heavily and said. She wanted to cover the dark circles under the lower eyelids of Wei Yang. She shook her head and squinted her eyebrows because she can't do anything about it. She still tried even if some make-up won't work. She showed a very complex expression, dragging a long aristocratic accent, and asked, “What’s the matter with you?" After hanging up the phone, Wei Yang could see that she looked so distressed.

Wei Yang controlled her face muscles and pulled a smile. She bit her teeth and said, “Have you painted it?” She really didn’t want those make-up to be put on her face, but she was very resentful with Angela’s eyes, so she already compromised with her.

“All right!” Angela clapped her hands after polishing a layer of honey powder using the largest brush and said with a sense of accomplishment, “Oh, that’s perfect. I almost got crazy because of you!”

Wei Yang only felt that her mouth, eyes, and eyebrows were stiff. Angela did not make any mistake and her face did not look terrible, though. It's only because Wei Yang heard the tone of Mo's voice that sounded like he had a fatigue. She was only worried about him because he would not speak to her.

“All right, all right. No fun.” Angela shrugged her shoulders and jumped onto Wei Yang’s wardrobe, wondering many times how luxurious her clothes were and fantasizing about the limited editions that there were.

Wei Yang sighed, turned over her white eyes to show disdain, and then said, “I haven’t worn any of those clothes. Take away any one you like."

“Which one? This one?” Angela said with her eyes glittering like the stars, possessed by a rich kid like Wei Yang.

Wei Yang looked like completely defeated, so she bowed her head faintly and said, “Whatever you like.”

“Oh!” Angela cried happily and took Wei Yang's arms to hug her, and then she quickly stepped aside and said, “You are very kind, Wei Yang! In return, I will choose and give my pre-loved earrings to you! Eh… Actually, I’d like to take all the clothes away. You know, these clothes are so beautiful. I don’t think I can get them in the store because your brother packed them all for you!" After a pause, she said unhappily, "But only a few can be taken because you are ten centimeters shorter than I am…” After she finished, she jumped to the right and escaped Wei Yang's big pillow!

Finally, when they arrived at school and roamed around, she became a little more normal that she got herself to ask Wei Yang seriously, “Who just called you on the phone to tell you to get up on the bed? You don’t seem to be happy? Isn't that your brother?"

In Angela's mind, she believed that Wei Yang and Xiahou Xuan already drew a great connection! It felt like a future husband and wife relationship! Her heart was giggling while thinking that her friend will be the lady of Xiahou family in the future. But suddenly, she began to frown when she thought that maybe, she was wrong because it seemed like Wei Yang can become a lady of the other families, not only of the Xiahou family.

Wei Yang just rolled her eyes on Angela and didn't speak. Angela took it positively, though.

In the afternoon, the two girls with no cla.s.ses rushed to the nearest confectionery store with their bank cards. They patted their bags and smiled at each other, and then they went back to school.

There was a small hill on the side of the LMP castle. In the afternoon, the LMPs who had no cla.s.ses always liked to gather there, or read, or play. In short, they were very lively. And because almost all the LMP people were gathered there, people also called it Fengyun tower.

The stronger the LMP was, the higher the place will be. Over time, this small hill called the Fengyun Tower drew a norm to its top. It became something that all people looked up to. Everyone wanted to go to the top of the tower and enjoy the feeling of looking down at the other people.

“There are so many people there.” Wei Yang licked the plum lollipop she held on one hand, while the other pointed to the Fengyun tower.

Angela looked at the place she pointed to, then she took a deep breath and spitted the banana milk juice on her mouth. “Cough and cough… Gosh! Did you do any research before you come to this school? Obviously, you didn't because you don’t know such an important symbol of LMP! You, you… Really mad at me!” She said showing a bitter face of “You really do not live up to expectations.”

Wei Yang raised her eyebrow and then slapped Angela’s back, and then she said, “Whatever! Nonsense, don’t tell it to me anyway!”

“Puff…” Angela just took a sip of milk to cool off and rolled her eyes on Wei Yang. She coughed a few times and then said helplessly, “This is the Fengyun tower, the spiritual symbol of our LMP. It makes us struggle for great strength, whether it is for our family or for ourselves…” Talking about these, Angela’s eyes appeared to be sincerely warm.

Yes, The Royal College of Edward, in the eyes of others, was a beautiful, magnificent, and unreachable aristocratic school. It was the home of all students, whether LMP, CC or HC. Before they entered the real world, they sheltered their ivory towers, even though they still had the power to fight, had struggles, or had family declines.

Wei Yang listened quietly until Angela finished her talk. She smiled gently in time. Although she couldn’t understand how it felt, she thought that one day, she would have such a deep attachment, because even if it was only for half a day, she gradually fell in love with the old college.

“Wei Yang, you know… Actually, being a member of the Xiahou family, you should really be happier, but not because of the family’s influence.” Angela put her hand on Wei Yang’s shoulder and suddenly said, "The Xiahou family, the Wei family, the Ling family, and the other heirs of these gangsters never had the opportunity to step into the school and enjoy such a carefree life. They still need to fight for their future. But you, a young lady of the Xiahou family, not only can enjoy the respect that a straight-line young lady can have, but also can live a simpler and really happy life. Of course, I am also very happy! Because I do not need to be like my eldest brother, having endless family tasks since childhood."

Wei Yang remained silent for a moment, then patted Angela who looked sad and said, “You are serious enough to talk, but you still talk like this.”

“…” Angela sighed and then yelled, “Hmp! You're going to die and die! This young lady is so sentimental that she was broken by a stinking girl!"

They laughed together again, but Wei Yang felt a little uneasy, because with Angela’s words, she also realized that Xiahou Xuan was good to her, so tolerant and indulgent that she got so spoiled.

Being Xiahou Xuan’s unconditional favorite, experiencing Mo’s meticulous care even without asking, Xiahou Zi’s proper indulgence, Xiahou Jiuyan’s silent care, Xiahou Zhi’s enthusiasm and Xiahou Linglong’s concern – all of these reminded her, so she suddenly thought about how lucky she was.

Wei Yang suddenly smiled and appreciated everything that she had. Perhaps, she should not always be obsessed with the loss of memory. Sometimes, isn't it good to have a memory loss?

Just after too much thoughts, Angela led Wei Yang onto the Fengyun tower.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ❤❤❤ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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