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The college covered a large area – the financial support of the school’s board of directors was large and the number of students was not that excessive, so each of the student’s apartment had 20 square meters. The style of the dormitories in each of the three campuses were different, but the layout and furnishings were the same. Of course, students can modify the interior according to their own preferences during their stay, but the general style will not change, at least to ensure that they can be restored when they move out.

The head of the university department was Qin Guan. He was a mixed-race child. His father was an Arab while his mother was a princess from a small country in Eastern Europe. He was serious and steady, knowledgeable, and possessed a strong leadership. The university and even the entire LMP branch had much respect in him. Of course, he was also an a.s.sistant professor of the ordinance engineering.

Qin Guan and a group of people arrived at a black castle. It seemed like dark green roses flashed in the brick wall, so that the whole castle was filled with an ancient atmosphere. This was a castle that belonged to the LMP alone, while the castle of the HC branch was yellow-green in color, and the castle of the CC branch was white. Although their styles were different, they still looked extremely beautiful.

When they entered the first floor of the castle, the golden chandeliers hung overhead and the melodious cla.s.sical music came from the corner of the open hall. Looking there, it turned out that a simple woman in a white dress was playing a black piano. Her name was Felia Miller, 43 years old. By appearance, people thought that she was a beautiful woman in her thirties. She was also the castle’s dormitory manager.

“Welcome to LMP College! If you have any questions in the future, you can look for Mrs. Miller or you can come directly to me. I’ll be very welcome.” Qin Guan politely waited for the end of Mrs. Miller’s song and introduced her to the freshmen, but no one could see the truth of his last remark because he was not very good-looking.

“Lovely children, do you still remember Mrs. Miller? For the new students here, this is Mrs. Miller.”

Mrs. Miller was obviously a very kind woman with a light makeup. She smiled and said, “Oh, let me see those lovely new faces.”

“These children are the new students in our branch, Mrs. Miller.” Qin Guan showed Mrs. Miller the new students and added, “And I believe children, that Mrs. Miller will be your second mother while you are staying here in your second home.”

After Qin Guan handed the man to Mrs. Miller, he left the hall with a group of old and new students.

“Oh, children, the new salute is on this side. Please come with me.” Mrs. Miller took the freshmen to the northeast corner of the hall where they were orderly arranged to have their presents opened for inspection because of possible irregularities and five middle-aged waitresses in pale blue cla.s.sical dresses helped her. The inspection work of the old students will be completed by the ministers and the a.s.sistants.

“Oh, boy, what is this?” Mrs. Miller was startled as she stood in front of a pile of pink boxes in Wei Yang's belongings and pointed to one of them.

“As you can see, it is a sniper rifle.” Wei Yang spread her hand and answered honestly.

Everyone took a sigh of relief. They saw the gangsters and young ladies and even touched and used sniper rifles. They were surprised that Wei Yang actually brought this kind of thing to school as it was not practical. Sniper rifle? The average person will choose to just carry a mini pistol!

“Oh, my G.o.d, child! School can’t allow you to bring these dangerous things. Of course, fruit knives also don’t count.” Mrs. Miller shook her head in an exaggerated way, frowned her eyebrows, and looked at it very well.

“But…” Wei Yang said as she choked down on half of the word again. She meant to say that someone else (that was, Luo Weiqi) was carrying the same, but thinking about this, she knew that it should be a hidden rule. Everyone carried it with them; it's not as blatant as she was. "I'm sorry, Mrs. Miller. I will let my people send it home."

“Oh, okay, good girl.” Mrs. Miller apparently liked Wei Yang very much. She was very cute and sensible. She was much more delightful than the average arrogant and disobedient child, but… Mrs. Miller smiled awkwardly, flipped over the biggest pink box, and found that it was full of dangerous equipment! They were not the most powerful or her smile would not hang up, “Good girl, these have to be sent home. You can choose to play at home but not here.” She knew whom she was holding in her hands and the Mafias also knew all about them. She didn’t blame them much, but hoped they would be taken away.

“Yes, Mrs. Miller.” Wei Yang shrugged her shoulders. Fortunately, she still had a pair of steel needles on her body. Otherwise, compared with those who had a mini gun, she would suffer a great loss.

After checking out the new things, Mrs. Miller looked at the full pink box with more than ten fingers. She snorted and said, “Is this all, Miss Xiahou?” During the examination, she already knew Wei Yang’s name.

“Oh yes.” Wei Yang, of course, knew what Mrs. Miller meant. She couldn’t possibly carry all those boxes upstairs by herself. She was grateful for her kindness. She smiled and said, “If Mrs. Miller allows me, I’d like to ask my men to carry them up for me.”

“Miss Xiahou’s subordinate? They will go back?”

“No, but they are not far away from the school.” In order to protect her safety in school, the school was stationed by the men of Xiahou family.

“Ah?” It was the first time that Mrs. Miller encountered such a case, but she kept her manners elegant, nodded her head, and said, “Sure.” As outsiders entered the school, it meant that at least 80% of the board of directors agreed to do so.

Wei Yang made a phone call and soon the helicopter stopped outside the castle. Ten Xiahou family members in tuxedos entered the hall, bowed politely to Wei Yang, and then moved her things up the stairs.

Other freshmen around Wei Yang looked at the salutes to her and expressed their resentment and envy of her because they also wanted someone to help them move their things!

Mrs. Miller simply stated all the precautions and rules in the dormitory, such as door arrest, meal time, and so on, and then let everyone go back to the room for early rest.

The boys’ apartment was on the left while the girls' was on the right.

“Hey! I’ve heard of you!” Wei Yang was walking when suddenly a girl with brown, slightly natural curls and long hair, patted her on the shoulder. “You’re the young lady of the Xiahou family.”

Wei Yang turned around and was unhappy with such rude behavior, but she immediately drove the emotion away and laughed, “Unfortunately, I don’t know you.”

“Haha, that’s okay. Because for Xiahou’s family, we are only small people.” Although she was a small person, the girl did not express a little inferiority. She was very cheerful and extended her hand, “By the way, my name is Angela William. You can call me Angela. I am very glad to meet you.”

Wei Yang picked up her eyebrows, then took her outstretched hand and said, “Angela, you can call me Wei Yang. If I remember correctly – ”

The impatient Miss William interrupted Wei Yang and shouted, “Yes, you remember it correctly. I am the daughter of the school’s largest director, but only the youngest daughter!”

Wei Yang nodded, knowing that the Williams had several daughters but she never saw them, even though the William family came from her grandfather’s generation.

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