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“You are so beautiful!” Angela forcibly grabbed Wei Yang's arm. She really seemed like a girl with incomplete aristocratic etiquette. She said excitedly, “I think it's only the Xiahou, Wei, and Ling families who can get the privilege to let people get in the campus. Those stereotyped school directors allow so many outsiders into the school! Though only the Xiahou family has this use, because the they have you! The other two families have no person of the right age."

Wei Yang listened to the noise of the girl indifferently, but suddenly she thought that Angela William maybe the next last member of the Wei family. If this was true, then she might know the things going on about the Wei family.

“Isn't there a direct lady in Wei family?” She asked casually.

“Oh!” The big grim girl even lowered her voice and dared not to say more as she seemed afraid that their new friends would be disappointed, so she just gritted her teeth and whispered, “Don't you know? In early spring this year, Princess Wei died in a big fire.”

“Oh. It's tragic.” Wei Yang's eyes flickered and then continued to walk.

“Yes! If the princess hadn't died, the place wouldn't have been gloomy all day. The name of head of the family is Wei Lan. He used to look like a cold hearted face, my father always told me.” Angela did not meet Wei Lan, but she always heard his name from her father's mouth.

“Let's not talk about it. Father said it is forbidden to talk about it, even if we think that n.o.body's around!” Angela seemed very afraid of her father, trembling all over her body, and then dragged Wei Yang up and said a lot as they walked.

Wei Yang only stood on the heel until she found the nameplate with the four Chinese characters for Xiahou Wei Yang.

“It's nice to have a chat with you, but unfortunately, my room is here.” Wei Yang smiled and then pointed to her milky white door.

“Oh, sad…” Angela said she was very sad, but then she was excited again and said, “In fact, I am very happy, because you can tolerate my articulate mouth! A lot of people, even my sisters, hate me because I don't have any aristocratic etiquette, like a common kid. Maybe they picked it up.”

“Ha ha, nevertheless, you can still learn n.o.ble manners.” Wei Yang said with a little fun.

However, Angela widened her eyes and rejoiced, “Yeah, why haven't I thought of that? Next time I'd have quarrel with my sisters, I won't be killed by this reason! Wei Yang, you are so genius! Although I know what you just said, it is true that the n.o.bles should still have manners. But I am still very happy!”

Wei Yang nodded, frowned, and looked at Angela as she said “I'm so happy.” Finally she took a breath and said, “You're not a new student.” Angela was obviously not a new student, but she joined herself to the new team. She should have kept this question to herself and kept a certain distance from Angela's suspicion. But looking at the smiling face of the girl named Angela, she felt like she could be trusted once.

Angela groaned. She felt awkward, but she was not stupid. She immediately understood Wei Yang's thoughts. She was happier to hold Wei Yang's hands and she almost cried saying, “Wei Yang, you are really good!” She paused, pointing to the sky, and added, “I promise! I really want to make friends with you! At the beginning, I thought you are arrogant because of your atmosphere. You are beautiful and I'm kinda interested to know more about you. But now, I really want to be friends with you! You know, in the aristocratic circle, not many people like me. I just have a few friends. I do really have.”

“Don't worry, it's their loss not to be your friend.” Wei Yang sipped her lips and comforted her.

“Well! I think so too!” Obviously, Angela was really happy while saying those things to Wei Yang and she added, “You must be tired today, I will go back first and will come again tomorrow, my best friend!”

Wei Yang looked at Angela who jumped and jumped happily and also giggled while going back to her room. Although the girl was somewhat absent-minded and did not conform to the definition of a lady, she was at least considerate. She shook her head. She really didn't know how William, the fox-like creature, produced a cheerful Dutch pig.

After the guards left, the other people also left, probably to avoid suspicion. After all, it was the girls' apartment.

Entering the room, the ambiance was very good.

It had a simple, bright, and white fresh tone with a hint of Scandinavian style. The window was large, but not floor-to-floor. The window sill was wide, covered with soft white blankets and white rosy pillows. It looked warm. The quilt was light blue and flowery, with a little familiar mint fragrance. On the bedside cabinet, there were pictures of her and Xiahou Xuan, among whom she laughed most brilliantly. On the European soft chair beside the bed was a black school uniform to be worn the next day. It had a slim suit on it and the magnificent red LMP lettering on the left chest, which should be the yard sign. Under it was a knee-length pleated skirt, very ladylike.

Clothes, toiletries, etc. were in place and even the bedside cabinet had two drawers full of storybooks. Sitting in front of the dressing mirror with the golden frame, Wei Yang picked up the comb and brushed her hair slowly. Once her heart was quiet, she had to face the tragic fact that she needed to take a bath. d.a.m.n it, d.a.m.n it! Well, she really wanted to experience college life, but she didn't want to live alone.

“Brother…” Wei Yang picked up the phone, pouted, and took some crying which scared Xiahou Xuan over there who almost dropped the phone.

“What's the matter, my princess?” Xiahou Xuan probably guessed the reason.

“Yang Yang does not know what to do, Yang Yang does not want to sleep alone, and Yang yang wants to go home!!! But still, I want to go to school, but only every month!” Wei Yang said while her tears like that of a bean fell down on her face.

Such obvious crying, Xiahou Xuan sat still there, anxious to turn around in the study. He also thought about what to do in the end. She was waiting for him to accompany her until it was already early in the morning. Even if he pa.s.sed that day, he would not be able to fly every day. Thinking for a moment, he said, “Zhao family has a daughter who's in the middle school. You go to find her and let her sleep with you?” To be honest, he was not willing to let anyone, even a woman, accompany his little princess. He hopes to monopolize all of Wei Yang.

Wei Yang smothered for a while and then sniffed a small nose, said, “Forget it. I will think of my own way. Mo is right, I should learn to be independent.”

Obviously it was a well-behaved word, it made Xiahou Xuan's heartache worse, so he immediately comforted her and said, “Would you like to go home now? Your brother will pick you up.”

“No, if I don't really want to stay here, I let you know and I'll go home.” Wei Yang thought for a moment and decided. In fact, she had only two problems which were taking a bath and wanting to have someone at ease of sleeping outside that she just wanted someone to guard her.

Instead of hanging up the phone, Wei Yang took it into the bathroom, pumped herself into the bathroom, and began to take a shower. She took the phone and ran to the bed quickly. She refused to turn off the lights, so she stayed on the big bed.

“Brother… Yang Yang can't sleep.” Wei Yang missed Xiahou Xuan, Mo, and Xiahou Jiuyan, even Xiahou Zhi, the b.a.s.t.a.r.d!

“Your brother will tell you a bedtime story.”

“Yehey!” Then she went down, turned on her cell phone, put it beside her, covered the quilt, clapped her hands, and said, “Go ahead, brother!”

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