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In addition to his cold eyes, Ling Yue’s face remained unchanged, expressionless. He just looked at Wei Yang, who was pale, frowned slightly, and then strode away and left.

Ling Zi rubbed his eyes, stared surprisingly and thought, "For the first time! Boss did not actually twist the girl’s wrist? This is amazing! I will gossip this miracle with my three friends!" Then he looked at Wei Yang carefully, turned, and followed Ling Yue.

Wei Yang opened her mouth and did not catch up. Her body suddenly lost strength and her knees bent down. She began to faint.

“Wei Yang!!!” Xiahou Linglong hurriedly held Wei Yang’s body, but did not know what the situation was! What's with the tie clip? However, it was not the most important thing at that moment. She only needed to thank G.o.d that Ling Yue did not kill Wei Yang!

The were more and more people getting in the club when suddenly, there was a voice who shouted "The boss is dead!" Xiahou Linglong didn't know where it came from. The people suddenly panicked, screamed and screamed, and the place turned very noisy. She could only hold on to the pistol and tried to take Wei Yang away.

The dark-haired man strode over from the other side. He waved his hand and the men behind him suddenly shot the ceiling and shouted, “All of you, shut the f.u.c.k up!” Only with that voice, everyone was suddenly quiet, like a duck was suddwenly caught in the neck.

Mo rudely went on the crowd, picked up Wei Yang, and walked quickly and then he turned again to fire his gun and left.

The man with a yellow hair on the second floor screamed. He was. .h.i.t by a bullet in his shoulder and arms that made his gun fall into his stricken hands causing another woman to scream.

“Don't do this again next time!” Mo shouted in disdain with a cold hummed voice and suddenly felt anger, but his movement was gentle as though his hands was tightly holding Wei Yang to his arms. It made Xiahou Linglong frown because she felt like Mo had feelings for Wei Yang, which even the blind person can feel!

After Mo received the whereabouts of Wei Yang from his men, he still did not feel relieved so he went immediately to the location where Wei Yang was. He saw that Wei Yang fainted and immediately felt a little bit of panic and got so much worried about her.


On the summer night in Beijing, the cool wind still screamed and the fine rain suddenly sprang down. Mo held Wei Yang tightly in his arms, not letting her be blown by the wind, so he covered her up with his dark gray shirt. His shirt screamed with a little different melody.

When Wei Yang came back to her consciousness, she looked up and saw such a resolute and handsome face. She had to admit that it was a perfect man with the warmest and gentle heart.

“Mo..” Wei Yang buried her head in the man’s chest, but couldn’t help but shed tears and suck her nose. She thought that she was not strong enough. If she really became eighteen years old, she might have a stronger will to support herself.

“I am.” Mo bowed his head, whispered, and then bent down and hugged her. He closed all the windows of the car when the rain and wind suddenly sprang down and his chin rubbed on top of Wei Yang's hair. The rich scent of laurel diffused on Wei Yang's nose, so she didn’t want to let him go. Suddenly, Mo asked her, "Can you tell Mo what exactly happened?” He was still worried and believed that Wei Yang did not just come to play with Xiahou Linglong. Wei Yang would not feel sad if she only played with her.

Wei Yang closed her lips and turned her head to bury herself again in the dark gray clothes of Mo, still sucking the fragrance of laurel. She chose to be silent and thought, "Sometimes, not all the things were meant to help others but only oneself. It was the strongest reliance. My father said so."

She was not strong enough, then she became strong. She was not afraid of frustration because she knew that someday she will grow up.

The more there was life and death, the more she will go figure out. If she was born, she will find him. If she would die, she will not let anyone hurt him, Even the half-brother she never met before.

When Wei Yang chose not to answer his question, Mo just patted her back, as far as possible. He just lowered his voice and said, "Let's go home and you should take a rest now. You might be tired. And when you wake up, your big brother will be there with you." After hesitating for a while, he said the last statement. He knew that Xiahou Xuan was who the fragile girl needed. The knight only needed to protect the princess’s safety. The prince was the real man who would comfort the princess. When he thought of it, he could not help laughing at himself. He must have seen more stories before.

Wei Yang grabbed his clothes, tightened her grasp, nodded slowly, and then closed her eyes.

Wei Yang just hoped that all the truth would not need to be killed. After all, he was the last person who had ties with her.

After Ling Yue got in the car, he stared at his hands and chose to be silent. He was not used to being touched by women because for him, it was so disgusting. But just that girl, after he met her, he did not feel any hate nor anger.

Ling Zi saw Ling Yue’s actions. He turned his head carefully and looked out of the window and then he closed his mouth quietly and just looked outside and thought, "Oh my G.o.d! It was really the first time that boss didn't get angry! He didn't even kill the girl who touched him! Because of this kind of reaction, we don't even know the real reason. He was the most annoying person I've ever known! Even his other three brothers wondered if they were in the same generation! But today was a miracle! A girl who is not excluded by the boss appeared! What an exciting thing!"

Ling Yue was still trying to maintain his good image with warm and moist jade, taking a deep breath and sitting quietly on the corner of the car.

After the car started and moved, he suddenly said, “This tie clip is prepared by Ling Yi.”

Ling Yue leaned back on his chair, raised his eyes, and just said those words while in his mind, he was reminiscing what happened earlier.

"Ling Yi?" Ling Zi asked.

“Yes, that was the end of year, last year. I and Ling Yi bought it in South China sea. There was a vendor selling gold jewelries, and at that time, I saw a very unique handmade clip, so I bought it." He said respectfully.

Ling Yue was silent for more than ten minutes before he “Hmmm…” and then the car was completely quiet.

In that rainy night, they flew back to the American continent.


When Wei Yang was finally awake, Xiahou Xuan sat down to her side on the bed.

“Is my baby already awake?” Xiahou Xuan held up Wei Yang and flapped her gently on his own thigh as if he was comforting her and then said softly, “Don’t think too much, don’t be afraid. Your brother is always by your side. Even if the sky is falling down, your brother will be here for you no matter what. Okay?” He knew already what happened because of Xiahou Linglong. As for the other matters, he didn’t ask. As long as Wei Yang was concerned, he will support her without any conditions.

Wei Yang opened her mouth and looked at Xiahou Xuan who was smiling lightly. She shook her head lightly. On her pale cheek, there was a light pink color. She smiled and said, “Yang Yang is fine. Also, Mo saved me, not my brother! I am his sweetheart!”

Xiahou Xuan raised his eyebrows and asked, “Who said that?” The look of a jealous man was very sour.

“Sister Linglong said! Haha!” Wei Yang liked to tease him and giggled.

“Little bad guys!” Xiahou Xuan pouted and began to tickle Wei Yang and said, "You are my one and only baby and sweetheart!" Xiahou Xuan secretly remembered to give Xiahou Linglong more and do some work.

“Ah! Hahaha! Don’t ,don’t! No brother! Please stooooop!!! Hahaha… Hey! Ok, ok! Yang Yang is wrong! Hahahaha! No, stop!! You are only Yang Yang's sweetheart! Hahaha!” Wei Yang can't help but laugh and laugh and immediately begged for mercy to stop Xiahou Xuan from tickling her. She was laughing all over with tears.

“Oh? What is it?” Xiahou Xuan stopped, but imprisoned the whole body of Wei Yang on his arms and ready to tickle her again. He squinted his pair of long star eyes, and said, “Say it in only three seconds!”

"Ah! No! I already said it!” Wei Yang was so ruthless to abandon his embrace and screamed, “Yang Yang is only brother's sweetheart! Don’t tickle again, Yang Yang doesn't like it!”

“Hum!” Xiahou Xuan smiled with pride, shaved her little nose, and said, “Ha! Look at your good manners, I will spare you this time.”

“Hey!” Wei Yang kissed him and said, “Well! Brother is the best! Yang Yang likes his brother!"

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