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Chapter 69.1: I'm Great When I'm in a Good Mood

Baili Ji Ran peeked a glance out of the corner of his eyes upstairs before he suppressed his voice to say very softly: "Let me tell you. This man is very dangerous. You'd better not have anything to do with him or you might very well come to invite disaster upon yourself. That is all I can say."

Upon saying that, he then pulled away, putting some distance between them before he clasped his hand over his fist and said: "I hope that if fate decrees it, you two gentlemen will come to pay the Baili Family a visit as our guests and my humble self here will definitely extend our greatest hospitality to you."

Thereafter, he did not wait for them to reply before he turned around and left.

"What a strange fellow."Bai Zhi Yan shook his had and said, but was then all smiles once again when he turned around and saw Qing Yu. "Come on in and have a cup of tea. I just happened to have received superior batch of tea leaves and you'll definitely love it."

"We can forget about the tea. Why had you stopped me out there earlier? I do not think that you just want to have tea with me and talk about old times do you?" Qing Yu said indifferently, the last statement said while looking at Lou Jun Yao.

Bai Zhi Yan would naturally not come out to look for her on his own initiative. He must have done that under the instigation of this man.

"The other day, why didn't you come?" Lou Jun Yao asked as he descended the stairs slowly, and then looked at her quietly.

Qing Yu raised an eyebrow. "You wanted me to come merely because you wanted to warn me that Qing Ye Li might wish to harm me and you wanted me to be wary of him right?"

"That's right."

"Then there is no need for you to worry at all. He will never harm me." Qing Yu slowly replied and paused a moment before she raised her eyes up to look at Lou Jun Yao. "With your powers, you guys would probably have realized….. that I am not from this lands."

Although they already had their own guesses and suspicions, but hearing her say it herself, it was still rather shocking.

But what really made Lou Jun Yao really start to become suspicious was when she was unconscious for five whole days after she was brought back from the Barricaded Spirit Tower, where her body was cold and she was not breathing during that period. It was only when he extended his consciousness to probe that he discovered that there was no soul in her body, but just an empty sh.e.l.l.

A person alive would not exhibit a phenomenon like having their soul leave their bodies, unless the bodies were forced to be abandoned and was to be reborn and while the body's consciousness was unclear and its five senses lost, the soul would then roam and wander around.

Then, could that mean that the young lady was an highly skilled expert who came down from Cloud Heaven?

When that thought came into his mind, the young lady curled her lips up and said with a smile: "But I have absolutely nothing to do with whatever that Cloud Heaven of yours is. Qing Ye Li and I were from the same world and we have known each other for a long time."

"You mean to say….. that both of you are from another world?" Lou Jun Yao's eyes flashed, seeming to not have expected that.

Some adjoining thoughts were actually coming to mind but his train of thought was interrupted by her words.

Especially about the time when he had gone to the Divine Healers Sect, and the things that Bai Qiu had told him about.

Maybe, something had gone wrong somewhere?

"That's right. About this, not many people know about this."

Besides Little Bei, most probably only these two people know about it. She had initially not intended to say anything, but since they already had their own suspicions, she might as well come clean with them.

As she was just an insignant figure anyway, she did not expect that they would be so free as to bother exposing her ident.i.ty to anyone.

Lou Jun Yao was silent a moment before he said: "Maybe when you go to Cloud Heaven someday, some secrets would then rise to the surface."

That profound statement from him, was not understood even by Bai Zhi Yan who had always been able to read his mind the best.

What kind of a charade was he playing at?

Qing Yu was taken aback a moment, not knowing what he meant exactly by that. But a stabbing pain suddenly struck within her head, and myriad bright red colours flashed in pa.s.sing highly fleetingly, so fast that she was not able to capture what it was.

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