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Translator(s): D0dz    Editor(s): Nixie Nyx    Proofreader(s): Nixie Nyx

Escape from the royal capital using ancient magic

By the time I woke up, the surroundings were still dark.

There is no……clock.

Sleeping on a straw bed.

There is Cecyl wearing a collar beside me.

Ok, it is another world.

……somehow it is boisterous.

Maybe that's the reason why I woke up………

Sound insulation doesn't look very well in a fantasy world lodging.

For the first time, I noticed it.

The walls are made from bricks but the floor is made from woods.

I can hear dangerous voices like 「Charge in all at once when the door breaks」「The other party has to cheat skills」「It's alright since he is still sleeping」「Backup」「Just to be safe, bind him with『Contract』」and othersーtte.

「Cecyl, Wake up!」


*gaba* Cecyl wakes up and kneels on the ground before me.

「I'm sorry! To sleep in the same bed with my master and even to have you wake me up!?」

「That's fine so go and pack up your luggage. We are getting out of here!」


Cecyl immediately stands up.

Those long ears look dejected.

Then Cecyl also notices that the voices from the other side of the door belong to the slave merchant and the clerk of the skill shop.

The luggage from yesterday was prepared immediately.

At any rate, we should quickly escape from the royal capital by today.

「I'm ready!」

「Alright, this way.」

Anyway, instead of using a rod, I stuck the chair on the door and both of us go near the wall.

The window near the ceiling is just a small window.

Cecyl can probably get through the window but it is impossible for me.

「……Chi* It can't be opened! They have noticed us!」

*gatagata* The door shook.


Perhaps they are in the midst of enjoying themselves? You have to be a woman to your master, Cecyl!」

「………Is it not yet? Nagi-sama.」

「What the heck with『Not yet』!?」

Why are your eyes sparkling? It's not what you think it is! Surely not at this moment!

While retorting spontaneously, I inspect the walls.

It is a thin brick wall.

This room is at the corner so it is outside on the other side.

I have confirmed it's location before I stay in this lodging.

There should be roadside trees in this directionー

「Excuse me.


The door has been smashed through.

The ones who entered are the slave merchant and the guy who is wearing gla.s.ses from the skill shop.

And then, there entered a big a man holding a big club.

「I'm sorry since it is still in the morning.

I'm just curious about you who possessed rare skills.

If possible, I would like to buy other rare skills.

Hey, I don't make things worse.

If you want to start doing business together then we can proceed to do 『Contract agreement』tteーlisten to my story!」

「I don't want since you're scary.」

Alright, let's go.

I face the wall and invoke my skill.

「『Building Strike』!」


A hole was created on the brick wall.

「Let's escape, Cecyl!」「Yes, Nagi-sama!」

We go through the hole.

I grab the roadside tree's branchーtte scary!

It looks like it will break.

No, it snaps? This is bad, bad, bad!

「Nagi-sama, I'll catch you!」

Cecyl who landed first spreads out her arms.

「You can't!」


I let go the tree branch.

And I fell down from several meters downward.

I landed *jin* and my legs become numb.


I manage to stand up.

From the hole on the wall, I can see both slave merchant and clerk.

They might do the same thing.

But, it is impossible for those two.

「Fuh.If you want to die, then just do it.You probably will have holes on your body!」

「That's really cool, Nagi-sama!」

No, it's impossible but

『Building Strike LV 1』: Gives powerful damage to the walls and interior of the room.

Destruction specialty 『Bricks』『Wooden wall』

Like that, my own destructive power is actually a zero.

「Let's go, Cecyl!」

I pulled Cecyl's hand and started running into the town before dawn.

「s.h.i.t, tenacious! 」

I'm not yet familiar with the town's geography.

I was just summoned here yesterday and Cecyl has been in the slave shop for the whole time.

Our pursuers are the residents of this town.

They have full knowledge about the main streets and alleys.

I thought we wouldn't be discovered if we escape through the narrow street but conversely, it was a pincer attack.

「There are 2 people on the left and right huh?」

The surroundings are residential areas made from bricks.

There are one, two houses with doors open.

There is no point in running away.

If you were cornered then it's the end.

『Building Strike LV 1』gives damage to the wall but since it can't inflict damage to the human body……tte, eh?

「Cecyl, come here for a moment.」


I pull Cecyl hand and run into a nearby building.

And then.

「『Quick a.n.a.lysis』.」

I invoked the skill.

Quick a.n.a.lysis is a skill that a.n.a.lyses the surrounding quickly.

Even if the range is small, I still can search those guys who are chasing after us.

I opened the window and overlapped it with the brick wall.

『Big man 1』and 『Big man 2』ー I can grasp that much.

As one would expect it, it is impossible to see the enemies' status for the first time.

But, since I opened the window, the enemies' location becomes clear.

Ah, here they come.

They are the opposite of the wall.

The timing is goodーOne, two, go!

「『Building Strike』!」


There is a big hole in the brick wall.

The blown bricks knocked down the men across the wall.

Then, those guys stop moving.

「Didn't I warn you not to follow us?」

I smile daringly in that direction with full of intimidation.

「Alright, this way, Cecyl.」


I escape from the alley while the men are still flinching.

We start running towards the main road.

「Nagi-sama was hiding your power after all! You mowed down those people using the building!」

「I didn't knock them down.

The building itself did the deed.」


『Building Strike』can't give damage to the human being.

It only blows off the walls and furniture.

I'm glad that it blew off the walls towards those guys, and that has nothing to do with the skill.

「I only destroyed the wall. It's just an accident that there were people on the other side.」

「………How about using my magic?」

「That's a no. I don't want to stand out.」

「I think Nagi-sama has stood out already.」

We left the main street.

It's not safe to be at the pedestrian.

They are going to chase after us.

They are really persistent.

Seriously……I don't want to work from the morning.

I rejected the king's invitation because I want to live with low output.

「………It can't be helped. Cecyl.」

「Yes, Nagi-sama.」

「Alright, let's use magic! However, the chant is not an offensive magic, the chant is fast and the weakest magic spell. 」

「How about light magic?」


The surrounding is still dark.

How about I s.n.a.t.c.h away the other party's vision for a moment while we hide in the meantime?

And then, we'll wait for the dawn.

Alright, then let's go.

「I understood. I want you to get the enemies with 『Light』, Cecyl.」


Then, Cecyl starts chanting.

「『I call the past foundation of this world origin. Thee created every existence, thee guided every existence. Drive away the nights, Consume the darkness, cultivate the plants, the hope of all creatureー』」


「『Thou art I, I am thou. That which illuminated the world out of chaos in the beginning. Ripple, ripple, ripple.The wave that nurtures all life yet cannot be touched.Herald the dawn, shine down from the heavenly bodies above. Shine down from the innumerable stars in the sky. I praise thee. All of life praises thee-!
Thee that support every existenceー』」

「The chant becomes longer and longer? Well, that's 『Light』isn't it? Isn't she said that spell is the weakest magic?」

ーperhaps Cecyl is using the『Ancient Chanting』?

That's a lie.

Is the chant really that long?

The slave merchant and the clerk of the skill shop appeared from the alley.

I run while pulling Cecyl's hand but they seem to catch up with us.

This is badーwe really need some distraction right nowー

「『Now, summon the sun element at this moment! Light』!!」

That moment when Cecyl finished chanting.

The sun appeared in the royal capital.


Screams were raised.

Those pursuers are writhing while covering their eyesー I think.

All of them were swallowed by the light, so I can't grasp what was happening at that moment.

A huge light sphere wrapped up the shops surrounding and main street.

Of course, the thing right here is not the sun itself.

It is only a sun-like light.

If not, then the town will evaporate.

However, Cecyl and I don't affect by the spell.

I know there is light but it's not radiant.

It seems to protect the magic user and its master.

However, what is this?

Is it 『Light』right? It's not an offensive magic, isn't it?

They screamed like some who just waking up from their slumber.

The dog is barking.

An excited horse springs out from its restrain and running around the street.

「………Ancient language magic is scary.」

I understood the reason why the demon race was destroyed.

Ancient language magic, high power inflation.

「I did it! I repulse the number one weakest magic!」

「Yeah…that's really amazing, Cecyl.」

I pat her head and 'ehehe' she becomes delighted.


I've made you into a cheat character.

「By the way, what is the normal chant for the『Light』magic? 」

「『Spirit, shine before me. Light.』! 」

On Cecyl's finger, a small sphere of light with the diameter approximately of 1 meter is created.

「………That's light, isn't?」

「Since Nagi-sama went all the trouble to create a new power for me, so I wanted to try it out.」

Cecyl holds both of her hand together, praying and looking at me.

It's the eye of a lost puppy who just found its new master.

「……Did I do something bad?」

「It is not bad but…」

「Yesterday, when Nagi-sama came into me for the first time, it felt like I was filled with pleasure……」

Her tone is like she was dreaming and Cecyl says it.

「Nagi-sama touched the deepest part of me, I didn't know when I woke up………It was embarra.s.sing but……I was happy. I become connected with Nagi-sama. Unlike me from yesterday, who didn't know anything, I couldn't go back……that's what I thought. My body was tingling, whenever Nagi-sama moves, it seems that there was lightning running inside me, I don't even know what it is like……I want more……I feel that………I want to do it with  Nagi-sama again.……」

「That talk is about the skill adjustment right!?」

What are you talking about in the middle of the road!?

I could hear the people open their windows here and there.

『Light』cheat created by Cecyl has almost disappeared………this is bad.

「Let's run for it. Cecyl!」

「Yes. Together with Nagi-sama, to the ends of the earth.」

We start running.

Everyone was distracted by 『Light』cheat, it seems that n.o.body notices us.

Then, let's hide behind the scene until the castle's gate opens.

We escaped from the royal capital.

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