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Chapter 25 – Accused「Believe me. I Only Wanted to Use the Collar on a Pet」

The Bright White Dragon charges at me at a terrific speed.


Huge fangs surpa.s.sing sharpness of the best weapons.
I catch the dragon’s lips while narrowly evading them.
The dragon’s mouth creaks under the grip of〈Pinnacle of Physique〉together with〈Pinnacle of Physical Strength〉activated.

Furthermore, I twist my body on the spot.


I throw the dragon with centrifugal force.

The Bright White Dragon who charged at me with tremendous speed gets thrown out of the cave in the rush of momentum.

I activate the transfer magic.
And instantly get ahead.
And strike the Bright White Dragon who is flying towards me with my heel.

The large dragon’s body crashes into the mountain road, a large cloud of dust scatters around.
However, soon after, the Bright White Dragon jumps out of the cloud of dust.

『As expected. Almost no damage』

『…… It hurt a bit』

The Bright White Dragon opens its mouth wide.
And shoots out a shockwave.

I cover my whole body with fighting spirit to guard myself, but I was sent flying through the sky by the ridiculously heavy impact.
I somehow stopped with the flight magic, but my body hurts a little here and there.
If not for the fighting spirit, my whole body would be fractured and my internal organs might have exploded.

「That hurt」

『Still alive? An ordinary human would be shattered in pieces』

The dragon gets surprised.

The pain in my body quickly disappeared thanks to〈Pinnacle of Survival〉.

『Now then, should I get a little more serious?』

『…… I will do so too』

The Bright White Dragon is approaching.
I evade the fangs its fangs with transfer magic.
Although I transferred into its blind spot, the dragon’s tail instantly swoops at me.

I crouch to dodge.
However, the tail immediately changes course and pursues me.

The hardness of the scales on that tail exceeds Adamantine.
In addition, it’s imbued with the dragon’s characteristic fighting spirit――Dragon spirit.
To be honest, I don’t want to get hit.

In addition to the dragon’s tail, its claws and fangs also attack me mercilessly.
It’s so dexterous as if every part of its body had its own will.
Nevertheless, it’s unable to corner me.

I avoid it all using the flight and transfer magic.

『Just escaping』

『If you really think that you will lose, you know?』

The Bright White Dragon stops attacking.
It finally noticed that I have sealed its movements.


The Bright White Dragon’s body became entangled.
Naturally, I guided its attacks like that.
It’s not like I was just randomly escaping.

『…… I have been had』

Because it got entangled quite complicatedly, it won’t escape so easily.

I grasp the dragon by its tail.

「Heave, ho!」

I shout and start spinning on the spot.
The Bright White Dragon’s large body swings around.
A sound of sonic boom resounds.


I throw the dragon at a wall of rocks with force incomparable to the centrifugal force before.

I instant chant in the meantime.
Maa, there won’t be any problem if I destroy that place, right?

「Ultra Grade magic〈Wrath of the Divine Thunder〉」

I huge magic circle appear from a thin air.

Immediately after that, a destructive sound of thunder shakes the mountain.

『It’s my loss』

As soon as the Bright White Dragon recognizes my figure, it admits defeat.
Its beautiful scales are charred here and there.

It would recover in time due to its Divine recovery speed, but I heal it with Healing Jutsu.

『Even able to use Healing Jutsu』

I talk to the surprised Bright White Dragon.

『I will have you to keep your promise?』

『Dragons do not go back on their words』

The Bright White Dragon nods.

『Provided that you will also keep your promise』

『Men don’t go back on their words』

I nod again.

It’s not like this dragon came to this place to attack humans.
Although it’s a rare, it merely wanted to eat delicious things.

But, if it continues, a full-scale subjugation party will definitely come.
Even the monster S-ranked adventurers may appear.

Although I don’t think that this fellow would lose easily, but despite being a Divine Dragon it’s still very young.
Something unexpected might happen.

Therefore, I have decided to make it our family pet.

Maa, that is not the sole reason, even since coming to this world I wanted to have my own cool dragon.


The Bright White Dragon obediently accepts the collar.
Because it’s a magic tool that changes size automatically, it fits perfectly.

There is no other function.
Therefore, if it thinks about escaping or it escapes, I will have to think about it at that time.

「Papa, incredish~ble!」

Filia and the others come from the other side.

When I wave my hand in response, Tira and Ellen look at me with astonishment.
I thought it may be because I have defeated the dragon alone, but something seems to be strange.
The two obviously look at me with a scorn.

「…… I have thought before that you are a pervert, but to think it would be to this degree」

「A, as expected, that is too much even for me……?」

Eh, what do they mean?
Why do I feel like my points are greatly decreasing?

I look back while puzzled.
When I do, there was――

――A stark naked girl with an attached collar.

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