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"Manager Lee! Where are the shoes that I brought back with me last week Wednesday?!"

"I don't know where you put them, shouldn't it be there along with your other shoes?! By the way, Cha Joo-hyuk. We don't have much time left or we would be late!"

"Those are limited editions! I had to spend so much money to get them, this time I beat Ahn Jin-moo in getting them because he always wins best dressed!"

Cha Joo-hyuk anxiously looked around his sky high closet which had rows of shoes in various colors that consisted of the ones that he had worn in the past and those that he hadn't worn even once. While his manager rolled his eyes in exasperation as he bunched a fist in the pocket of the dark pants and baggy blue shirt.

"Please Cha Joo-hyuk! Don't do this to me! You know how the president is when we are caught on camera arriving to the venue late! My paycheck is on the line! Please, Hehn! Just this once, can't you wear something else?"

"Manager Lee! How do you expect a whole me, Cha Joo-hyuk to wear just anything to Seoul International awards! Do you know the type of people that are usually invited there?! I'm not going to be tacky in my dressing, okay?!"

To lay emphasis on what he said, the budding actor signaled his hand in the "okay" sign with the index and thumb meeting together to form an "O" shape.


Lee Tae-hyun cursed under his breath at the childish behavior of the actor who was under his care. In terms of height, Cha Joo-hyuk was model tall making his manager appear like a dwarf in comparison.

"Why are you still standing there?! Can't you see what I'm doing?!"

The tuxedo the actor wore made him seem like he was modeling for a men's wear. His manager eyed him with envy, wishing that he could have the body of the actor.

"Hey! CHA JOO-HYUK!!!! Last month my paycheck was reduced because of you! I have a brother that I need to send to school and medical expenses of my parents to take care of! I get it that you can't be a responsible person, but please! This is too much! I'll call President Nan that I can't be your manager anymore!"

"How much is it?! Tell me! How much is the money that the president took from you?!"

Lee Tae-hyun stared openly at Cha Joo-hyuk in disappointment that the other could not get why he was acting that way.
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