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Chp 5: Good Manager: White Bear

TL: Pineapple

Editor: Isalee

As soon as Woo Hyuk got home, he called for a taxi.

Baek Dong Soo was his manager for three years at Woo Hyuk's second agency.

He had a really big body so his nickname was White Bear, and he was 28 years old.

He looked like a regular person but he actually had a really amazing talent.

With just one glance, he was able to tell just by looking whether an actor, singer or director would become famous or not.

He could also tell whether a drama or novel would become popular or not by just by hearing the t.i.tle or reading the summary of a script from a movie.

He really hated reading and was practically dyslexic.

It would take him over a month to read a short script from a scenario.

Even after putting in the effort to read it, he barely remembered what he read.

However, it was different when he heard things.

When he was in school, he remembered all of his teacher's lectures.

But his test scores always put him in last place. [1]

That was because the school's tests were all reading and writing tests.

Did that mean he had bad eyesight?

He just really sucked at reading. He never forgot about the pictures he saw, including people, buildings, and streets.

It was really hard for him to read novels, but he read cartoons, or manhwa, really fast because he only saw the pictures.

He would  exactly what the content was without reading the dialogue, he'd know just by looking at the pictures.

No one knew about his talent but it really was an amazing talent.

He wasn't just talented, he was also really strong.

He was so strong that even he didn't know how strong he really was.

White Bear was really kind.

Most people liked White Bear, but once in a while there would be a person who'd take advantage of him and slap or hit him, but he never did anything back to them.

Woo Hyuk wasn't a person who easily got angry, but if that happened to him, he'd be really furious.

White Bear was an excellent manager.

He was good at greeting to people and had a great personality, so even if there was a bad director or producer, he'd easily be able get closer to them.

With his naive smile and ability to cry unpredictably, he was able to persuade people quite well.

When White Bear was Woo Hyuk's manager, he was able to get him many good roles.

However, the agency owner and CEO took the good roles that White Bear was able to snag and gave Woo Hyuk s.h.i.tty roles.

At that time, Woo Hyuk trusted the experienced owner and CEO's words more than White Bear who just started his role as a manager.

After several roles, nothing worked out for him and three years had pa.s.sed since then.

With the owner's terrible managing abilities, he soon fell into debt and the agency was shut down.

Surprisingly, the roles that White Bear were able to get were all big hits.

The two were as close as brothers, but they parted ways when the agency closed.

White Bear was scouted by another agency after they discovered his ability and tricked him into signing a contract and now he worked for them.

Although their relationship as a manager and actor was no longer there, White Bear still called him frequently and they'd go out to eat once a month.

White Bear didn't drink alcohol so they always just went to good restaurants.

"Have you been well?"

-Hyung, Hyuk Hyung! Let's go eat something delicious tonight. I found a really good place.

"I don't think I can make it today. I have an appointment."

-In the evening too?

"I think I can make it in the evening, but are you okay with that?"

They never met during the night on weekdays.

They almost always met on the weekends or lunch times.

Today was Tuesday.

-I was fired.

-You know I'm a little dimwitted. The others don't like me. They didn't want to work with me.

He was in charge of a girl group, but they had some problems.

Before he was in charge of a really famous actor, but the actor refused to work with White Bear.

He knew how badly he had been treated.

-I really liked the times I worked with you… Hyung, have you found a new agency?

"Not yet."

-What's your next role? Is it a movie this time also?

"I haven't decided yet."

-Didn't you say that you're going to a shoot right now?

"It's just a cameo. I have to be there by 10."

-You don't have an agency or a manager. Are you going there by yourself?


-Can I tag along?

"You've been busy all this time. You should go on a vacation or something.

-If I stay home alone I'm scare…. No, I just feel suffocated.

"Where are you now?"


White Bear lived in a one bedroom apartment that was 10 minutes away by car from his house.

There was a one-bedroom apartment near the agency that he used to work for. He stayed in that place for three years.

"Did you eat breakfast?"

-I can just eat a lot during lunch.

I need to feed him breakfast.

"Let's go together. Come over."

-Hehehe. Okay, hyung! I'll be right there!"

White Bear got there in 10 minutes.

"Sister-in-law! How are you?"

When he entered the house, White Bear tried to bow his head 90 degrees to Ye Eun but he couldn't do so because of his big stomach.

"Welcome. It's been so long since you've been here."

Ye Eun, enthusiastically greeted him.

"Please have this."

He brought Ye Eun's favorite apples. One box of them.

There must have been around 40 apples in there and he gave it to Ye Eun. What he thought was light was actually heavy to others.

If Ye Eun held the box, she might break her back.

Woo Hyuk received the box in her stead.

This is so heavy…

"I'll have breakfast ready soon, so please wait here," Ye Eun told White Bear.

"No, sister-in-law! We have to go to the filming site now."

"You'll have plenty of time to eat. Take off your shoes and come in."

"Okay, then I'll turn off my car engine and come back. I thought we were leaving right away."

White Bear was in a hurry and hit the front door.

Thankfully, his big stomach got in the way and he didn't hit his face.

"Whew, luckily I have an 'airbag' and I didn't hit my face. Hehehe."

White Bear looked at Woo Hyuk and Ye Eun while pointing to his stomach.

After White Bear went out, Ye Eun said to Woo Hyuk with a smile, "He's so cute. He looks like Winnie the Pooh."

Woo Hyuk also had a bright smile on his face.

White Bear came back after turning off his car.

"Woo Hyuk hyung, I saw a child heading to kindergarten school in front of your house. Aren't you guys going to have a baby soon?"

White Bear didn't know that Ye Eun had a miscarriage.

Woo Hyuk grabbed his arm and took him inside their bedroom.

He told White Bear everything.

"I didn't know…Ait!"


He slapped his lips with his hand.

"Heaven is unfair. How could that happen?"

White Bear clenched his fist as if he was going to punch G.o.d.


You could see his eyes watering.

"I'm sorry hyung. I didn't know."

"Why are you apologizing? You didn't know. Just apologize in front of Ye Eun."


"And don't cry."

White Bear wiped his tears.

At that moment his phone rang and a text message arrived.

It was the script of his role from Min Hwan.

He turned on his computer and checked his email. He downloaded the file and printed out the script.

He sent a picture only of the part that they were filming. He also sent a file for the entire script. The t.i.tle of the movie was .

Woo Hyuk's role in the movie was a torture specialist.

"Hyung, what's your role?"

"Torture specialist."

"Torture specialist? Hyung, I don't think that suits your image. How can you torture anyone with that face of yours?"

White Bear said this honestly.

Woo Hyuk didn't reply. He scrunched up his nose and just looked at the script.

He got a feel for the script. It wasn't a role that just anyone could do.

If he didn't do well, he could mess up the movie.

Can I do this well?

He began to worry.

I think Min Hwan is overestimating me.

White Bear looked at Woo Hyuk's expression and looked at the script.

"Wow, it's really good. But this is for someone who's really good at acting."

White Bear was right on the mark.

"Hyung, you're doing this? I think it's best if you don't do this."

White Bear knew better than anyone what Woo Hyuk's acting was like.

That's why he was able to say this.

Woo Hyuk was a good actor, but while there were things that he did do well in, there were also things he didn't do well in.

It's good to have a variety of skills in acting but if he was greedy and played in a role that he wasn't suited for and made a big mistake, that wouldn't be good. In the future, he might not be able to get any roles.

"Just tell him that you can't go, hyung!"


"You're gonna do it?"


"If you make a mistake… Hub!"

White Bear acted as if he just saw a ghost.

Woo Hyuk was staring at White Bear as if he was about to chew him up.

A murderous glare.

"Hyu-hyung! Why are you looking at me like that?" White Bear mumbled while walking back.

"Beautiful! That's great! I gave you that scar right?"

Woo Hyuk pointed at White Bear's forehead with his finger.

He acted like a torturer.

White Bear didn't move at all and just stared wide mouthed.

As it came to his mind, he looked at the script and compared it to the current Woo Hyuk.


"How do I look? Should I tell him that I can't do it?"

"Why would you do that? You have to go!"
White Bear looked at the script and paced back and forth in the room.

"Hyung! I'm sure that when this movie comes out, you'll be a big hit! I was about p.i.s.s my pants, hyung!"

"Can I do this role?"

White Bear nodded his head furiously.

"You must do this! Must!"

Translator's Notes:

[1] In korea, they rank students by test scores or grades.

/ /

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