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Chapter 23 – What is the luggage of Primitive people when they journey?

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I, your father(1), took the initiative to take a look at your illness, so much that I was planning to alleviate your pain as much as possible. You unexpectedly dare to flip it around and be pretentious?

Don't want to check then dont check! I'm not even allowed to save you?

I just refuse to let that broken guidebook punish me for this kind of circ.u.mstance. If it was really like this… I'll jump into the bonfire myself and roast into ash!

Yan Mo was also knew clearly, the youth rejecting him was simply because he did not trust him, nothing more.

Right now only Yuan Zhan's leg hurt. It hasn't reached the stage where he couldn't jump, walk or run, but if he had originally had a bad problem, the opposite party wouldn't be leg hurting problem, rather a problem if he can walk in the future or not.

But… Yan Mo sneered.

You, Yuan Zhan, underestimate me too much. Even if I am sc.u.m, I am sc.u.m with moral quality. Unless I really can't cure, otherwise who would let a grand master smash their own reputation?

This time I'll regard you as a minor, still a small child. For the time being I'll forgive you, in the future I will make you cry and beg me to treat you!

Searching through the bundle there was nothing else that could be used. The insects Yuan Zhan brought back had an odd appearance. Although the second article about all living organisms in the guidebook was already opened, asking the guide would increase his sc.u.m points. Since it was not an urgent or necessary situation, Yan Mo did not want to use this method to gain information at all.

Because Yuan Zhan refused the examination and treatment, in the evening two people ate dinner then went to sleep early.

A primitive society was like this. There was no entertainment and lighting the fire at night was also wasting firewood. For some reason as soon as it was evening many people here would become blind. For this reason as soon as it was dark, if there was no important matter, everyone would pick to sleep early.

Just before sleeping, Yan Mo sneakily opened his right palm to count his sc.u.m points.

Not sure if it was because it was responding to his request, or if the guidebook originally had this kind of function. Yan Mo concluded: If there was nothing that he immediately needed to know, the guide would not continuously glow, just every night will compulsively give him a total sc.u.m points.

The so-called compulsive nature happened when the moon fell and the moment before the sun came out. At anytime he could call out the guidebook to look at the sc.u.m points himself, but if the day transitioned and he still had not looked at the "income and expense" of the sc.u.m points, the guidebook would directly show him the data in his head. Didn't matter if at that time he was unconscious or just started dreaming, and the impression of the data left by it, he would recall the moment he woke up the next day.

Currently his sc.u.m points was at a total of: 99,999,882. In total subtracted 118 points.

Eh, this number sounds auspicious. Would Yan Mo be punished this evening by the guidebook in the middle of his sleep.

Yuan Zhan's sleeping was comparably overbearing. Because the juvenile's body had not grown yet, he directly straddled him with his big thigh and embraced the entire person to his chest becoming a human radiator. But he was still careful, didn't b.u.mp into Yan Mo's broken leg.

Yan Mo was pushed down and felt it hard to bear, but at the same time he felt completely nice and warm. Daytime here was hot while nighttime was so cold he wanted to die. Just a rock covered in animal hide was not all that useful.

A night pa.s.sed without words. The second day, Yuan Zhan got up very early to go salt the meat. He was busy for a bit when the chief sent someone to fetch him. When he came back he determined that they would leave today for the mission of finding a new salt land.

Yan Mo originally was thinking for a long time to prepare a few words. As a result the person's blank stare told him, his thinking for so long was too much.

Because the only two things they needed to prepare is food and water. The spears you could just pick up and carry on a person. The others? Oh, there was still the animal hide skirts and gra.s.s ropes!

"What about a fire?" Yan Mo couldn't help but ask.

"Lie is bringing two pieces of fire starter rocks. But we will not be starting fires outside. Cooking food will attract wild beasts. At night everyone will sleep near each other to keep out the cold."

"Then the food? Just pack this little bit?"

"This is already a lot, bringing too much will be c.u.mbersome. In addition it hasn't started to snow, we can hunt prey as we go."

"What about the covers for when we sleep?"

Yuan Zhan flipped over to ridicule him, "You want to carry two large animal skins on the road? Are you going to carry it?"

"Then when it snows what will we do? You're not afraid of freezing to death?"

"On the journey we will encounter beasts, just skin them and it'll be enough. You're already 14 years old, don't even understand these things, don't tell me you've never even went out hunting once with your tribe's warriors?" Yuan Zhan's expression looked at him like it was unfathomable.

"I've only been to places that you can come back on the same day." Yan Mo was. .h.i.t by that small blow,that disdainful expression ah!

"No wonder your Yanshan Tribe's domain got taken over by the Zhi Tribe." Yuan Zhan's face had an "if known earlier that you were this easy to s.n.a.t.c.h, we would have done it earlier" expression to reply.

Yan Mo thought to himself that fortunately he was not an actual Yanshan member soul. Also fortunately he was not a real disciple of the Yanshan tribe priest. Otherwise just relying on this expression, Poisoning your entire family won't even be enough.

One small animal hide bag filled with salted meat and all of the coa.r.s.e salt they owned. One wooden ladle used to scoop water, catch rainwater, and beast blood. One spear, a bundle of gra.s.s rope, and a couple of stone knives.

This was the luggage meant for two people journeying thousands of miles from home.

No good, absolutely cannot depart with just this!

Yuan Zhan even pulled out the four large animal hides from their luggage, said he wanted to trade it for a spear to the youth.

That big, that intact, so nice and warm, those four animal hides unexpectedly could only be exchanged for one spear? Yan Mo wanted to go crazy. This business transaction must definitely be prevented.

"Idiot, this wooden head isn't the same. It has the same hardness of the stoneheads but is much lighter than the stone head." Yuan Zhan felt that Yan Mo had no foresight, didn't know how to plan.

"This kind of tree is very little, in addition it takes many years for its branches to grow to the length for a spear. Its tree trunk is very stiff, no one can cut it down, can only use the branches. And even if it is very slender it is very hard to grind it straight,making this kind of spear will use up tens of stone knives.If we take these four animal hides instead of the one spear, it can be seen as a very profitable transaction."

"Thank you science."

"What are you saying?"

"I said… give me the spear and I won't even know how to use it. If you determine that these four animal hides will not be used, just give it to me. I have other uses for them."

The youth was startled, "You really want to carry them?"

Yan Mo did not reply, "In addition, I hope you'll give me the animal hides on top of our tent that aren't broken, I also have a use!"

"What exactly are you wanting to do?"

"Want to know? Then stay behind and help me."

Yuan Zhan had plenty of curiosity, so he stayed behind.

Yan Mo on one hand was arranging all the pieces of the animal hides to determine where to start, on the other hand asked, "Who else is coming with you?"

"You know most of them. Lie, his younger brother Meng, Shan, Diao, Que Ya, also the 3rd rank warrior Bing."

Yan Mo took a guess that Meng was probably that red date man. Bing that name sounded kind of familiar, couldn't think where it was from after thinking for awhile. "The guy responsible for giving tattoos to the tribe members, Que Ya, is also going? Why?"

"It was Que Ya who heard the news and asked to go." Yuan Zhan explained. "Besides he only lost half of his teeth. His hands and feet are still agile, also used to be a warrior and he has a lot more experience than all of us in finding meat. Lie also agreed to let him join."

"But why does he… isn't staying in the tribe much safer?"

"Lie said he wants to die like a warrior."

"Alright. Than what about Bing? Was he also a volunteer? One of your good brothers?"

Yuan Zhan sneered, eyes carried a distinct look of disdain and hatred. "It was a requirement from the chief. The chief said only having one Rank 3 warrior was not safe, wanted us to add another rank 3 warrior. Then he called for Bing. Master Qiu Shi did not consent at first, afterwards the chief took him to talk alone, he then agreed."

"Wait wait, this Bing and you don't get along?"

Yuan Zhan was not willing to say much. Yan Mo had no option but to put away this question, but it was a good thing he also did not count on having a good journey, so hearing at this moment that even before starting this journey there would be interior conflicts, he was not too astonished and dismayed.

If this person really turned into the unharmonious factor in the troops…wait until they were out of the village. Only need to give him an opportunity, he was considering to silently kill two people, don't say that it was very easy, it was also difficult to go anywhere.Then the only thing he had to worry about wasnt his companions or wild beasts, but rather it was if he was able to avoid a punishment from the guidebook.

Not saving someone will punish him, taking the initiative to kill someone will also?

"Why are you asking these things?" Yuan Zhan poked him..

Yan Mo avoided his finger, " Zhan, can you ask Diao and Shan to come over? Only if they have nothing to do. Thats right, also call Cao Ting, she is rather capable."

Yuan Zhan discovered that he really liked being called"Zhan" because it was unique.

Diao and Da Shan arrived, including Cao Ting.

Yan Mo asked them if the stuff they needed to prepare was prepared, they all replied that it was already prepared.

Yan Mo let out a "hehe" sound because he could throw the luggage into the tent corner for his stupid master, continued to ask the two what stuff they had prepared.

"Xiao Mo, Zhan said it was  you who called us over, is something the matter? Is it that you wanted us to bring more setose thistle leaves? This you don't need to worry about, Cao Ting already prepared a lot." Daio crouched on the floor and asked.

Cao Ting beaming waved her hand.

Yan Mo pointed at the animal skins on the floor, asked, "You all know how to use the bone needle to drill holes right?"

"Yes." Diao replied squatting, Da Shan simply sat on the floor.

"Do you see the dots I drew out with ash?"

These few people all lowered their heads to take a look.

"Below may you all please drill a hole where the dots are. The holes cannot be too big, as long as this hide straw rope can pa.s.s through it is fine." Yan Mo took out the broken down pieces of hide entwined rope he made when he had time.

"Xiao Mo, what do you want to do?" Da Shan curiously asked him.

Yan Mo smiled, "Saying it, cannot say it clearly, wait till its finished and you guys will understand."

Seeing that Cao Ting also extended a hand to help, Yan Mo hurriedly went to stop her, "Sister Cao Ting, I have a different issue to bother you with, this thing they cannot do, it needs someone who is careful and patient."

"My patience is very good." Diao immediately mumbled.

Da Shan also huffed and nodded his head, "Me too."

Yuan Zhan did not express anything, but his expression already told everyone present, he had the best patience out of all three of them.

Yan Mo did not pay attention to them, merely asked Cao Ting, "Sister, did you bring any needles on you?"

"Don't have any on me, I'll go back and get it. But there is not much thread," Cao Ting spoke and ran back to her tent to retrieve the needles and came back.

Yan Mo seeing Cao Ting come back with a bundle of grey thread, at once excitedly and rushed over.

Cao Ting was startled by him.

"Sister, this thread how did you make it?" Yan Mo began to pull at the thread, discovered the toughness wasn't bad, using a bit of strength it did not break.

Cao Ting heard him ask this, at once smiled and replied, "Oh, I was wondering what you were going to ask. This thread was thought up by me and sister He Tu. Isn't there a lot of prey in the tribe? We also raise a few. We found a few with long hair, cut off their hair, boiled it, learned your weaving method for the straw rope, weaved these hairs together, connect it together and managed to make this lump. But it is very troublesome, we did this for several days and only managed to make this much, and its too coa.r.s.e and thick."

"No problem, this thickness is good enough, as long as its durable enough." Yan Mo was happy, compared to his expected sewing thread, it was better by a lot.

"En, Indeed it's more st.u.r.dy than the horse's mane or human hair. Xiao Mo, What do you want us to make?"

Yan Mo patted the brain, returned the thread to Cao Ting, "Sister, I would like you to please make a few hide bags, needs this kind of style." Yan Mo took out a stone and drew on the ground to let Cao Ting see.

Your father: said in a way of anger

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