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Chapter 22- People that have been struck must also use great effort to climb back up

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Waiting for Yuan Zhan to come back, Yan Mo already fixed his state of mind.

Going from frugal to extravagant is easy, going from extravagant to frugal is difficult.

From having nothing at all, he struggled until he finally had both fame and fortune. At 30 years old, he was already accustomed to other people hailing him, flattering him, praising him, valuing him, revering him. Even if he was finally in prison, he would not eat any sufferings. On the contrary because of his medical expertise, the surrounding people would take care of him.

It wasn’t that he never had an opportunity to escape death. Although he committed an offense to many people, but over many years, he also saved many people. Additionally with his mastery over medical skill, many people proposed to let him atone for his crimes through good services.

It was simply that his most treasured, most valued baby had already disappeared. His will to live was already not very large, and with his personality, he was tossed out by people to become the scapegoat. If he did not retaliate, didn't drag all the people involved under the water, how could he be content?

So although he was full of resentment when he died, it was worth it, apart from feeling sorry for letting down his son.

But he also did not think that he would carry this breathe into another world to open eyes once again. Furthermore in order for him to "obediently"  survive, G.o.d gave him a temptation that he absolutely could not refuse.

He very quickly recognized this world's cruelty, but even if he was treated as a slave by the primitive men here and carried back, he did not feel a sense of crisis. He felt that overall with his capabilities, wanting to drift along like water in this world, to have many people respect and admire him, isn't that an easy task?

He, aloof and remotely continued to watch these primitive people.

As a matter of fact, he actually really did see himself as G.o.d's Messenger.

To the point that he disdained the current body he was using and simply regarded it as a tool to hold his soul. So even if it happened again and was molested a third time , he didn't really feel that  it was especially hard to bear.

He looked down on these primitive people, even held that guidebook in contempt. It was like he despised the laws of this primitive world.

But waking up in this time, the repeated facts continued to inform him, so what if he looked down on the people here again? Even though he knew more things then the people here, he still needed to see if he could turn it around. Up till now, it was extremely easy for others to figure out how to disgrace him, bully, humiliate, and kill him. So much that he didn’t even dare to resist because he was scared of even more suffering; scared that life would be worse than death!

The once aloof and remote person in one day fell into dust.And so at long last, he finally realized that everything that happened was flowers in a mirror and the moon in the water. (1) This type of mentality disparity, if exchanged with a person with even a tiny bit weaker will power, it wouldn't be strange if they were driven insane.

Yan Mo was not insane, he was more calm than before.

In an instant, he flipped the wristband inside out and prepared to improve it. Right now he did not need a gaudy looking bracer, but a bag that could carry things.

He was too stupid before. He thought himself clever, thought he controlled everything, when in actuality it was his ego being overweight. Couldn't even eat full, his naked b.u.t.t leaning on others for support. Nevertheless he still held onto his glory and refused to let go, to the extent that he even believed he was possessed by G.o.d. Believed that everything under the heavens ought to follow him, that's all!

And so he caught sight of Yuan Zhan and his neighbor, Yuan Diao, part with a pile of fresh meat on their shoulders. Additionally, as Yuan Zhan came back with a bulging hide wrapped bundle in his hands, he understood what it was.

"What are you doing?" Yuan Zhan saw his small slave crawl over to the door, sitting on the floor attempting to light the fire pit.

Yuan Diao nodded to Yuan Zhan, directly pa.s.sed them and went back to his own tent.

"Light a fire, let’s eat." Thank G.o.d for this body's memory, thank G.o.d for his field and experience of life, otherwise he wouldn't even know how to create a spark.

Yuan Zhan smiled, kicked his leg, threw the bundle to the entrance of the tent, took down the slab on top of the water jar, placed the fresh meat on his shoulders on top, and casually spoke. "Stop making a fuss. Everyday Cao Ting would go fetch live cinders to make a fire. Have you seen her start her fire? After starting it, have her bring over a kindling."

Cao Ting happened to be at the entrance of the neighboring tent when she heard her name. She lifted her head to smile and waved. Most likely seeing Yan Mo was doing something, scratching in the firepit, sent over a burning log.

Yan Mo carried his two stones and lifelessly watched Cao Ting help him start a fire.

Cao Ting saw the two stones in his hands and snorted. "Oh, intelligent people can also do stupid things. We already stopped using stones to start fires long ago."

He…. merely his cerebrum stopped momentarily!

Cao Ting finished up with the fire pit and left when Yan Mo suddenly threw himself and held onto Yuan Zhan's leg. Opening his mouth he firmly bit his leg.

Yuan Zhan, who at the time was scooping cold water to drink. "….."

The neighbor who unfortunately saw this scene, Diao, burst into loud laughter. "Did you not feed him today? Look at how hungry your little slave is!"

"Pah!" So dirty. Yan Mo wiped his mouth, he wanted to look around and see what other things he could do.

Yuan Zhan bent his body and picked up the little slave that had not grown any meat yet. He brought him to the entrance of the tent, had him sit on the ground, then took the bundle in the tent and thrust it to his chest. "All the stuff you want is inside." Finally, he also patted his head.

Yan Mo swatted away Yuan Zhan's hand and opened the bundle.

Yuan Zhan looked at his own hand, then also looked at his little slave who dared to use his own master's mouth and hands. Suddenly he felt that the aura of the little slave sitting there had changed. Of course he did not understand the word "aura", he felt that this little slave wasn't the same as before. It was like… he accepted his situation?

Forget it. Looking at it, this way wasn't too bad. In any case, he had no hope that this servant would wait upon him. As long as he warmed his bed then it was fine.

The bundle had many items. There were some small hides, there was a bag of coa.r.s.e salt, also a certain number of animal bones, a certain number of hard sh.e.l.led fruits, two shriveled up animal eyes…

Yan Mo picked up the two sun-dried eyeb.a.l.l.s and shook it. "Why do you want this stuff?"

Taking the salt that was taken out, Yuan Zhan squatted there handling the fresh meat and replied, "eat."

"What’s so good to eat about eyeb.a.l.l.s?" Yan Mo's mouth twitched.

"Those are the eyes of a Yao Peng. Eat it and you'll be able to see further, at night will be able to see more clearly."

"Really?" Yan Mo did not believe and regarded it as the superst.i.tion of the people here. His memory also did not have this trick in his knowledge. Probably because the child's age was small, he had not come into contact with many beasts.

"Never eaten before?"


"Me neither. I'll split you one."

"…… Thank you."

"Then tonight will you let me hold you again?"

Veins burst open, "Didn't you say before leaving you wouldn’t touch me?"

Yuan Zhan did not continue to insist and immersed himself on his work, "Ah, then just forget it."

Earlier when Yan Mo took out the eyeb.a.l.l.s, Diao cast envious eyes and was dying to come over and s.n.a.t.c.h them. Having heard what was said, he hurriedly yelled out from the entrance of the neighboring tent. "Da Zhan, I'll let you hold me once. Let me have one of the Yao Peng's eyeb.a.l.l.s, even half of one will do!"

Yuan Zhan got up, grabbed the two eyeb.a.l.l.s, and stuffed one in his own mouth. The remaining one, he pried open Yan Mo's mouth and stuffed it in.

The male Diao loudly cursed that Yuan Zhan wasn't his brother! Cao Ting enviously glanced at the juvenile, then lowered her head to continue working.

Yan Mo nearly spit it out!

Taking a whiff of that eyeball, there was a fishy smell. Not to mention his psychological reaction. But seeing the fl.u.s.tered and exasperated expression on Diao, Yan Mo stubbornly endured the urge to vomit. He vigorously chewed, and stubbornly swallowed down the sun dried eyeball into his stomach.

"Does it taste good?" Yuan Zhan's throat moved, crouched to his original position and tilted his head to ask him.

Yan Mo's complexion remained calm. "Wasn’t that bad, chewing it is quite difficult."

"Usually the eyeb.a.l.l.s are soaked in water, but the Yao Peng is different."

"Oh." Nausea had drifted upward but Yan Mo endured. He continued to endure until he could finally accept it. In any case, eating this thing was still better than eating human flesh.

The big bundle still had a small package inside. Opening it to take a look, Yan Mo almost let out a long stream of curses.

"This is the herbal medicine that you brought back for me?" Seeing it, Yan Mo wilted and was defeated. A few stalks of rotting plants. His hand touched a few of the stalks and he was so distressed he almost spit blood.

Yuan Zhan aroused his head and took a look then nodded, "Yes, it's all there. Can you use them?"

Yan Mo grabbed onto those several stalks of plants, 90% which could not be used, and was itching to smash them into the youth's face. "When you were bringing them back why didn’t you wrap the roots in soil? Even if you feared it was inconvenient, you could have even dried out the root stem and leaves and separated them. You just rolled them up like this…"

"You didn’t tell me how to handle them." Consumed his time in order to find them, and even specially bundled it separately and occupied s.p.a.ce to bring back, but unexpectedly was disliked. Yuan Zhan was not happy.

This was common sense! Fine… this was not common sense. At least to these people, this was not common sense.

Yan Mo knew that he took something for granted. At that time, he thought it was like instructing those mountain people and herbalists. As long as you gave them a clear picture, as long as that thing really did exist in that local area, the herbalists and mountain people would be able to bring back his desired herbs. Entirely did not need to waste time explaining to them how to handle, to the extent that those peoples' skill in handling medicinal herbs was better than his.

Certainly Yuan Zhan was not one of those experienced herb pickers, perhaps he didn’t even know the concept of picking herbs.

Cannot criticize, must set an example, must encourage. Think deeply about how you brought up students before, especially stupid students.

"It's me that did not explain clearly, I will not blame you for this situation. And you also did not make a fruitless trip. These few stalks of plants, the others I do not dare to guarantee, but this stalk I definitely would not identify incorrectly. As long as you had this one stalk, all your mistakes I can excuse." The last phrase spoken by Yan Mo was comparatively softer.

After talking, he grabbed a broken roots, missing leaves, and beginning to rot plant from the bundle and asked, "This plant, where did you pick it from? Is it far from the tribe? Was the environment dangerous?"

The second Rank warrior with good ears and eyes, naturally heard the last phrase that Yan Mo spoke. He also did not take offense, only asked, "Why? For what purpose? Can it also be used to treat and heal an illness?"

Yan Mo gently caressed and stroked the plant, gaze full of cherish and respect. "This is licorice root,the best medicinal herb, to the extent that it's viewed as the king of medicine. Eh, the meaning is that its position is equivalent to the priest. The majority of prescriptions will all use it."

Licorice Root

"That amazing?" Yuan Zhan was shocked, following immediately he became happy. "This thing you said is licorice root, the area it grows in is 2 days distance. Environment is not really dangerous, that prairie has a giant patch with other weeds grown together, but it's not hard to recognize."

"You remember the place?"

"I remember." Yuan Zhan was certain of the place and nodded his head.

"That's great!" Yan Mo broke off a piece of root with his fingers that was not rotten and stuffed it into his mouth. The familiar pleasant sweet taste immediately overflowed in his mouth. Looking at the youngster owner, he beckoned him to come over and stuffed one in him too. "Chew, spit out the pieces."

The sweetness of the licorice root was different from honey, it carried a peculiar floral fragrance and taste. But in regards to Yuan Zhan, who normally did not eat sweet things, this level of sweetness was enough to make Yuan Zhan's eyes open wide.

"Its sweet! Taste good!" The youth with the fierce appearance had a pure joyful smile. Yan Mo instructed him to spit out the small pieces yet he did not spit, just simply swallowed it down. He did not think that following that picture, he conveniently dug out a weed that was unexpectedly sweet! If he knew earlier he would have dug out more to bring back.

"Don’t eat too much, this thing isn't food, it's medicine." There was no problem with eating the licorice root. "If you are coughing or have a swollen throat then can chew, other times do not treat it as candy to eat."


"In the future wait for me to make it, you glutton! At that time you won’t think the flavor of the licorice root is good anymore."

Yuan Zhan couldn’t help but to turn over the bundle to looking for the remainder of the licorice root piece. Yan Mo slapped away his hand. "The only useful parts of the licorice root is the root and stem,the leaves are useless, don’t randomly eat it. But when you’re cooking you can put in a little bit. Licorice root can also be used as a seasoning."

As soon as Yuan Zhan heard this he immediately replied, "Tonight don't grill the meat, we'll boil the meat!"

"Actually you can also use it with roast meat, but first you need to cure the meat then roast. The taste will be a lot better." The happiness from finding licorice root also caused Yan Mo to be in an enjoyable mood. "Tonight we will switch eating methods!"

The originally just as excited Yuan Zhan swept his eyes around then temporarily changed the plan, "No, lets just stick with things as they are. Wrap up the the parts that you can use, wait to use it in the future."

Yan Mo promptly understood his meaning. At once his mood became a bit unusual. This boy who wasn't of age in modern society was actually more cautious than him. Contrary to expectation, who said primitive people were carefree and tactless? If it really was like that, humankind afterwards would not have acquired that much experience.

"Then… take advantage of the sky not being dark yet. I'll take a look at your leg first, eating isn't urgent." Yan Mo put down the bundle. He thought, perhaps he could expose his acupuncture needles in front of this youth. After all in the future when he needed to use it, he could not conceal it from said person.

But still thinking, how would he explain the origins of these acupuncture needles as well as where he stored it before?

"No, for the time being don’t need."


Flowers in a mirror and moon in the water: an illusion, unrealistic view

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