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Chapter 625 Repentance

625 Repentance

Ice-blue eyes!

That Demon!

It’s lurking right there in the cathedral!

Lumian tensed. Without a second thought, he tried to teleport away.

This time, he chose Trier–the entrance to Saint Vi?¨ve Cathedral!

In that moment, his reflection stared back at him in those chilling, ice-blue eyes.

His face twisted, expression sinister, eyes cold.

Soon, Lumians manifested, encircling him.

There was one Lumian, eyes intoxicated, breathing heavy, face flushed red. Another, trembling in fear. Another, expressionless and resolute. One, lost and sorrowful. Another, with no will to live. And one more, eyes filled with anger and hatred, red with intensity…

In an instant, Lumian seemed to multiply into countless versions, each appearing tangible.

This severely impacted his thoughts and actions, hindering him from activating the contract mark representing Spirit World Traversal.

Instinctively, he focused his remaining will on his right hand and the mark left by Blood Emperor Alista Tudor.

To escape this state and gain the strength to teleport away, he needed to terrify the ice-blue-eyed Demon!

Suddenly, Lumian heard ravings filled with intense madness and depravity.

His mind turned to mush, swelling dangerously.

The Blood Emperor’s aura didn’t activate in time.

Fragmented, emotional, and painful thoughts burst in Lumian’s mind like fireworks before gradually descending.

An intense burning sensation in his chest anch.o.r.ed him, preventing complete loss of self.

After an unknown span of time, Lumian finally regained command of his thoughts.

His first thought was: I’m still alive?

It must have been a considerable duration since the onslaught of ravings and his subsequent awakening. The Demon’s power could have easily ended him multiple times!

As Lumian concentrated on his right hand, he scrutinized the Demon with ice-blue eyes.

The white-haired Demon, adorned in a black formal suit and bow tie, sat upright once more, facing the Sacred Emblem of Life. It inclined slightly, crossing its arms over its chest.

Shutting its eyes, it whispered with a pained expression, “Oh, merciful Mother, I implore your mercy for my transgressions…”

Merciful Mother, I implore your mercy for my transgressions… Lumian’s resolve wavered as he abandoned activating the Blood Emperor’s aura.

He settled beside the Demon.

Observing the Sacred Emblem of Life on the altar, he waited silently, refraining from disrupting the Demon’s repentance. Contemplating his encounter, he mused quietly.

The various selves I witnessed must be genuine illusions–not existing in the physical world but within my heart and mind…

Could this be a sophisticated manifestation of emotional and desire fluctuations, triggering individual emotions and desires to vie for control of the body without reaching the point of dissociation?

The subsequent ravings resembled Naboredisley’s frenzied curse upon expulsion. Yet, this time, there was no shield from Mr. Fool’s gray fog. Well, not entirely absent. Otherwise, the mad river of ravings would have capsized my ident.i.ty. Even if I hadn’t lost control, I would have succ.u.mbed completely before the Demon found its “conscience” and started repenting…

I believed the safest haven on Hanth Island was the cathedral of the Church of Earth Mother. I specifically chose it to evade the Demon. Surprisingly, it’s praying here… Judging by this, blind trust in the orthodox Church’s cathedrals might not be foolproof in the future. Without adequate information, nothing is absolute…

Yet, it was only within the cathedral that I survived. Anywhere else, it would be Termiboros grappling with the ice-blue-eyed Demon. Then, the Angels of the orthodox Churches and the Tarot Club would descend…

Lumian had formed some hypotheses and waited with a.s.surance. He condensed his experiences and absorbed his lesson.

After a brief span, the white-haired, ice-blue-eyed Demon, donned in a black formal suit, concluded its repentance. Its expression regained composure, but the blood vessels in its eyes deepened.

Only then did Lumian observe the black leather gloves on both of its hands. Even during confession and prayer, they remained unremoved–a departure from devout believer behavior. In the human world, wearing gloves while praying was deemed disrespectful to a deity, except in emergencies or special circ.u.mstances. The same applied to wearing a hat.

The Demon cast a glance at Lumian and spoke in a deep but composed voice, “You haven’t fled yet. Aren’t you afraid of angering me again?”

Lumian gazed at the Sacred Emblem of Life and smiled.

“I’m not. This is Earth Mother’s cathedral.”

“Weren’t we in the cathedral just now?” The Demon moderated its volume, not disturbing the other supplicants.

“Occasional accidents are understandable,” Lumian replied unhurriedly. “Moreover, I believe you can certainly control yourself in a short period. It’ll be more challenging beyond half a year.”

The Demon also directed its gaze at the altar, its ice-blue eyes reflecting the Sacred Emblem of Life.

“Why do you think so?”

“I’m an experienced adventurer,” Lumian said with a smile. “I know that orthodox Churches adhere to a common rule. Survivors entangled in a mysticism incident are often drawn into the Church if there’s any hidden danger. They become civilian staff and receive long-term protection to prevent sudden deaths. However, those who witnessed the Demon’s figure on Hanth Island didn’t undergo this process. They only received a few months of protection before departing.

“Could it be that the Church fears prolonged stays might lead to deaths even within the cathedral or cloister?

“In such instances, it would undoubtedly tarnish the Church’s reputation. One can’t keep a constant watch on higher-level powers indefinitely.”

The white-haired Demon fell silent for a few moments before confessing, “I didn’t want to kill them, but I…”

At this point, its face twisted once more, icy-blue eyes filled with pain.

Once again, it crossed its arms over its chest, resuming a low-

voiced prayer.

This time, it swiftly regained its composure.

Lumian resumed the conversation with a smile.

“Don’t tell me you penned all those epitaphs for those people?”

“That’s correct.” The Demon in the black suit maintained its slightly forward-leaning posture.

It seems this Demon has a rather amicable relationship with the Church of Earth Mother… Not strictly devout, but a believer nonetheless… Lumian understood that the ice-blue- eyed Demon wouldn’t respond even if he inquired. Such questions might even provoke serious consequences. He had to capitalize on its stable emotions to seek some details.

Before Lumian could speak, the Demon posed a question.

“Foreigner, why did you come to Hanth Island?”

Lumian deliberately smiled.

“I previously encountered a Demon incident…”

Lumian briefly recounted Salah’s encounter with the Love Incantation in Port Colla. While leading the investigation, the suspect’s body had been suddenly commandeered by a Demon seeking a deal, which he rejected. Lumian, utilizing undisclosed official powers, had then expelled the other party.

Lumian omitted details about the Love Incantation’s content and refrained from mentioning Naboredisley’s name, fearing deep-seated animosity that might trigger intense agitation.

Concluding, he stated, “I read in the notebook about Demon legends on Hanth Island, connected to the deal the Demon sought. Intrigued, I decided to investigate. My intention wasn’t to finish off anyone.”

“You can’t finish off anyone either,” the Demon with ice-blue eyes remarked candidly.

It continued gazing at the Sacred Emblem of Life and added in a calm, deep voice, “Curiosity kills the cat.”

Lumian chuckled.

“It’s indeed risky, but finding you within a day and discovering the sealed valley indicates my capabilities.”

Next time, I’ll choose a safer “sanctuary.”

The Demon with ice-blue eyes, with few wrinkles, smiled—an uncommon sight.

“Your methods are unconventional, but they align with the mysticism world’s underlying laws.

“But had I not controlled myself and repented for past deeds, you would be dead. Such an investigation would have been futile.”

Lumian didn’t dispute. With the information he gathered, he knew there was no immediate danger in the cathedral of the Church of Earth Mother. The recent episode proved to be a false alarm.

He shifted the topic.

“Why did that inexplicable Demon target you?

“Moreover, with the strength of me and my companions, it’s likely impossible to eradicate a so-called Demon descendant like you. Was it deliberately leading us to our demise?”

The Demon, clad in a black suit, kept its gaze fixed on the Sacred Emblem of Life and responded, “I’m not certain which one you encountered.”

It refused to disclose more.

Lumian didn’t dare press further, let alone provoke. His mind raced, searching for an alternate approach.

“You seem unrestricted. Why not leave Hanth Island?

“There appears to be some force influencing you here.”

The Demon’s expression twisted as it stated, “This is my duty and my atonement.

“Since converting to Earth Mother, there are times when I can’t resist the urge to kill, acc.u.mulating profound sins.”

Recalling his earlier deduction, Lumian inquired casually, “Then why not fully confine yourself?”

“Confinement won’t suffice. I can’t do it, and it can’t be achieved that way.” The Demon with ice-blue eyes displayed pain once again.

Indeed, closely tied to the blood-colored Demon in the valley… Yet, as a Coldblooded, why does the act of killing, and the subsequent “healing” by the Church of Earth Mother’s reverence for life, still cause you pain? Lumian decided to steer the conversation to a less sensitive realm and soothe the other party.

In a relaxed tone, he said, “I apologize. I wasn’t courteous earlier and failed to inquire about your preferred address.”

The Demon with ice-blue eyes stared blankly for a moment before responding, “Naboredisley.”

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