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Chapter 974 You Can't Take Medicine Randomly (3)

Countless blood vessels gleamed, forming a series of runic imprints that fell into the valley.

The earth trembled, rocks shattered, and the valley collapsed in an instant, raising a cloud of dust that spread far and wide. Simultaneously, the ground where the valley had been located caved in, revealing a ma.s.sive hole.

There was a cave inside.

In the center, amidst the falling rocks and soil, one could vaguely discern an altar with a person lying upon it. They seemed to be struggling but were too weak to move, and a thick cloud of poisonous mist enveloped them.

Around the altar, there were puddles of black blood, some dry and others fresh. It was evident that this person had been here for a long time, and it was unclear how many times they had coughed up blood.

When Xu Qing saw this, he sighed inwardly.

He recognized his poison…

The captain blinked and felt that the poison was a little familiar. Hence, he glanced at Xu Qing suspiciously. However, now wasn't the time to ask. He hurriedly looked at the ruler's heir with a fawning expression.


The crown prince was teasing the parrot and pretended not to hear.

The captain was helpless and shot Xu Qing a look.

Xu Qing turned his head and bowed respectfully to the heir as he spoke softly.


When the heir heard this, he lifted his eyelids and calmly spoke.

"What should you call me?"

Xu Qing blinked and immediately replied.


The heir smiled and glanced at the outside world. At the next instant… the Red Moon Shrine that was floating above the valley suddenly trembled.

A large number of meteorites in the surroundings suddenly self-destructed without any warning, and the thunderous sound instantly spread in all directions. The cultivators on these meteorites lost consciousness and fell to the ground like dumplings in a pot.

Immediately after, the Red Moon Shrine on the blood-red eye wanted to struggle, but it only lasted for a breath of time before the blood-red light dimmed.

The gate opened and a middle-aged divine envoy in a red robe inlaid with gold walked out.

This divine envoy had a stern countenance, exuding a commanding presence. He appeared to be of high status, but at this moment, his eyes were hollow, his face devoid of expression. He moved forward step by step like a puppet, appearing quite numb.

Behind him were three divine servants who were also wearing red divine robes. There were two men and one woman with identical expressions and movements. They walked forward in an orderly manner.

Behind them were dozens of divine slaves. They also walked with the same pace, as though there was an invisible thread on each of their bodies that was being fiddled with.

There was a faint feeling of sacrificial dance.

After this group of people walked into the air, they stood there motionlessly.

This strange scene caused Wu Jianwu and Li Youfei's hearts to tremble violently. Although they knew how terrifying the Soul Acc.u.mulation was, the two of them didn't have much concept of how strong it was.

Now that they had seen it with their own eyes, they couldn't help but have a realization.

"Like a G.o.d…"

As the two of them trembled, Ning Yan sighed and tried his best to wipe the ground.

The captain was overjoyed. After giving Xu Qing a rewarding look, he leaped out and headed straight for the large hole on the ground of the valley as he shouted.

"37951, is it you?!"

The captain's voice echoed. The fingers of the figure in the poison mist on the altar moved slightly and his eyelids weakly opened. He wanted to move but couldn't. Only his mouth could barely function as he let out a weak voice.

"The Red Moon isn't eternal…"

"You are in such a state and you're still trying to match the secret code? Are you 37951 or not?!" The captain moved closer and looked at the figure in the fog.

"I am…" The figure in the fog weakly replied.

While they were talking, Xu Qing also walked out of the sun. He glanced at the mess on the ground and then entered the large hole to look at the cave inside. After he walked over, he saw the black blood in the surroundings and the figure in the fog.

"I told him long ago not to swallow it immediately…"

Xu Qing thought to himself.

After confirming the other party's number, the captain squatted in front of the fog and asked curiously.

"How did you fall into this state? Don't you cultivate the Hundred Poison Immunity Body? You are quite weak."

When the figure in the fog heard this, he felt grief and indignation in his heart. He wanted to speak, but the injuries he had acc.u.mulated erupted as his mood fluctuated. Hence, he spat out a mouthful of black blood and fainted.

"He didn't die, did he?"

The captain was shocked and Xu Qing quickly got close. He lifted his right hand and waved it. Immediately, the poison mist here dissipated, revealing the true appearance of the unlucky fellow inside.

This was an elderly man, dressed in a wrinkled navy-blue robe, with entirely gray and white hair. He had high cheekbones and a large frame, giving off an air of pride and determination. It seemed that in ordinary times, he must have been a decisive and resolute individual.

And the wrinkles covering his face not only didn't accentuate his age but added to his dignity, making it evident that he was a significant figure.

But at this moment, over everything, there was a profound sense of sorrow. The furrowed brows held the helplessness of life, and the entire demeanor exuded a feeling of life not being worth it.

Especially the black blood that was flowing from the corners of his mouth, it was a shocking sight.

His fists were clenched tightly, as though he wanted to crush all the unwillingness in his heart. However, it was obvious that… he couldn't do it.

Xu Qing looked at all of this and sighed inwardly. He waved his right hand and a pill flew out. After it landed in front of the old man, the pill suddenly exploded, transforming into wisps of white gas that entered the old man's seven orifices and began to detoxify the poison.

Very soon, most of the poison in the old man's body was neutralized by Xu Qing. When the captain saw this, his expression became even more suspicious. He looked at the old man and then at Xu Qing.

He felt that the detoxification of this poison was too easy. It was as though… Xu Qing was the one who had poisoned him.

[1] 老爷爷 is grandpa. It is an affectionate term used to address one's grandfather or an elderly man.

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