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1420 Five Hundred Kilometers Underworld Domain (2)


As a Dao Protector, protecting Transient Evil’s son was only one aspect of their life’s mission. The more important mission was to grow together with him.

According to the traditions of the race, after Transient Evil advanced to the Ruler realm, his son would become the young patriarch.

These Dao Protectors would accompany him in his growth and eventually become the pillars of the race.

Hence, for example, the Dao Protector Xu Qing killed earlier clearly had three worlds but the feeling he gave Xu Qing was that he was on par with the peak of four worlds cultivation.

To a certain extent, their ident.i.ties and statuses were much more important than the two scouts Xu Qing had killed back then.

With the difference in the level of the holy land, the strength of the scouts would also be different.

As for this person before Xu Qing, he was even more extraordinary.

As the spear approached, the Dao Protector’s eyes flashed with determination. Despite the severe damage from the authority of the sound, he chose to persist, forming a hand seal with both hands.

In the blink of an eye, he disappeared from the spot.

He fused with the surrounding seawater!

This body of his came from a certain race in the starry sky that relied on the sea for a living. The reason he hadn’t merged with the sea earlier was to preserve his trump card for a critical moment.

As he saw Xu Qing approaching, he didn’t hesitate to transform into seawater, churning the surrounding sea and generating tidal forces that surged toward the black spear.

Additionally, the seawater formed a binding force, attempting to entangle the black spear.

He also spread out his perception and informed the other Dao Protectors through the seawater.

“So what if he’s a region lord?!”

Divine will spread out from the seawater and swept over.

At the same time, the other evil life cultivators used their own methods to counter the sound authority, struggling to break free from its encompa.s.sing force. However, their efforts seemed to be useless and each suffered injuries.

Transient Evil’s son, as the only descendant of a quasi-Ruler, his methods were extraordinary.

At the critical moment, the Great Emperor’s treasure that could st.i.tch karma… suddenly flew out from his right palm, dragging the blood threads along with it. It shone with a red light and swam in all directions.

It sewed up the cause and effect of this place, corrected the fate of this place, and corrected the trajectory of the sounds being s.n.a.t.c.hed.

It restored the laws of this place.

At the same time… coupled with the guidance of that Dao Protector, the seawater immediately pointed to the place Xu Qing was at!

If the sound authority was compared to ice, then the pressure emitted by this needle at this moment was magma. Wherever it pa.s.sed, the sound authority would be forced back.

“Follow the guidance of this needle and find Xu Qing. Kill him!”

As the cold voice of Transient Evil’s son echoed, the red radiance emanating from the needle shot like threads towards where Xu Qing was situated. Other scattered evil life cultivators immediately sensed it and, relieved by this needle’s influence, swiftly surged forward toward Xu Qing.

However, the instant they chased after the traces, the Dao Protector who had fused into the seawater was shaken. Despite his tidal force, despite his entanglement, restraining the black spear, when the spear dispersed, Xu Qing’s figure emerged from within, ignoring all his tactics.

It seemed as though the tides and entanglements were nothing more than a gentle breeze, stirring only a few strands of Xu Qing’s long hair, incapable of shaking his flesh.

Inevitably, Xu Qing stepped past, reaching the waters where the Dao Protector had merged. In that instant, as the Dao Protector recoiled in horror, Xu Qing’s sound authority erupted.

With a boom, that part of seawater was directly destroyed.

‘Since you’ve merged with the sea, there’s no need to emerge again. Being buried in the seawater can be considered a form of returning home.’

When the rumbling sound spread, Xu Qing had already left.

At the same time, misfortune… spread out in this five hundred kilometers range, overlapping with the sound authority, causing the bizarreness to emerge again.

This scene fell into the perception of the few Dao Protectors who had rushed over and they were all horrified.

The slaughter continued.

The rumbling sound of the second Dao Protector’s death spread dozens of kilometers away with the enhancement of the sound authority. When the third Dao Protector heard it, endless soul threads appeared in his eyes.

A vast world formed by soul threads suppressed this Dao Protector.

This cultivator was shaken. Countless b.u.mps appeared on his body, which immediately burst open. From within, a swarm of black insects flew out.

His body was composed of these small insects.

At that moment, they spread out and fled separately.

A strange glint appeared in Xu Qing’s eyes. He now had a better understanding of these evil life cultivators.

Every single one of them was very strange.

Xu Qing fell into deep thought. After that, the vast great world shook and disintegrated. The fifty million soul threads that formed this world suddenly spread in all directions.

With the guidance of the sound authority and misfortune, the soul threads relentlessly pursued every insect.

As for the outcome, it was already decided. Xu Qing then looked in another direction.

At that moment, within 500 kilometers, most of the remaining Dao Protectors had joined up with their master.

Only the direction Xu Qing was looking at had one person.

It was as though this was on purpose.

Xu Qing narrowed his eyes and walked over.

The moment he appeared, he saw the Dao Protector who was alone.

As soon as he saw him, the Dao Protector suddenly turned around, and his appearance… changed in the blink of an eye, becoming exactly the same as Xu Qing.

Not merely was his appearance like this, but even his aura, karma, and fate seemed to be connected.

“I’ve been waiting for you for a long time. Your fate and your karma are now linked to mine. From this moment on, my injuries will be your injuries, and my death will be your death.”

This Dao Protector who had transformed into an exact replica of Xu Qing spoke coldly.

Xu Qing looked at him but didn’t say a word. He only shook his head.

After that, he took a step forward and raised his right hand. The Indestructible Emperor’s Fist combined with Under the Nine Springs created a heaven-shaking strike.

It violently landed on this person.

This Dao Protector didn’t dodge at all and allowed Xu Qing’s punch to land. His body trembled and he spat out a mouthful of blood as he was sent flying.

His expression was still cold as he looked at Xu Qing. This trump card of his had always been successful.

However, Xu Qing calmly threw out the second punch.

The seawater churned intensely.

The Dao Protector spat out a mouthful of blood and his body rolled back uncontrollably. Xu Qing continued to walk over like a war G.o.d.

The Dao Protector’s expression finally changed. He discovered that the moment the terrifying attack of the person in front of him landed on him, he felt that the other party also suffered a backlash.

However… while his internal organs were churning from the injuries, the other party was unscathed.


He had never encountered such a thing before. He, who was originally filled with confidence, finally became shocked and wanted to retreat. However, it was clearly too late.

Xu Qing instantly emerged in front of him and punched him again and again!

In just a few moments, he threw out nine punches.

The moment the ninth punch landed, the Dao Protector’s body was blasted apart.

His body and soul were destroyed.

However, at the next instant, this person’s body actually created again, as though it could be infinitely formed. This was clearly the reason why he dared to use karma connection for many years.

However… the Golden Crow manifested and devoured it directly.

There was nothing left of him.

Xu Qing stood on the spot and calmly spoke his first sentence in this battle.

“You can’t withstand my karma.”

At the same time, mournful wails rang out from all directions within the 500-kilometer-wide sound sphere.

These screams came from the countless insects that the third Dao Protector had changed into.

Under the pursuit of soul threads that moved several times faster than them, not a single one of these small bugs could escape.

They were caught and devoured cleanly.

“Next, it’s time to deal with the last few.”

Xu Qing’s gaze was cold as he took a step forward.

In the sound sphere, the Purple Moon rose above. Its purple moonlight, imbued with murderous intent, disseminate everywhere, even causing the seawater to be further chilled.

The Poison Restriction also grew in the seawater here at this moment. As it continued to spread, it was as though a huge eye had opened at this moment.

That was Ming Fei’s eye, staring at the seabed that was changing into the underworld.

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