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Chapter 1143 G.o.d's Boundless Grace

?Outside the fog, the army of the Holy Wave Large Region was densely packed and blotted out the sky.

Flags were spread out inside, the breaths of ferocious beasts, the aura of cultivators… All of these formed a storm that connected the sky and swept through the ground.

Its aura was shocking, the sky rippled, and the ground felt oppressive.

The entire world fell silent in front of this endless army.

This was especially so for the many experts in the army. They were from the various sects and races. Grand Duke Holy Wave and the almighty figures of Fenghai County floated in the world and emitted invisible pressure.

Among them were Old Master Seventh, Marquis Yao, and many others.

There were also streams of blood light circulating and flickering in all directions. Finally, they transformed into a blood-colored sea that wanted to drown the fog.

That was an immortal art.

In front of the army, Xu Qing stood there and stared at the 17 purple-robed Black Heaven Race members who walked out of the fog. His gaze finally landed on the old man who greeted him.

Xu Qing was naturally no stranger to the word 'Lord Purple'.

When this t.i.tle came from the mouth of the Black Heaven Race's priest, it was thought-provoking.

Xu Qing's gaze was deep. He shifted his gaze away from the old man from the Black Heaven Race who was worshiping him and looked at the fog behind the other party. Standing here, he could clearly sense that his authority was rising in the fog.

The Black Heaven Race was conducting a ritual related to him in the depths of the fog and it was about to be completed.

After a long time, under the attention of the army and the silence of the 17 priests, Xu Qing's voice slowly rang out.

"How do you know my honorific name?"

Xu Qing didn't circle around. The current him already had the qualifications to ask directly. There was no need for him to guess about this.

Facing Xu Qing's words, piety appeared on the wrinkled face of the old priest of the Black Heaven Race as he spoke softly.

"Crimson G.o.ddess perished in the battle of the G.o.ds. The new lord was born in Her divine skeleton. This is the reincarnation of G.o.d."

"Lord Purple who was born is the new Lord. He has taken over all the authority of the Red Moon and is worshiped by all living beings. From now on, the moon will have no redness. The Purple Moon will be in the sky and all the descendants and divine servants will have a new mission."

"This is the perception we obtained after praying to the moon many times."

As he spoke, the Black Heaven Race priest lifted his head and looked at Xu Qing, his eyes revealing fanaticism.

"What mission?" Xu Qing's expression was as calm as ever as he spoke.

"a.s.sist our Lord in returning to the divine realm, support the arrival of the Purple Moon in the mortal world. All accomplishments will be rewarded with divine fruits, and those with merits will have a position before the G.o.d!"

When Xu Qing heard this, he cast a meaningful glance at the old man.

The old man's expression didn't change at all. His face was covered in wrinkles and he was still pious.

Xu Qing retracted his gaze. The other party's nonsense might be able to fool others but it couldn't fool him.

Xu Qing didn't believe this at all.

He believed in another answer…

The Black Heaven Race's priests had long recognized the truth in the face of this battle that they would definitely lose and even be exterminated. This was especially so since they knew what had happened in the Moon Offering Region and understood Xu Qing's background and current situation.

Hence, there was only one path in front of them, and that was to surrender.

However, there were also rules to surrender. Xu Qing had indeed modified the prayer on the Red Moon and used the authority to spread it. Although he ultimately failed, there would definitely be traces of his existence.

Hence, there was a high chance that the Black Heaven Race, which had worshiped the Red Moon and worshiped Crimson G.o.ddess for generations, had sensed the prayer because of this.

Hence, they knew of Lord Purple.

In the hearts of the priests of the Black Heaven Race, surrendering in such a way wasn't surrendering. This was because from the start to the end, they were all servants of the G.o.d.

As for the mission, there was a greater possibility that they a.s.signed it to themselves for their own sake.

This was the wisdom of this group of priests.

In fact, this group of priests might not be sure if he was Lord Purple.

However, this wasn't important.

Crimson G.o.ddess had already died. Surviving was the most important thing.

To be able to live a dignified life was the most important thing.

Hence, Xu Qing felt that even if these Black Heaven Race priests thought that he wasn't this Lord Purple, it was fine. They would modify their prayers on their own and continue to think that he was Lord Purple.

After all, no one could refute.

Xu Qing's expression was calm. These were all his guesses. As for the truth, he didn't care. However, he still had to give these Black Heaven Race priests who had surrendered in an alternate way a certain degree of intimidation.

This intimidation was very simple for Xu Qing.

To fraudsters, the most direct deterrence was naturally the G.o.d.

Hence, the power of authority in Xu Qing's body spread out and fused into the ritual that was related to him in the fog to help speed up the completion of this ritual.

Almost at the instant Xu Qing's authority fused into it, the 17 priests trembled one after another. The old man in the lead even abruptly lifted his head, revealing a surprised expression. At the same time, a monstrous boom rang out from the fog.

The fog churned and the chants that were sealed inside rang out.

"Master of the New Moon, guide the w.a.n.ggu. Mourn for all living beings, and enjoy paradise."

"Sacrificing our bodies for our lord, this life is not painful, with dawn and dusk as the curtain, our bodies remain incorruptible."

As the chant echoed, purple light erupted from the fog. At this moment, the sky rumbled. It was as though there was a pair of invisible hands in the sky that parted the sky and divine might spread in all directions.

A purple star suddenly appeared at the top of the sky.

At first, it was blurry but it quickly became clear and finally revealed itself between heaven and earth. Its appearance caused a commotion on the Holy Wave's side and countless ferocious beasts trembled.

Even though they knew what King Tian Lan had encountered and understood that It was fake, the appearance of the Purple Moon Star still caused everyone's hearts to tremble.

As for the 17 priests, they directly knelt down toward the Purple Moon in the sky.

At the same time, the pressure descended. The world blurred and distorted. Only purple light scattered down from the Purple Moon, enveloping the ground.

The fog rapidly dissipated at this moment, revealing everything hidden inside.

One could see that after the fog dissipated, there was an ancient temple in the area in front of the army.

This temple was vast and filled with vicissitudes.

To the vast majority of people, this was the first time they had seen this majestic temple.

However, to Xu Qing and the captain, they had seen this temple before.

Its shape was exactly the same as the Moon Palace!

Even the totem on the temple's gate was the same.

This was a moon palace built on the ground!

It was also the holy land of the Black Heaven Race's priests.

There was also a statue of Crimson G.o.ddess standing there!

At that moment, in front of the temple, more than a million Black Heaven priests were kneeling. They were all wearing purple robes and were worshiping and chanting.

In the sky, the Purple Moon Star continued to descend, becoming clearer and clearer, allowing everyone to see the stele standing on It.

The stele emitted a purple light and the back was blank. There were some words on the front. Upon closer inspection, one could tell that those words were prayer chants!

At this moment, regardless of whether it was the Holy Wave's side or the Black Heaven Race's priests, all of them were in a state of shock. Just as the Purple Moon Star fell to the lowest point and everything was at its clearest, Xu Qing walked forward.

He walked step by step toward the 17 priests who were kneeling and worshiping the Purple Moon. He walked into the air and toward the Purple Moon.

Under the gazes of everyone and amidst countless gasps, Xu Qing's figure moved forward in the world and arrived in front of the Purple Moon Star.

All the distortions and blurriness emitted by this Purple Moon had no effect on Xu Qing at all. It looked real but was actually an illusion. It was also meaningless in front of Xu Qing.

This was the star he had formed to begin with.

Regardless of whether it was illusory or real, it was the same to Xu Qing.

Just like that, he walked step by step onto the Purple Moon Star and stepped on it, arriving in front of the stele.

Xu Qing stood there and lowered his head to look at the ground. Wherever his G.o.d-like gaze pa.s.sed, the priests of the Black Heaven Race on the ground would tremble. The 17 priests were the same.

In the end, Xu Qing's stare stopped on the old priest.

"Tell me your name."

The old priest's body shivered and he hesitated inwardly. However, he didn't dare to hesitate for too long and respectfully spoke.

"The current priest of the Black Heaven Race, Yousang."

Xu Qing lifted his right hand and waved it fiercely, imprinting the word Yousang on the back of the stele. It was very small. Compared to the back of the entire stele, it didn't cover even ten-thousandth of the s.p.a.ce.

However, the meaning was extraordinary.

The instant it landed, the entire stele shivered and the Purple Moon Star swayed. The minds of all the priests on the ground rumbled.

The million priests who were worshiping the Purple Moon were all panting at this moment. The fanaticism in their eyes was unprecedented and their hearts were erupting. They looked at Xu Qing in unison, at the stele, and at the words there. An indescribable huge storm stirred in their hearts.

This scene exceeded everyone's expectations.

To the divine servant, his name was imprinted on the location of the G.o.d. This was an incomparably supreme glory!

The hearts of the dozen or so priests who had strolled out of the fog roiled to the extreme. All of them were trembling and their breathing was hurried.

Their minds turned blank.

And the person whose heart was churning the most was naturally Yousang. His aged face was flushed red and his body was trembling. It was as though millions of lightning bolts were rumbling in his heart.

He never expected Xu Qing to do this.

Looking at his name on the stele, he seemed to have returned to the state of mind when he first worshiped Crimson G.o.ddess back then. He was shocked, respectful, and even excited.

Xu Qing's previous a.n.a.lysis wasn't wrong. In reality, the Black Heaven Race's priest had more thoughts about Xu Qing. He was just using a reason to surrender.

The people below might not understand, but as ritual priests, they naturally understood what to do. It was the most in line with their expectations.

As ritual priests, they needed a G.o.d.

Xu Qing fit this criteria very well.

As for whether Xu Qing was Lord Purple or not, they were also puzzled and hesitant. After all, Xu Qing's cultivation was too weak.

However, this wasn't important. It had better not be.

Hence, they gave the nonsense of having a mission.

The main point was actually following the trend.

However, no matter what, he never expected that when Xu Qing asked for his name, he would actually engrave it on the stele!

This action shattered all their guesses. This was completely telling them in the way they revered…

He was Lord Purple.

Ning Yan walked out of the army and spoke loudly.

"a.s.sist Lord Purple in returning to the divine realm, support the arrival of the Purple Moon in the mortal world. All accomplishments will be rewarded with divine fruits, and those with merits will have a position before the G.o.d!"

All the priests on the earth prostrated in unison, their voices shocking the heavens.

"Greetings, Lord Purple!"

Led by the old priest, the hearts of the 17 priests roiled like the sea, and they shivered as they prostrated on the ground.

"Greetings, Lord Purple!"

As the sound echoed, Crimson G.o.ddess statue in front of the temple shattered into pieces and scattered on the ground.

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