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"I want you to live here with me. We can build a life together and raise our children."

Her eyes filled with tears. "Yes. Yes."

Chuckling, he smoothed back her hair, then kissed her nose, her lips, her chin. "I think your brother will be staying, as well."

"Really?" Grace glanced at her brother curiously.

Alex wagged his brows and motioned to the beautiful blonde. "He means," her brother said, putting his arm around Teira, "that I've found love, too. Grace, I'd like to introduce my future wife, Teira."

She and Grace shared a secret smile, then Grace turned to Darius. "We can't leave my mom and aunt Sophie on the surface without us."

"I'm sure Layel has room for them."


He smiled at her, a true, genuine smile. "I was teasing, Grace."

She stilled. Blinked. Darius? Teasing? How... shocking.

"You do find teasing acceptable, do you not, sweet Grace?"

"Of course. I just didn't expect it from you."

A tender light consumed his golden eyes. "You thought I lacked humor?"

"Well, yeah," she admitted. She drew in the masculinity of his scent, closed her eyes and savored. "But I love you anyway.

You'll adore having my mom and aunt with us."

His lips twitched. "I'm not sure my men are prepared," he said with an undercurrent of humor. "But for you, anything."

"I love you," she said again. "Have I told you the one about the dragon who couldn't say no?"

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A true Tigress knows how to strut her stuff. She walks with her head held high, her b.r.e.a.s.t.s pushed forward, and wears an expression that says I'll-eat-you-alive.

I'm a doormat.

There. I admitted it. If people want to wipe their muddy boots on the rug that is my life, I'm likely to welcome them with open arms. Knowing this, some people might lose all respect for me. In my defense, however, let me just say I'm getting better.

Stronger. More a.s.sertive.

I'm unleashing my inner Tigress.

Unfortunately I've kept her on a tight leash today. So far the score is not in my favor. Life 5. Tigress 2.

Again, in my defense, let me say that Life is a mean, mean b.i.t.c.h. I replayed the last section I'd read of Unleashing the Tigress Within through my mind as the chrome-and-gla.s.s building that housed Powell Aeronautics came into view. I sat in a cab, my head held high and my shoulders straight, effectively displaying my b.r.e.a.s.t.s to their best advantage. Try as I might, I just couldn't get the cannibalistic expression down.

Of course, when you have lips as full and seemingly collagen injected as mine-okay, maybe not so seemingly-the only expression they're good for is I-charge-two-hundred-dollars-an-hour. Which, if you think about it, could imply I want to eat something alive.

For my dream man, I'd be willing to work something out. For everyone else, well... I shrugged. Sorry, but all they'll get is the expression.

I pursed my lips then relaxed them, pursed, relaxed, trying to find the perfect, menacing facial cast. When I noticed the cabdriver staring at me through the rearview mirror, I hastily turned my reddening face toward the window. I should have practiced at home, but I'd received an impromptu call from my ex-husband-may he die and burn in h.e.l.l for all eternity-and that had consumed my spare rime.

"I want to give us another try," he'd said. He usually called once a month with the same speech. He just couldn't stand the thought of a woman not wanting him. "I love you, babe. I swear I do," he'd finished.

Yeah, and my b.r.e.a.s.t.s are double D delights of pleasure. They're not, in case anyone is wondering. I'm barely, barely a B minus.

I'm proud of myself. I told him I hoped he became intimately acquainted with a flesh-eating bacteria that ravaged his entire body slowly and painfully, beginning with his favorite appendage, and hung up.

I suspect and hope my Tigress is as mean as Life is, but I haven't interacted with her enough yet to know for sure...

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