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Episode 51: Exposing b.o.o.bs and p.u.s.s.y is Common Sense in Labyrinth City

Author Note:
This time there is no particular main intercourse

This is the Spirit Country’s Labyrinth City.

The biggest feature of this city is the gigantic maze at its core, and being an adventurer who explored this dungeon was the most popular occupation amongst the girls that lived in this city.

Upon entering the building of the Adventurers Guild that administrated such adventurers, one could see many young women who had gathered in order to challenge the dungeon there.

There were warriors that wore bulky armour, and magic users whose heads were covered with pointed hats and bodies wrapped in robes. Although the girls had various shapes and sizes, there existed a common point that each and every woman shared.

That was their chests and genital regions were exposed.

Although it was an appearance that was shameless to the extreme, there were barely any people who bothered to point this out.

The appearance of ones private parts being exposed was a traditional style of the adventurers, and those that broke said tradition would be treated as heretics, making it extremely difficult to live in this town as an adventurer.

The girls who now and again came from outside the city to try and become adventures receiving a culture shock had already become a regular event.

Seeing the rookies who would, at first, stubbornly refused to reveal their own bodies, receiving various pressures from the surroundings as they reluctantly exposed themselves and being dyed by the common sense of this town was truly interesting.

Most of the rookies imprinted with this common sense would have to choose between two options: either exposing one’s skin, or be unable to bear with the shame and give up on being an adventurer.

It can’t be said that the rare exceptions of strong people continuing to be adventurers while wearing clothes are completely gone, but they would be treated coldly no matter where they went, it isn’t mistaken to say that those who choose such a path have it very, very hard.

Author Note:
Since the settings just keep drifting away, especially this one, there will be no continuation.

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